Book Review: ‘Storm’ by Carian Cole

Title: Storm (Ashes & Embers Book 1)

Published: 6th October 2014

Author: Carian Cole


Twitter: @CarianCole


The calm before the storm… I lived in the quiet stillness. I felt the wind rustle, warning me, telling me to get out of its path. But I didn’t. I never stood a chance. A series of weather and road mishaps leaves me trapped in the middle of a blizzard with a complete stranger. In the back of a pickup truck. For forty-eight freakin’ hours. A stranger with long hair, tattoos, and rippling with muscle. A stranger with an insanely sexy voice and a wicked smile that turned my insides to jelly. A stranger who held me in his arms, calmed me, and then set a fire in me that I couldn’t put out. Storm lives up to his name. Beautiful. Dangerously inviting. Tumultuous. Dark. A clash of hot and cold. He’s used to getting everything he wants. And now he wants me. Some people chase storms for the beautiful thrill. What happens when the storm chases you?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with weather in the title. Sometimes when you’ve solely been existing but not really living you need something big to happen to shake things up. Being caught in a blizzard with a hot stranger sure does that. Who knew getting cold could be so hot! Storm’s just what Evelyn needed to kick start her life again and she’s just what he needed to want to be there for someone again. #BlizzardChick lets have some fun!

One of many good quotes:
“You will touch me, Evie. I want to feel your hands all over me because it’s like a fucking drug for me right now and I need it.” He leans his forehead against mine. “And I’m going to make you beg me to let you, because I need that, too.”

Evelyn is not having a good day. First she goes into a bit of a driving coma where you switch off but keep driving – been there! Doing so has meant she stopped listening to her SatNav and now she is lost. Making matters worse the snow is coming down heavier, so heavy in fact that she ends up skidding off the road. The car spinning is enough to freak anyone out but thankfully it stops. Starting to panic and not sure what to do she gets a shock when a guy bangs on the door asking if she is all right. Confrontation from the get go but more because she fears he is going to be some kind of murderer. Paranoia is a dangerous thing for her as we soon find out. After a lot of talking – more on her part than his – she accepts his offer of help, more so when he has to carry her due to her very unsuitable pumps. Once in his car, after first being freaked out by the wolf like dog, you would think her night couldn’t get worse. Well hello there mister deer thanks for jumping in front of Storms car making it spin into a ditch. Now she is stuck with a stranger and his dog only thinking the worse; who knew it was the best place to be.

Storm by name storm by nature. Well he certainly knows how to make an impression and not because of whom he is. For once he has found someone who has no idea who he is so can just be himself, someone he hasn’t really been for a while. Stuck in the middle of a blizzard isn’t how he thought this trip to his cabin would go but the longer he spends with Evelyn the more he starts to like how fate put them together.

Getting cold in a blizzard isn’t good so its lucky Storm has a big blanket to crawl under but you all know body heat is best and when they get close the sparks soon start to show. More so when he starts to assist her with her own pleasure, there and then more so when they finally get to his cabin – hello hot tub jets! Only draw back would be her boyfriend but the more you hear and see about him the more you want to hit him. You know he is no good and a bit of a dickwad if I’m being honest and you are just waiting for Evelyn to wake up and realise it.

Being caught in their blizzard bumble time seems to have stopped and you can see that they don’t really want to part from it or each other. The real world is calling but it has its drawbacks. Her douchebag boyfriend is one and the fact he is a major rock star with women throwing themselves at him is another. Events start to pull them apart; the pressures of reality setting in, but you can see how badly Storm wants them to stay together. He just has to convince her that he is the choice she should go for. He has brought her back to life again and she has made him realize what he has been missing for years. To both have someone that is theirs completely, whom would do anything for the other and only bring out the best in them. The chemistry between them might start off sweet and slow but soon turns into an inferno of heat when they really get down to it. After only ever being with one man Evie can now see what she has been missing out on. Pleasure for one thing, come on girl it should be found every time and if not you’re just with the wrong partner.

Loved Evie’s best friend Amy, as she is clearly someone who cares about her and only wants the best. She’s also great with her advice and boy does she want to just push her into Storms arms. She can see he is the right guy for her so is just trying to hurry up her friends mind to make the right decision. Here’s hoping she pops up again in the rest of the series, as she’s a right laugh.

I liked how it ends as it’s like everything has gone full circle to where it all began. Everything happens for a reason, fate put them together so lets hope it keeps them together.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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