Book Review: ‘Six Steamy Stories’ by Suz deMello

Six Steamy Shorties

Title: Six Steamy Stories: Sexy Short Romances

Published: 1st May 2016

Publisher: Dunster Way books

Author: Suz deMello


Twitter: @Suzdemello




Six sizzling short stories by award-winning, best-selling author Suz deMello, including contemporary, multicultural, New Adult, historical, paranormal, shapeshifter, medieval Scottish, vampire and power exchange.


Six hot short stories all together in one saucy set. A little mix of everything to get the pulses racing!

One Hot Havana Night

One very interesting night in Havana, Cuban nights are very hot. Who is ready to turn up the heat? Seems Ellie is about to get an introduction into sex and seduction in the most interesting way with some very talented men.

Ellie (Helen Wheeler aka Hell on Wheels) has one goal in mind when she goes to a party in Havana and that’s to get the story of her career direct from the source Sergio Almonte. She thinks she will do just about anything to get her story but will Sergio’s offer make her rethink that? Not likely from the affect he has on her. She has waited long enough to lose her v-card and likes the idea that she will be with someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Getting an exclusive is just a bonus, more so when he says Arturo Cardenas, another key player, will be coming to talk also. Seems these men are willing to give her the exclusive she craves but she has to do something for them in return to help get them out of the country. Two men aiming to please her in every way possible, where does she sign up?

Naughty Balls

Penny seems to feel a little invisible at college. She might be an up and coming star in the women’s basketball team, but she’s been somewhat lacking in the bedroom department lately. Lucky she bumps into Orlando practicing some hoops then! A simple game of horse seems to get their pulses racing. If she wins she gets his agents number but if he wins he gets her, something its clear he has wanted for a while. Win-win either way in Penny’s mind but she’s not sure what she wants more or maybe if she can have both. Lets just say the shower after the game that you would think would be to cool them off just gets them hotter in all the right places. I think they are both playing to win and each other are the prizes.

Ocean Dreams

Back when Sandi worked the summer at the oceanic park she always felt a connection to the sea life there, more so with one particular dolphin Blue. There was just something about him that drew her attention. So now with her course up she’s back for a couple days just so she can see him. She’s not sure if he will remember her but gets a pleasant surprise when he spots her. Seems he wants her as close as she can get, even if it means getting wet. Sandi can’t believe that he clearly wants her to swim with him or that its clear he wants her naked. A few laps’ around the pool with her on his back and she starts to get a little worried by her reaction to him. She shouldn’t worry so much though as soon it’s his arms not flippers that hold her up. It’s funny how she’s not overly shocked by this revelation. It appears he is a shifter and has been waiting for her to come back for years. The connection she felt was real she just didn’t know how it could be – seems Blue did though. Escaping the park and getting back to her motel she can think of nothing but him and he her. Seems he may have picked up a few things along the way and is a very quick learner with what humans do. Also seems very happy to try something in the shower that would never have worked in his pool in his dolphin form – hard up against a wall anyone? Is this a one-time thing or can they make it work? Sandi’s always felt somewhat jealous of dolphins with how they are now it seems she gets to enjoy all the perks with her frisky new man. Even as a human he had that cute dolphin look about him. One she can’t get enough of.

Spring Training

Chase is starting out training again for the Sactown Scamps in the Valley of the Sun Arizona but this time he wants to get a bit closer to the woman in charge. He wants to impress her, like most of the other men too, but after her killer of a first training day he fears he might be on the way out. He is still keeping his own out there with the younger lads but needs a bit longer to recover. Which is why we find him in the hotels hot tub. Looks like we aren’t the only ones as Terri soon comes to join him. You can feel the sexual tension build before he looks at her but when she gets it the hot tub and they start to rub each others feet its not just the tub that’s heating up. This bit of flirty banter soon leads to them agreeing to meet for dinner. Even though Terri keeps telling herself its not a date she can’t help her reaction to him when she gets to the table and his to her. When she addresses it and makes it clear they could have some fun with her in charge Chase all but drags her out and back to the room. Terri is about to give Chase more than he even thought he wanted. A Domme to push his limits but she knows after the fact he will be praising her and begging to be taken that way again. Lets see what it looks like for a woman to be in charge. Simply it’s hot.

Viking in Tartan

Erland Blodson is one fine Viking, a strong leader of his crew and noble to those in trouble. So when his first mate Sigurson (someone whose after his crew I might add) tells him of a woman out in the ocean he does the only thing he can think of to get to her – jump in. All the while thinking that his rope is still attached to the ship – no such luck. After a struggle to get the woman to the shore he needs to find shelter and to get them out of their wet clothes. Now he would have gone up to the highland keep but it just so happens that his ship and crew where on their way to cause a bit of trouble on the word of their king Haakon – well they are Vikings – so its best to wait until dawn or at least until he can figure out who the woman is. From her clothing alone he can tell she is noble of the land. After building a fire he knows he needs to get her out of the wet clothes. With her being passed out he tries very hard to keep her modesty in tacked by not looking but hey he is a man – he does cover her up though. He needs to know why someone of her status would risk their life by going out in a storm as bad as it is. He gets his answer when she wakes in that she was running away from a very bad match – Stuart of Bute. Seems Erland could help Rhona out with that. Even if nothing happens between them, to spend the night in such a compromising position is enough. Though from the heat rolling off Erland it’s not likely that he wants nothing to happen, the same goes for Rhona. It appears he has a little secret though, one she gets a glimpse at, or more feels, when in the throws of passion. A little love bite never hurt anyone right? But with Stuart of Bute out to cause trouble will their midnight passions be heading for a stormy day ahead or are calmer waters coming?

Anna’s Adventures in Morocco

Anna is working as an Embassy official in Morocco, Marrakech and has been given a mission to infiltrate Nabil the Elders home to see if she can hear of any talks on them collaborating with the Germans to move weapons. Being a white English woman the Embassy thinks she would be tempting enough to get inside. She is given a bracelet with beads that come off for her to write messages to them. If she finds anything or if she is safe everyday she must send something. If they don’t here in a few days they assure her that she will be rescued.

Once she gets near she doesn’t quite believe her luck with how easily she gets inside. Although its Nabil the Younger who captors her. Though after being in his presence she’s not sure she really wants to leave. Being a virgin she never imagined she would be introduced into the world of sex she is taken to with him – hello kink! You can tell she loves every second of it to begin with but when his father then makes it clear that he now wants her there is nothing she can do but go. She might just get the information she was sent in to get, or maybe not with the revelation he tells her. He gives her an option; one I fear she didn’t have to think about too much. If she thought the son was into kink then she’s in for a surprise when she sees the fathers’ playroom. She fell into the submissive role quite quickly with both the father and son that I’m surprised they didn’t want to keep her around. Or maybe she might want to go back? Sizzling hot scenes with both men, she didn’t really seem to mind being claimed by both.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Words Turn Me On for my honest review.


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