Book Review: ‘Get Lucky’ by Lila Monroe

Get Lucky

Title: Get Lucky: A Standalone Romantic Comedy

Published: 24th May 2016

Publisher: HEA Press

Author:  Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites


Amazon page:


What happens when you wake up in a hotel suite next to a gorgeous naked man with absolutely no memory of the past twelve hours?

I guess it’s true what they say. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Or at least I hope it stays here. The Romantic Style convention was meant to be a weekend of raucous fun with friends, sun, and enough poolside margaritas to forget about my ex. But now, instead of meeting my fans and signing books, I’m stuck with cocky divorce lawyer Nate Wexler. He’s arrogant, infuriating, and I can’t keep my hands off of him. Judging by the state of our hotel room, last night was wild. I just wish I could remember it.

A pair of matching tattoos. A cheap wedding veil. A half empty box of glow in the dark condoms.

What the hell just happened?


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – right? But what it you want to take it home? Well if you are looking for a hot, steamy, fun read then this is the book to pick up. Couldn’t stop laughing with the things Nate and Julie get up to. Or more in point when they remember what they got up to the night before.

To start with Nate comes across as a right stuck up know it all. Thinking his opinions are the only the thing that matter. A night in Vegas though is all it takes to take his perfect little world and shake it up good. Julie on the other hand comes across as a bubbly person who loves life – even if her love life is on a downer right now. Stupid ex just couldn’t take her success – screw him is what I say! A fun night in Vegas is just what the doctor ordered so she couldn’t be happier that the authors’ convention she is attending is being held there. What could possibly go wrong for these two?

The morning after the night before is how these two start their day. After thinking she is having a lovely dream – or dream writing what her characters might be doing to each other – Julie gets a shock when she finds herself naked in bed with a stranger. A stranger who just moments before was very happy to see her, or rather feel her naked body next to his. Now though fully awake he can’t get her out quick enough. All this weekend was meant to focus on was his best friends wedding, not some hook up he can’t even remember really happening.

If Nate thought it was going to be that easy to not remember what happened the night before then he should have thought again. It’s time to start this trip down memory lane as we mean to go on – let the fun begin! Lets run down a few, first we have grainy video of the pair of them groping each other in the fountain outside their hotel – naked I might add. A lot of fun at a strip joint where Julie puts a theory of hers to practice – one he shows her he likes very much. Then we have a few kinds of kidnapping – human and parrot kind, long story but very funny – then there’s the matching tattoos and a wedding veil that might hold more to the story than they are ready to hear.

I think my favourite parts where when their shared memories of an event, usually when they were naked, come back to them at the same time. To say it turns them on to remember would be an understatement. I’m not sure what they liked more. The first time round of off the wall heat or when they remembered together, which only helped build more sexual chemistry between them. Each equally filled with sexual tension so thick you would need one hell of a knife to cut it with. If they weren’t amusement enough for you though then their friends definitely were. Meredith was just brilliant, her one-liners had me in stitches “don’t worry I’ll fuck you in later” – thought Tyler was going to have a fit. He is one of those playboys who needs an older woman to show him a thing or too. Nick and Julie are going to need all their friends though to help piece together the parts of the night before that are still fuzzy.

What made this great was that it was duel perspectives. You got to get inside both their heads to see what they were really thinking. Drunken thoughts are best. The plans and mayhem they get themselves in are unreal. But with the dawn of day coming around real feelings start to crawl their way to the surface. Could their Vegas fun be more than just a memory, or can they bring it home?

I have loved Lila Monroe’s books so far as know I will be getting a great book, this one is no exception.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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