Book Review: Cuffed & Claimed Box Set


Title: Cuffed & Claimed Box Set

Published: 4th October 2016

Publisher: Romance Rebels Publishing /

Authors: Elle BoonDaisy PhilipsFiona ArcherHolly S. RobertsJenika Snow / Lori KingLynne St James / Sherri Hayes / Sydney LeaCaitlyn O’Leary


What’s better than an Alpha man in uniform?

Ten of them. Turn up the heat with ten BRAND-NEW law enforcement stories from some of the hottest USA Today and International best-selling romance authors around. These commanding men in uniform will fulfill your every sinful fantasy, and leave you panting for more.

Featuring stories:

Delta Rogue by Elle Boon, Arresting Submission by Daisy Philips, In His Custody by Fiona Archer, Street Justice by Holly S. Roberts, Yes, Sir by Jenika Snow, The Lawman’s Lover by Lori King, House Arrest by Lynne St James, Seducing the Detective by Sherri Hayes, Dirty Liars by Sydney Lea and Her Hearts Protector by Caitlyn O’Leary


Like the tag line says ‘What’s better than an Alpha man in uniform?’ Well ten of course. So sit back and enjoy some sizzling hot reads about some very alpha male cops.

Delta Rogue by Elle Boon

“Keep looking at me like that, and I’ll say screw the men pursuing you and fuck you right where you are.”

This is technically the third book in the series so I found it helpful to have a sort of recap at the beginning to give Hailey and Maddox some context. A fellow navy seal Dex betrayed them and their team. Blake was almost killed so his partner Jojo – along with Hailey and Maddox – have been put on alert. You never actually meet the two guys but hear about them in passing. You are mainly focused on Hailey and Maddox in the crazy shitstorm that’s coming their way.

Hailey has been hiding out after her team was put on alert but an errand forces her to come out into the real world. As soon as she does she feels eyes on her so takes off on her bike like a bat outta hell. She loses the first tail but gains a different one in the form of Maddox when she stops. Good job he was following to keep an eye on her as assassins soon show up guns blazing, and then if that wasn’t enough her bike then goes and blows up. Thinking on his feet he needs to get her fixed up and somewhere safe. Good job he has a friend/partner in his ear he can rely on – seems he has been hiding something too.

Seems Maddox is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. He can see how hard it is for her to trust him from the craziness Dex put them through but deep down he can see she does. The chemistry has always been there between them but they held off for fear of not getting what the other wanted. Seems those fears are out the window when back at his. Saying they are both adults and can share a bed without anything happening is amusing to say the least. Especially with the tent he is spouting from his boxers. Just looking at her turns him on, so he is more than pleased the feeling goes both ways. Electric night together but their bubble is burst the morning after when gunfire strikes again. Seems people are after Hailey, for what they don’t know yet, but as long as there’s breath in him nothing is going to harm her. Loved that he went all caveman dominant on her, he definitely wants to cuff and claim his woman. Something she seemed to like a lot too. Fun times coming up as soon as all the chaos around them wraps up.

Arresting Submission by Daisy Philips

On Cat’s way into work she stumbles across something – or rather someone – that makes her feel uneasy. Thinking she is seeing things as the sexy bad boy on a bike couldn’t possibly be her ex Scott – one currently in prison for fraud charges from her last job. She must really need to get some if just the sight of this man is enough to get her going. What worries her though is that her sister’s fiancé Rick comes out looking shifty and passes something to him. She might just be feeling overly cautious but she knows she needs to get to the bottom of it. Especially when she notices the gun this guy has.

Scott lied to Cat once but one look at her again after all these years and he knows he will do whatever it takes to get her back. That’s if she will even let him explain about the past and what’s happening now. After being invited to a celebration for Rick and Maggie – side note it’s to announce her collaring ceremony, seems the sisters into kink – he wastes no time in getting close to Cat again. She may be a twin but she’s the only one that gets him going. Whether she wants to know about the past or present soon gets pushed back as their chemistry of want and need for the past few years comes rushing to the surface. Scott may not be a Dom but that’s not to mean he doesn’t like to get a bit kinky sometimes, especially with Cat – not that she’s complaining one bit. But with dirty dealings going on around them, whispers of the mob rebuilding and staff members creating an uneasy feeling for Cat will they get the chance to clear the air and start again.

Needed one final edit to get the grammar sorted and correct names used in places.

In His Custody by Fiona Archer

Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – a book set in a high school.

Aiden works for the Seattle PD but needs to go undercover for his latest case. A drug ring has come to their attention, putting one girl in the hospital and a guy too scared to talk behind bars. He needs to get information to crack the case but didn’t realise that he would want something, or rather someone, else along the way. But with giving a false name and basically lying from the moment they meet what does he really think is going to happen.

Mercy loves teaching and taking care of her kids. She will go above and beyond to see them succeed. When a member of the football teams grades start slipping she knows she needs to confront the coach. Instead she gets landed with his assistant, substitute Sean. One look at him and she almost melts but shaking her bodies feelings aside she goes all guns blazing saying how important grades are not realising he agrees. They make a deal, if she tutors Cole and comes to his game then he will mentor her troubled student Isaac as long as she also agrees to a date. What women would refuse an offer like that!

They get closer though on a night out with some of the other teachers, brought together by someone who would have taken advantage if he could. Good job alpha Aiden aka Sean was keeping a close eye on her. Something he wants to continue with if she will let him. One night of passion isn’t enough, he wants more but with the little fact he has lied to her about who he really is from the start when she finds out will she get past it. Also a little matter of a drug ring to take down, the leader might be closer to key players than you think.

Street Justice by Holly S. Roberts

With a killer on the lose going after prostitutes Detective Lincoln Street is willing to take any lead he can. So when he gets a call about a prostitute just being brought in that only wants to talk to him he wastes no time in going over to lock up. Gets a bit of a shock though when he sees his sexy as hell neighbour inside the cell and realises she’s the one who called. At this moment he can’t believe he has had the hots for a working girl, as he can’t see any other reason why she would be there. Seems she does have a good reason but one she doesn’t feel like sharing right away. Seems she didn’t call him to help get her out but to make sure her dog Daisy – male dog mind you – is let out and fed. Only after she says that he won’t have to deal with her again does he agree – not that he is looking forward to being humped again by the out of control beast. Though he does soon realise the out of control part isn’t quite true if you know the correct commands – good boy Daisy, you did make me laugh.

Shelby isn’t impressed with her night locked up and if she thought that would be the worst of it she should have known pissing off the judge the morning after wouldn’t be good. Seems he has a way of getting under her skin and when the delectable detective Street just happens to be there she then finds herself under his care. One thing about Shelby is that she doesn’t like being told what to do, you will only get a nice response if you meet her halfway, something Lincoln is getting a crash course in. She can’t deny the chemistry between them so decides to go all in and ask for a bit of fun to help burn off some steam. Neither is looking for something serious but feelings still always creep in. With a killer on the loose though and Shelby taking too many risks will Lincoln be able to take charge to keep everyone safe.

Many points at the end where I thought the book was going to finish only to be pleasantly surprised that it kept going. Really liked this one as it was more in depth and kept you hooked with the quirky characters, and Daisy the dog, throughout.

Yes, Sir by Jenika Snow

Brittin is back in her old hometown Stales for one reason and one reason only, to help stop her twin brother Blaine from killing himself with booze the same way their father did. Getting a call from the local sheriffs department saying he had been in another fight she knows he’s on his last chance and if he doesn’t get help now she will lose him. She keeps telling herself that its just Blaine but the closer she gets to town and the sheriffs department she knows she’s kidding herself. She ran and hid from home for a reason and that reason just happens to be the sexy sheriff Lawson ‘Law’ Blackwater, a bear shifter and also her ex. She couldn’t deal with his alpha views on what his woman should be like back then so she left. Doesn’t mean she hasn’t missed him every second she’s been gone though. The question ‘what if’ keeps going round her head, lets see if Law can answer it.

Law knew the moment Brittin was close, his mate he smelt her on the breeze and only getting stronger the closer she got to the station. The effort it took to stay still and let her come in to get her brother without him just rushing to her begging for another chance is almost too much. Seems his desk is getting the brunt of his tension, especially when he smells her desire along with her uncertainty. He knows he has to tread carefully and is willing to do whatever it takes to have her again.

Seems sexual attraction melts both their brains. Even though they need to talk animalistic tendencies do come to the surface for both of them, he might be the bear but they are both a bit wild. Talk about taking control in the bedroom department, or anywhere else they can find, alpha bear to the max. Seems Brittin doesn’t mind the odd scratch and bite from the man who holds her heart. Lets hope he doesn’t crush it this time.

The Lawman’s Lover by Lori King

One word can change your course in life and for Colby it was his mum saying the word Parkinson’s. There was no way he would let his mum and sister go through this without him so first chance he got he moved back home to Montford and into the sheriffs department as the deputy. There might be chaos around him but one face seems to make it better and keep him calm. One look is all it took to make Colby crave a woman from his local dinner Elizabeth more and more. A girl he knew from his childhood who grew up into one hot dream of a woman. He just has to convince her that he’s worth taking a risk on. If he wasn’t serious then he wouldn’t have waited months to make his move, lets hope she’s willing to jump in.

Elizabeth can’t believe Colby, the popular hottie from school, would be interested in her. Since her divorce she has sworn off men and moved back home to live in her parents guesthouse. She doesn’t want a relationship but something about Colby makes her pause to think. He clearly wants to date her and the sexual chemistry between them is off the charts but she wants to hold back. When he broaches the subject of them dating she all but fires him down until he states that she clearly just wants his cock but not his heart. Thinking that is all he is going to get to start with when she agrees he goes for it. How much can he take though when is heart is on the line? She just needs to look a little deeper into her own to see the truth of where hers lies. Talk about forbidden fruit Colby can’t wait to get a taste of though with Elizabeth being the pastors’ daughter.

House Arrest by Lynne St James

This one is a little different then the rest in that the couple are already together and the guy doesn’t need to try and catch the girl. Only thing with this one is that he’s got to try and convince her to let him in more, after a year of dating I think he should be able to stay over for the night.

Anna might be happy with the way things are going with Ethan but he wants more, he wants all of her. After her fiancé was killed in action she refused to let anyone in but Ethan slowly crept up on her. She is letting him in just not as quickly as he’d like. When he surprises her at a house she is showing she has no idea he has an ulterior motive. There have been some break-ins recently that he has been dealing with and all but a couple have been from houses that her company are showing. He wanted to check it out but also make sure she was safe at the same time. When that house then gets burgled he knows it must be an inside job and with her help they might catch them.

After a late night date at hers he stays over for the first time – well it’s the least she could do after the hot off the charts sex session they have. He might cook more often if that’s what he gets as a thank you. It’s the start of what’s to come though when she informs him of a creepy guy she saw outside the house she was showing the day before. Seems she’s stuck with him until they are caught, as there’s no way he’s letting her be stalked and feel unsafe. She really doesn’t like being told what to do but needs to pay closer attention as Ethan is only ever looking out for her. Nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her safe. She may be headstrong but soon realises that she likes having him look out for her and staying at her place. When the heat is turned up in her office you know the culprit will be spooked, making their next move uncertain. They could be closer than you think and if Anna isn’t careful she could put herself in the firing line.

Seducing the Detective by Sherri Hayes

When a similar murder to a case she is working on in another state comes to the attention of Detective Janey Davis lieutenant he wastes no time in getting her and her partner Paul to check it out. With Paul’s parents big wedding anniversary party that weekend though Janey convinces their lieutenant to send her to check things out first and only send him if she thinks the cases are linked. When she gets to the Town of Liberty and meets deputy Kyle Reed she can only be a bit thankful. She may have a case to check out so knows she needs to be professional but she can’t deny the attraction from the moment she sees him, good job it’s the same on both sides.

Deputy Kyle Reed was almost out the door when he’s informed the detective is there. When he sees her and finds her partner isn’t coming it’s almost like the cat that got the cream. With her needing a place to stay for a moment I thought he was going to take her back to his so was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be his sisters bed and breakfast place. She brought out another side to Kyle, one Janey starts liking the more she spends with him. After checking out the drop scene for John Doe the day after Janey finds she works well with Kyle and his team even if she can’t believe how many times people mention the towns hog roast. Seems it’s a big deal and the moment Kyle crowds behind her asking her to go with him you can see her resolve slipping. The hog roast might be fun but things really start to heat up when they get back to his place. From living in different states though can this be more than a one-night thing? From the looks of the case before them they will be brought together again but I think their chemistry will be more of a pull.

Dirty Liars by Sydney Lea

Nikolai an FBI agent has been deep undercover for an Italian mob for three years. His focus can’t be broken away or the case being built will go up in smoke. On the latest job for them him and his partner Travis are waiting in a club as the family got wind of a transaction going down that they need to intercept. When the families granddaughter and her two friends Corina and Harper appear they can only think that she is the target. The other women would just be collateral damage. While talking it over they lose sight of them. Losing the families’ granddaughter is one thing but Harper is what he fears for most. A drunken hook up months before has started something stronger. It’s this fear that kick starts him into action but not before Annabella and Harper find themselves in harms way.

Harper should have known the night was going to end badly. From the moment Annabella said ‘I have a great idea’ she should have just gone home. Now she is being backed into a fence along with her by a bunch of men with guns looking anything but friendly. Seems she has been in the dark for too long and if she thought that was bad when Nikolai comes along to the rescue he shots first when someone attacks him. With her world crumbling around her the only instinct kicking in is to run. It’s a shame people are on her tail though, bad and good alike but what side is everyone really on.

When a gun is pointed at the woman you care about there is only one way to act – well only one way Nikolai was going to. Shame it’s caused his girl to run. With the bad guys on her tail he has to get to her first and back to his place. Something his handler isn’t too pleased about when he finds out he took her back to his real place. Well it was the safest place to go. He needs to explain if she will let him but as he’s been lying since the moment they met he’s not sure she will forgive. Lets just say it doesn’t take too long for their passions to ignite and remember what they are like together. She’s the only real thing that’s been in his life for a while. He needs to get her to safety but with mob bosses closing in will he get her there in time? Also is he willing to let go of the one person he loves for a case? Lets hope the answer is yes because damn they’re hot.

Her Hearts Protector by Caitlyn O’Leary

David’s day goes from bad to worse in the matter of minutes. Being in Las Flores starting to deal with a case against two military officers he can see (along with the chief of police) that the cops dealing with it are corrupt. If that wasn’t bad enough to deal with the earthquake that hits moments later sure finished things off. Chaos is what follows a few days later when the governor tells him that the prison has had a break out. The governor doesn’t know who on the island he can trust with so many cops and prison guards on the take so passes the role of chief of police onto David – not that he can really take it. The island is a disaster with victims of the quake scattered around. They need help and it soon arrives in the form of Doctors Without Boarders. Once they are set up at the hospital he can focus on rounding up the convicts. He’s in for a bit of a shock when he sees past love Sarah step off the plane. Their romance was short but sweet but ended due to his job taking him away. Well that and the fact she shut off all contact so he had no choice but to let go. Seems this time around is going to be different as one heated look is all it takes to reignite that spark.

From the moment that Sarah gets a moment alone with David you can see how much she’s missed him. Time and distance kept them apart but things are changing. Even with danger afoot there’s still time for some chemistry. Could this be a new start of something true or will the island bring them down? Danger is around ever corner with the convicts and when things start to escalate to the point of calling in the navy seals you know things just got really real and really fast. All things said when chaos hits though you really do want David at the helm keeping things on track.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Romance Rebels Publishing for my honest review.

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