Book Review: ‘Halloween Witch’ by Fabio Bueno


Title: Halloween Witch: A Standalone Novelette (Singularity – The Modern Witches)

Published: 12th October 2015

Author: Fabio Bueno


Twitter: @_FabioBueno_


A standalone story set in the Singularity – The Modern Witches universe

How far would you go for eternal youth and beauty?

Jules, a dark magic witch, has it all figured out – draining energy from unsuspecting victims will keep her young and gorgeous for decades. When a golden opportunity presents itself on Halloween night, she’ll risk it all to get the ultimate prize. With the perfect plan in place, her next target might just be Jules’ ticket to immense power.

But witches are not always what they seem…

* * *

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The price for youth and beauty comes at a cost to the person you steal it from, something that Jules is willing to make for eternal youth. Shame karma is on its way to teach her a lesson that she won’t forget.

Most witches have Allure as one of their key charms. Beauty on the outside that is coveted by others – especially those witches who haven’t been lucky enough to get it. Case in point with Jules, a dark witch who isn’t really happy that her gifts turned out to be Charisma and Seduction. Two good charms that help her get what she really wants though – youth and beauty in her old age. Blood potions, sacrifices and ancient prayers are her other useful the tools she uses to get the Allure she longs for. Belonging to a night coven for dark witches she found the tools needed and has been using them ever since.

After her latest fix though she still isn’t happy, even after showing off to her young naive sister witch Morgan. She wants to be younger and to stay that age for years to come. For that she needs a hot young witch, enter Nina – check, a good potion to get Nina to fall for her, where Morgan comes in – double check and the perfect night for the spell to take hold, Halloween Samhain – triple check. The trifecta coming together, everything planned to the second, nothing can go wrong – right? Well that is unless someone has another agenda altogether. Seems Jules past is about to catch up with her. There to show her what she really is. She may be given two choices at the end but with how vain she is you know which she will pick. Beauty is only skin deep, a nice coating covering a black heart in Jules case. Seems karma is coming back three fold. She really should have been more aware of what might happen but when you hear a bit more about her past indiscretions you aren’t really saddened by her end.

Quick read to unwind with while thinking about the next big book you are going to go onto next. Can be read as a standalone separate from the series but does give you a good view on what the authors style of writing is like. Even for a short the characters draw you in, Morgan would be fun to follow, and the twist is interesting when you get to it.


3 out of 5 stars

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