Book Review: ‘The Bad Boy’s Temptation Trilogy’ by Lili Valente


Title: The Bad Boy’s Temptation Trilogy: A Best Friend’s Older Brother Romance

Published: 7th June 2016

Publisher: Self Taught Ninja

Author: Lili Valente

Twitter: @lili_valente_ro


The complete Bedding the Bad Boy series!
Sometimes the only decent thing to do is block your own c*ck…

Former Marine Colton Brody is trouble with a capital T. One night with him and good girls go bad. Real bad.

But he’s not going to let sweet, quirky Olivia Page end up another name on his hit it and quit it list. His little sister’s best friend is off limits, even if her killer curves inspire an endless supply of wicked fantasy fodder.

With only a few weeks until he leaves town, this bad boy is determined to resist temptation. But then innocent Olivia makes him a not-so-innocent proposal.

Matter of fact, it’s a f*cking indecent proposal.

And now Colton can’t think about anything but giving it to sweet Olivia in every filthy way he’s been imagining, devoting himself to pleasuring her until she doesn’t have a single pair of panties he hasn’t ripped off her curvy body.

What better way to say goodbye to his hometown than with an epic sex fest with the hottest, sexiest woman he’s ever known? But when friends-with-benefits becomes something more, an unexpected heart is caught in the crossfire, leaving Colton wondering when love got so hard.

So very, very…hard.

Note: The Bad Boy’s Temptation Trilogy was previously published as Good Girl Vs. Bad Boy.


Loved this book right from the first page. Laughing so much at work while reading that I had to explain myself. Then almost couldn’t even do that as explaining what was making me laugh made me laugh even more! Completely loved the authors’ style of writing and will definitely be checking out what else she has written.

OMG what else can go wrong for Olivia within minutes of waking up!?! But hey if it gets you half naked into the arms of your hot high school crush – who only seems to have gotten hotter – then it can’t be all bad.

Olivia is back in her hometown Lover’s Leap and can’t wait to start over fresh again after the death of her sister. Her plan is to set up a shop and try to live life to the full, with no regrets, like her sister would have wanted her to. She seriously has some bad luck though with falling off things, which is where the lovely Colton comes in to the rescue. He seems like just the right man to try out her new no regrets, live life to the full way of life on.

Colton is back in Lover’s Leap after being discharged from the Marines having been wounded in action. For over a year now he has been bidding his time and trying to get back in shape so that he can go back into the marines. While at the same time also being a fireman – he can rescue me any day! That has been his plan and nothing and no one is going to stop him. Well that is until Olivia falls into his arms not once but twice in one day. She definitely knows how to make a lasting impression (humping unicorn pj’s will do that). When she says that she is just looking for some fun while he is still in town he doesn’t know whether to jump right in or hang back, as he gets the feeling things will never just be simple between them.

Neither is looking to start something serious but they can’t deny the chemistry between them. Olivia definitely knows how to get under Colton’s skin and once she is there he starts to think that he wants her to stay forever. Once they start down this road nothing will be the same again – so sit back and hold on for a fun bumpy ride.

Completely fell in love with the town they live in – frozen turkey bowling, coffin races – I so want to live there, just brilliant! Fantastic characters, loved their personalities, I have to say they are some of the best I have read. Funny, fantastic, smouldering hot read that is going to warm you up on a cold winters day, so enjoy.


5 out of 5 stars


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