Book Review: ‘Found’ by Carrie Aarons


Title: Found (Captive Heart Book 2)

Published: 9th June 2016

Author: Carrie Aarons


Twitter: @authorcarriea



We found each other where no else could.

Found a purpose. Found ourselves. Found love.


But then life got in the way.

Three years later and the people that we once were are nowhere to be found.

Can our love survive everything we’ve put it through?

Can we find a way back to each other…



After the ending of ‘Lost’ you are almost screaming with Charlotte when Tucker gets pulled away. I think she would have rather been attacked by that rabid wolf again than have to go through that. Her heart is literally being split in two, same with his. After thinking they could escape together to then find out they had been found and under surveillance for days while at the hospital they are both beside themselves with being separated. After four months of living in their camp bubble it burst right in the faces. Three years on and I think they both fear it will happen all over again. They might have finally found each other but with so much time apart they are feeling a little lost with how to get back to what they once were.

Charlotte has been trying to make a life for herself after everything that happened. She has a great new job working with people, something her mother always told her she shouldn’t do, as she would be bad at it. She has a great best friend and a nice home. The only thing missing that would make it perfect now is Tucker. She has come to terms with the looks people still cast her way knowing that it will start up again shortly as soon as Tucker is released. She has been counting down the days until she can hold him again. The flash back that shows the first time they saw each other after he was sent down is heartbreaking. All she wants to do is rush into his arms and hope he can tell her that everything is going to be ok. What she gets is a guard shouting ‘no touching ma’am’. Its like she has run right into a brick wall with the shock of it – Tucker also.

Tucker on the other hand, even though he has been counting too, is thinking too much about what happened and how it affects Charlotte. You can almost see inside his head where you get the idea that he wants to push her away for her own good. Like he tried to do at the camp. If he thinks she will give up without a fight then he should have thought again. With everything they have been through together already before that point there is no way she is giving up now. Even with him giving out the impression he blames her for doing time. Being so close to her again, but feeling like he is no good for her, he keeps his distance from being physical by sleeping on the couch –  much to Charlottes annoyance.

Tensions are high between them for the first few days where you just know that something is going to happen to make them snap. Charlotte has been deprived of his touch for three years so is beyond frustrated. On a night out with her best friend, after him being home for a month, things come to a head. Drunk as a skunk when she gets home – to him still being on the couch – she pleads with him. This is when you see that it’s not that he doesn’t want her but that he doesn’t think he deserves her. With her broken plea his resolve breaks – helps also that throughout their little discussion she was getting naked demanding that he look at her and then also demanding that he have sex with her – you go girl! Three years of being sexually deprived from each other you know that this will turn into one hell of a hot night together.

That’s just the start of things to come. Letting his walls come down and letting her back in may have turned a corner in the bedroom department but they have a way to go mentally. With what Tucker did always hanging over him and their relationship you are wondering whether they can ever truly get back to what they had before. They both went through something traumatic and need help to deal with it the right way. Would help if a certain person would let them though. Charlotte’s mother is beyond a bitch. Thinking that everything that has ever gone wrong in her life is due to her ungrateful daughter. She is horrible and only wants those around her to suffer. She should watch out though for the tables are about to turn.

The supporting characters helped create a strong social environment this time around. The first book solely focused on Charlotte and Tucker at the camp so it was nice to see how the story involves others within their world. Charlotte’s best friend Jackie is a great mix of bold and bubbly as you can see that she is the one to help bring Charlotte out of her shell more. Tuckers parole officer Jane is great aswell, coming across as someone who takes no shit from anyone and will respect you only if you deserve it. She is also very loyal when the time comes – something that both Tucker and Charlotte will be grateful for.

Another emotional read with tensions and passions running high. The connection between Tucker and Charlotte is great and with everything that they have been through its nice that things have come full circle for the better.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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