Book Review: ‘Lost’ by Carrie Aarons


Title: Lost (Captive Heart Book 1)

Published: 26th May 2016

Author: Carrie Aarons


Twitter: @authorcarriea



We knew each other a lifetime ago. And then…

We lost childhoods. We lost opportunities. We lost love.

Fate is giving us another chance. But a chance at what?

Because even though we’ve been brought back to each other under the worst of circumstances…

We are still. So. Damn. Lost.


This is almost a story of three parts. The past plays a major part in how the two versions of present day play out for both Tucker and Charlotte. You have the first version of present day when both are broken and lost almost beyond repair. Then you have the second where you slowly start to see a new lease of life coming back into them due to the situation they find themselves. But with how they came back together again after so long being anything but normal you know it’s only an amount of time before they are torn back apart.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, as the blurb doesn’t really give anything away. From the title though its clear that something or someone is lost. You find out that really its both Tucker and Charlotte. They have been surviving but not really living for years now. Charlotte has become a shell of a person, her upbringing and circumstances of her past making her what she is today. Tucker is beyond at rock bottom. He doesn’t care where he is or what he’s doing. All he cares about is his next fix and for that he needs money. As luck would have it he happens upon an open bank door early one morning. Thinking its fate he goes right up to the only person in there to demand money or he will shoot them. He gets more than he bargained for though when the person he points the gun at recognizes him.

Charlotte has one of those moments when she just wished she had stayed in bed that morning. She must have been having a funny moment or why else would she have forgotten to lock the bank door when she got in. Sitting in silence she is shocked out of it when confronted by a robber. The more he speaks to demand money though the more his voice triggers a memory long thought forgotten. She is more than shocked when she puts it together that this man is Tucker, the boy next door from her childhood and her first crush. He is just as shocked to remember her and even after she tells him to leave, that she won’t turn him in, he knows there is no going back. Coming down hard with withdrawal he knows his only choice is to take the money to get his fix and as she knows him he is just going to have to take her with him aswell.

To begin with Charlotte has no fear as she thinks that he would never hurt her but with him being so unstable, and holding a gun, she soon starts to worry. After taking her, the money and getting his fix he needs to take her somewhere safe, quite and alone. So goes to the best place that fits the bill – Camp Marsh. A place first filled with their childhood memories but soon to be filled with so much more. Even though she is scared she still wants to help him so does the only thing she can think of when they park up. Take the rest of his drugs and toss them into the lake. She might have wanted to help him but she is now in for more than she bargained for now he has to go cold turkey. There are times first off where she could have gotten away but something about Tucker being so broken makes her stay. Getting him through the worst of the pain of coming off the drugs being one of them.

I liked that the back-story between them was slowly unfolding throughout present day giving what they do now, and how they act with each other, more meaning. The decisions they made back then – or were made for them – are what turned them into the people they are today. Being hidden away in the woods when the season has ended is a good plan in theory. You have shelter, food but not much warmth with it coming closer to winter. The longer they spend there the more you learn about them. What brought them together might have been violent but maybe it needed to happen to get them to see what they lost to begin with. Or were too scared to keep hold of.

Tucker had his whole life planned out, he was going to play professional football but one stupid accident put an end to that before it had even began. The pain of the accident and what he had lost drove him to seek ways to forget. He was on one path for so long he didn’t know how to do something different. Charlotte on the other hand always felt a disappointment to her mother, mainly because she told her enough – vile women. What kept her smiling was the boy next door. A boy who turned out to be a lot of firsts for her – kisses and sex, but sadly no orgasms. Which is kind of brilliant when she tells him this after being at the camp for a while. His thoughts on finding this out are brilliant. All he can think about is rectifying the situation straight away. “Actually I really do. My ego is going to suffer and die if you don’t let me give you an orgasm right now.”

After being out in the wilderness they start to build a connection again. I wouldn’t call it Stockholm completely on Charlottes part really as Tucker stopped being the ‘bad guy’ as soon as he could think clearly again. It’s because he can think clearly that he tells her that she can go. Its because he is willing to accept what ever will happen to him and will do what it takes to keep her safe that she breaks. Not quite Bonnie and Clyde yet but she will stay with him for now. Its like being back at the camp has help create their own little world where only they exist. Good job really as I think any neighbours would have some noise complaints with how loud and adventurous they become. Tucker has it in his mind that he has around a hundred orgasms to make up for being a teenage idiot and boy does he catch up. A week and a half is about what it takes but that doesn’t mean their stopping there.

But how long can their camp bubble last. The moment they get back to the real world you know it will burst and there isn’t a thing they can do about it. Prepare yourselves for a cliff-hanger ending because this one will have your heart in your mouth. Luckily I had ‘Found’ to go straight into or I may have gone made. It’s another great book by this author. Prepare yourself for the past and present to collide, making for one emotional ride, so hold on.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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