Book Review: ‘Night Class’ by Hannah Crow

Night Class

Title: Night Class

Published: 24th March 2014

Author: Hannah Crow


All Rachel wants is to pass Professor Thane’s class and keep her scholarship. When the handsome head of the History Department calls her to his office long after everyone else has gone home, she fears the worst, but what Thane has in store is a surprise beyond her wildest fantasies and darkest nightmares.

Thane knows his history because he’s lived through most of it. He’s an ancient vampire, an immortal blood drinker whose supernature allure has drawn Rachel like a moth to the flame. But Thane sees a ghost of his own distant past in Rachel, and soon he reveals his attraction for her.

With her life – and perhaps her soul – in the balance, will Rachel surrender to his unholy lusts?

Warning: This 5,000-word story contains explicit sexual content, including a passionate scene between an innocent young co-ed and a powerful vampire who craves far more than her blood.

Bonus: This book contains a free preview chapter from Hannah Crow’s debut novel, Vampire U.


Fab little freebie to read when you’re thinking about what other big book you plan to get stuck into next.

Rachel has been failing in her night class lately, feeling too tired to concentrate well. So when her professor asks her to meet him after class in his office she can only think the worse. Well turns out she was wrong!

Professor Thane is disappointed in Rachel’s work and fears it due to lack of interest. Once that gets cleared up he informs her he wants her to be his teachers assistant for the rest of the year to make up her marks. Only thing is that he is also looking for something more on top of that.

Rachel has been drawn to the professor for a while – I mean she does have eyes so can see how good-looking he is! She just can’t believe that he would be interested in her. To distract herself from his intense gaze she goes to look at his books – very old books mind you – but soon feels his presence behind her. She longs to lean back and just let go with him. She wants to let him be her first but might be questioning her sanity with that when he reveals a secret. He is a lot older than she first thought, try a few hundred years, his kisses come with more of a bite and she soon understands that there is a very good reason why all his classes are at night!

Professor Thane has felt a bond from with Rachel from the moment he met her but refused to act on it too swiftly. He wants her but doesn’t want her to be bound to him just because of their bond, he wants her to want him regardless. Only time will tell what way her feelings will fall, but come on there’s a bond for a reason!

Hot little short vampire read that sets the scene for what might follow nicely. Chemistry is seen from the start and slowly builds until they are almost one.


3 out of 5 stars


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