Book Review: ‘Rebound Revival’ by Jerica MacMillan

Rebound Revival

Title: Rebound Revival: A Novella (Rebound Series Book 3)

Published: 25th July 2016

Author: Jerica MacMillan


Twitter: @jericamacmillan



What do you do when your one-night stand turns out to be your new boss?

Leaving behind her cheating ex-boyfriend in Chicago, Cate takes a job at a vineyard in a small town in southeastern Washington, looking for a fresh start. After meeting a sexy stranger at the winery’s tasting room, she takes him up on his offer to walk her back to her hotel, and gets treated to the best night of her life.

Max, disappointed that Cate didn’t call after their night together, is thrilled to discover that she is the new events coordinator at his vineyard. Intrigued by this beautiful, self-contained woman, he is determined to draw her out of her shell and get her to open up to him outside of the bedroom as well as inside.

But Cate is suspicious of Max and his intentions, especially after being so recently burned. Will Max be able to overcome Cate’s distrust? Or will her ex’s infidelity make it impossible for her to trust a man again?


This is the third book in the Rebound series but can be read as standalone, the characters from the other books are mentioned in passing so to speak and you do see them but you won’t get lost by it. New town, new life and Cate’s slowly learning to live it right with new man Max leading the way.

So Cate has travelled a few hundred miles from Chicago for a new job in Walla Walla, southeast Washington. Number one reason for moving so far away is to prevent the chance of her bumping into her douche bag of an ex Pierce. Walking in on him with his face between another woman’s legs in their apartment didn’t really hurt her but more made her mad. Then the cheating scumbag has the nerve to blame her for him cheating in the first place due to her – as he puts it – being frigid. Well from her antics on her first night at her new home with handsome stranger Max I’d say its Pierce that was the problem, not her!

Cate is going to be working at Scabland wines (a name you won’t forget in a hurry lol) so first wants to check out the tasting rooms to get a feel for the place and to see how the staff are. While there she meets Max, a very handsome man who seems to be able to make her hormones go bonkers with just a look. After joining her for a drink you can see the chemistry flow between them straight away. Max clearly wants to continue the night by asking her to dinner and even after she says no from being too tired from the move he offers to walk her back to her hotel. It’s just an excuse really to keep her close and talking, more so when they stop for ice cream. Just being near him for a short while and Cate already starts to feel a pull towards him, something she can’t – and if she’s being honest with herself doesn’t want to – back away from. So when he kisses her at her hotel door all she wants is to pull him inside, not that he has to be asked more than once.

Passion right from the start, Max clearly knows what he’s doing. Cate has never had a guy whose managed to get her off with just his mouth before, they usually get bored with it taking too long and want to carry on with the main event. It’s clear to see though that Max isn’t stopping until she screams his name, and that she does. A one-night stand isn’t something she planned for but she feels that it might have helped a little with her confidence, well its not like she is going to see him again is she. Well not until Monday at her new job when her boss Roger informs her that the owner will be taking her on a tour of the vineyard. When Max pops his head around the door they both get quite a shock at seeing each other.

Cates first reaction is a bit of fear really but Max just sees this as a perfect opportunity to start something. It’s because of this fear that Cate holds back from Max. She tries to keep her distance for her own piece of mind, also to try and keep her libido in check. Things come to a head at a late night music event when Cate finds herself alone with Max. Her mind might be telling her to go but her body isn’t having any of it. It wants Max and it won’t be denied. Electric when they touch, one kiss and she’s putty for him. He is definitely the best she’s had and the fact that he always wants to make sure she comes aswell is hot. They might have had two crazy hot nights together but doubt keeps coming back into her mind making her pull away from him. Pierce did more of a number on her than she even realises. Something she only sees when her friends start to point it out.

They seem to be doing the relationship thing backwards – hot and heavy to start and then slowing it down. Max is being patient, waiting for her to make a move, but how long will it last if Cate can’t get beyond her fear? Max is slowly bringing her back to life and if she will let him he will always be there. He might have started as a rebound but he’s starting to make her see that he is the real thing. Lets hope she makes her mind up fast so she doesn’t lose something that could be great.

Nice flow with the story, slowly developing on the characters and their surroundings. Cate clearly has a strong family unit; her brothers are definitely always going to look out for her. Fun supporting characters aswell, who if you’ve read the others in the series you will know but even though I haven’t I didn’t really feel like I was out of the loop with what was going on with them. Interesting world they belong in and one to check out again. Next time with a glass of wine myself I think. Was getting rather parched while reading. Though unlike Cate I’m more of a fruity white wine girl myself.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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