Book Review: ‘Running Wild’ by Saskia Walker

Running Wild

Title: Running Wild

Published: 9th November 2014

Author: Saskia Walker

Twitter: @saskiawalker



When corporate executive, Tomas Flint, challenges his solicitor Alexa Wainscott to a back-to-nature sexual interlude, she envisages a hot tryst in the long grass. She’s always been intrigued by Tomas, and agrees to his challenge.

But Tomas has hidden depths, and Alexa soon learns that he means to set her free in the wild, then track and hunt her down in the forest, capturing her, introducing her to the untamed sexual persona that exists inside them both.

Reader Advisory: This 10,000 word short story includes bondage, domination, chase and capture.


Alexa has been the person responsible for looking over contracts for Tomas for over two years. Whenever she is in his presence she is reminded of just how much of a pull he has over her. She is drawn to him so much that she usually tries to focus on anything else other than him while in his office. The oak tree outside seems like a good spot; right up to he mentions that he would like to see her tied naked to it. Thinking she must have heard him wrong, plus almost certainly dreaming instead, she asks him to repeat what he said. Turns out she’s not dreaming but is about to have her wilder side woken up by the only man capable for the task at hand.

Tomas has waited until he thought the time was right to make his move on Alexa, and boy what a move it is. He seems to be able to get her to lose any and all inhibitions she has and let him own her pleasure. Something his very talented hands are only too willingly capable of. The game of hunter and hunted has begun but there’s so much more pleasure to be found if Alexa is up for it. A big fat yes is the answer to that.

Tomas’ idea is to take her to the countryside for the weekend so they can enjoy a tryst outside, among other things. The ideas alone of what he might do to her are enough to turn her on so she is ready for his game. Blindfolded in the woods he tells her to remove it when she is calm and walk forward. She knows he is turning his work nickname into the real thing by hunting her down and once she starts to run she knows how much she likes the idea of being chased by him. Because one thing is for sure when he catches her only pleasure will follow. Lets hope this game continues from here on out. Whose up for some fun in the woods!?


4 out of 5 stars

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