Book Review: ‘Revenge Part One’ by Scarlett Metal


Title: Revenge Part One

Published: 27th July 2016

Publisher: Pink Media

Author: Scarlett Metal


Twitter: @ScarlettMetal


George has been planning his revenge against Olivia for years. Now he’s a successful billionaire, owning his own tech company, and ready to get her back for what she did to him in high school. He’s surprised where he finds her and has trouble keeping his old feelings from interfering with taking her down.

Olivia followed a guy out to Vegas and is now stuck in a situation she can’t seem to get out of. She relies on no one but when a handsome billionaire comes into the club and wants to whisk her away from the life she’s stuck in, will she give in and go?

**Contains adult themes and situations. For ages 18+**


Well this is certainly a hot little read and its only part one can’t wait to check out part two!

So we start with George boarding a plane to Las Vegas with his right hand man Simon on his way to settle an old score. He seeks revenge from the girl in high school who humiliated him and made him feel worthless. Its almost like she was the catalyst that kick started his forward way of thinking to set your mind to something and get it. With being a successful businessman and a billionaire to boot I’d say he could do pretty much anything. When he lands he is amused to find out the girl from his past is working in a strip club – how the mighty have fallen seems to be running through his mind. But you can still tell she has some small hold over him after all these years from how he reacts when she comes on stage. The hair might be different with a wig but those eyes he’d remember anywhere.

Olivia can’t believe how her life has changed from being voted ‘Most likely to Succeed’ in high school to now finding herself a high-end stripper at a club in Las Vegas. After following a guy there she soon got herself landed with his problems and debt after he’s sent down and it’s still outstanding. She’s wearing a mask so to speak when she strips. She becomes Candy; it’s the only way to feel better about her life. That is until she meets the eyes of a handsome stranger while on stage. One wearing an expensive suit. She needn’t have worried about finding a way for a private dance with him, as his right hand man is way ahead of her. In a private both she seats him and gets to work. She knows from the sounds of things around her that some of the other girls go further than a dance but she’s never been tempted – until now. Right over his lap with his hands on her hips it just takes a few whispered words in her ear for her to do as she’s told, to cum on him. Seems she may be willing to break her rules when he asks her to come back to his hotel. Well only if she can get out of her shift that is, though she shouldn’t worry too much as he’s got money and money talks. It’s been too long since she’s been with anyone and from the tent that’s forming in his trousers she knows it will be good.

Have to say though that her ideas of what’s to come back at the hotel and what actually transpires aren’t even close. They seem to be addicted to each other after just one taste, which later gets repeated again and again and again and you get the picture. George does have quite the stamina and the longer in Candy’s presence the more he wants to keep her. Pretty Women moment comes with how he wants to whisk her away from the life she finds herself and take her back to Chicago for more fun and games. He might still want revenge but the crazy hot sex has made him push his plans back a bit. You are in two minds about whether it’s to lift her up higher before dropping her for his revenge or whether he might like to try and keep her. But if, or should I say when, she finds out the real reason he came to her will she run or not? Its like swapping one set of chains for another. Granted this one gives her multiple orgasms but she’s still not free. Which will she choose?


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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