Book Review: ‘Rings of Gold’ by Michelle M. Pillow

Rings of Gold

Title: Rings of Gold

Published: 31st October 2014

Author: Michelle M. Pillow


Twitter: @MichellePillow


Instagram: @michellempillow


Ryan Anderson had expected retaliation in some form. A guy just didn’t cross a woman with a sword, especially if that woman was Molly Shanahan, 2016 Olympic women’s fencing hopeful. She’d been born with the glint of a gold medal in her eye. She might be the girl of his dreams, if he can get past her guard.


Short and sweet comes to mind with this one and very timely with reading it when the Rio Olympics was on.

Ryan and Molly have known each other for years. After Molly’s father saw his potential in fencing from a young age he decided to get him to be his daughters training partner. He has been paying Ryan’s mum, almost as a thank you, for years due to this. He agreed to help fund Ryan’s hopes of being an Olympic fencer just as his daughters is. Even to the point of Ryan moving in with them so they could train all the time. Her father clearly likes to control every aspect of her life, something she has grown to hate.

Their friendship has slowly grown over the years on both sides into something more but the other can’t be sure of it. Just when Molly thinks it might happen, that the relationship would change, Ryan up and moves out of their house (well mansion really). Heartbroken that he would leave without a word she decides to show how angry she is by going to his new place and attacking his Christmas tree; something she felt he was rubbing in her face with how proud he was of it. Seems that was the thing that needed to happen though to create the spark in him to take what has always been his.

A confrontation was always on the cards and with Molly having some of her swords handy in her room things soon turn interesting – well they are used to using swords to settle an argument. Molly wants the real reason as to why he left her there all alone in the big house that she has come to hate without him in it. She might just get the best answer she could have been hoping for.

Fiery characters but story was too short. You could have had a bit more back-story back and forth banter/fights between the two so you could see how the chemistry between them has changed over time but overall a fun short read.


3 out of 5 stars


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