Book Review: ‘Winner Takes All’ by Saskia Walker

Winner Takes All

Title: Winner Takes All

Published: 7th August 2012

Author: Saskia Walker

Twitter: @saskiawalker



It started as a game, but they are both playing to win.

Tina meets Shaun at a monthly meeting of eccentric game players in a British manor house. Shaun is a loner, highly competitive, and devastatingly sexy. When he challenges Tina to a sexual relationship, she can’t resist.

In a dangerous game of seduction, sassy Tina might have met her match in Shaun. He is a forthright, dominant lover, and the atmosphere of competition extends to their more intimate moments as they pursue a passionate affair. Each encounter ups the stakes, but what has started as a game rapidly grows more intense. Both players realize they have to play their way carefully, to win the prize. But what is real, and what is gamesmanship? In a relationship brimming with conflict, the ultimate challenge will be getting their opponent to reveal their true hand.


Tina has been friends’ with Kate for years; it started with a simple game of chess. Now Kate insists she come to her and her husband Ray’s monthly games weekends they have started. A fun way let lose, have some laughs, play some games and meet new people. Once there she meets one very interesting person. A man who clearly loves games, whether for sport, computer or in life. A healthy contest is what starts this cat and mouse game they have started. Its almost like it was foreplay because once they get down to it they are more than matched in every way.

Shaun saw in Tina that she needed to be challenge and boy was he up for the task. The things they have got up to over the past few months are starting to make him rethink his perimeters of what he really wants. It’s not just the sex but the way they are around each other that makes him think he wants to have something more but with a job offer to take him away for months he’s not sure how to brooch the subject. He set the rules that they only meet at these weekend events and have no contact outside them. He needs to think fast and be honest to be able to get what he wants. Seems Tina might be one step ahead though and is pushing him to admit what is really happening between them. Here’s hoping the games continue for them but that both sides win in the end.


4 out of 5 stars

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