Book Review: ‘A Dance in the Dark’ by Ava Sterling


Title: A Dance in the Dark

Published: 13th September 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


When a girl finds herself ignored, she finds another dance partner…literally.

On a hot date with a yummy guitar boy, Maria receives the cold shoulder. That’s when Raven, a woman with hair to match the name, sits down next to her and strikes up a conversation. Within minutes, she’s on the dance floor with Raven’s breath hot on her neck.

She wants to take her home, but that might take too long. That leaves only one other option.

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


Maria clearly finds herself in a situation she wishes she had stayed away from just because she was too intrigued by a guitar boy. Something about him in the daylight clearly caught her eye but now in the dark dingy club she can see his true colours and wants nothing more than to leave alone. That is until a black haired beauty sits down beside her, a woman who stuns her to stay long enough for the woman to ask to buy her a drink. I like how she starts off being a bit shy and unsure of herself but the longer she spends with Raven the more she comes out of her shell. The nights prospects have started to look up and Maria couldn’t be happier with where its heading.

Maria clearly thinks that Raven is a made up name, strange as it is though in a Goth club it would be considered somewhat normal. To play along she decides to say her name is Sunshine, she might get a bit of a surprise later on though. You get the idea that her saying this has made Raven pause for thought for some reason. She clearly wants Maria/Sunshine and will do whatever it takes to get her to understand why she should like the music so much. You can tell that after a few beats they just flow together and the music starts to become another entity that draws them into and around each other. It was clear from the moment that Maria/Sunshine kissed Ravens neck that things would escalate quickly. Raven all but drags her into the bathroom, not that she is complaining much! That’s were Ravens boldness ends though as she turns into a bit of a submissive role with Maria/Sunshine loving the fact that she takes on a more dominate role. She likes seeing innocent looking Raven lose control and be a withering mess because of her.

I liked that the bathroom scene was a bit comical at the same time as being sexy with how awkward and frustrated they became with wanting to get naked but getting stuck in their clothing and not having enough room to move. Seems as long as key areas are free to be roamed then they are both happy. You can clearly see that this would just be the beginning of their fun together that night and more than likely the nights that follow.


3.5 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.


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