Book Review: ‘Tempestuous’ by Nicole Austin


Title: Tempestuous

Published: 21st July 2016

Author: Nicole Austin


Twitter: @nicoleaustin1


Once a woman’s deepest, darkest desires have been exposed—whetting her appetite for taboo pleasures of the flesh—her unquenchable hungers will not be denied.

Floggers and whips
Chains and leather restraints
Erotic rewards and punishments…oh my!

Seduced by stories and the forbidden lure of Dominance and submission, Evie Sloan longs to explore the scintillating delights firsthand. While some fantasies are better left to the imagination, for the chance to visit a real club, she’s willing to take a risk.

Been there, done that, seen it all—or so jaded Dominant Niko Kovalenko thought. Evie’s arrival on the scene reawakens long dormant passions and ramps them up to a whole new level. She’s an exciting challenge—a dangerous temptation—igniting the compulsion to possess. To collar.

Evie is no man’s submissive pet. Niko stripped her bare, shed light on all her secret desires and weaknesses, but it’s still not enough for him. To win her man she’ll have to confront her fears and find a way to bridge the distance between them.

This previously published title has been revised and re-edited


Niko is sexy, sophisticated and charming – a triple threat! When he says his endearment ‘moy kotik’ (my pet) he makes you want to swoon. Evie is about to get a crash course in how to be a Sub by the Dom that everyone wants to play with. Shame her mouth can sometimes get her in trouble with him. She is at an erotica convention with her bookstand where she decides to explore some other stands. It’s here she meets Sir Caine and Michelle (a Dom/Sub married couple) who have invited her to come with them on an exclusive slot to club Rendezvous. She is meant to just observe, to get a feel for it as she has always been intrigued, but the moment Niko lays his eyes on her everything changes.

Loved Niko’s reaction when he first sees Evie. Its like nought to sixty with how quick he wants to stake his claim that he wants her and that nobody plays with her but him. He gets a little shock when informed she is not clued up on their world completely but is there to watch. He notices that she has the natural feel for a Sub and wants the chance to be the one to show her the world he likes to play in.

You can almost feel Evie fall under his spell the moment he takes her hand to kiss it. Saying ‘enchanted’ and she almost swoons. She has to cope with dinner first before getting to the club but that just makes her more nervous in a giddy way. Once at the club though the fun really starts, Niko is in full Dom mode and is not likely to let her get away with much. A few slip ups without calling him Sir is one thing when it’s just them and she is too overwhelmed by everything she sees to remember but a loud “kiss my ass” in front of a crowd and that’s another matter altogether. Spanking bench anyone? But don’t worry Evie Niko is only giving you what you really want, even if you don’t know it yet.

Very addictive reading with this one. Desires and longings soon coming to the surface, Evie just needed the right man to get her there. To see what she really wanted/needed and to give it to her – Sir Niko is most definitely that man. She may be a natural Sub but still has moments of being a brat, especially when feeling jealous. She may feel bold in the moment but when reality sets in she knows she’s in for some punishment – but hey she soon learns that if she can handle it then she will get a really good reward. Pleasure is sure to follow – who wants to fly?

A night she won’t forget in a hurry with a man she longs to have claim her but distance might cause some issues. That is another day’s worry as she is still in town for the convention so when Niko invites her on a date the only answer is yes. Talk about one hell of a date though, dinner is lovely but dessert is deliciously wicked. All he wants is Evie on the menu and once he gets a taste he has no intention of letting her go, his only thought being how quick he can collar her. He sure knows how to explore her hidden desires, not that she is complaining one bit. Well maybe not until the next morning that is. Trust me when you hear something Evie overhears Gage (Niko’s best friend) say to Niko in his office you may be thinking ‘oh hell no’ right alongside her. A very big ‘no’ from her but she needs to learn to tell Niko these things rather than run away for them to have any kind of future.

Found Evie’s friend of reason Amanda was a good balance to her back and forth feelings, her and Michelle really as she could give her a first hand account of what to expect. Everything happening was so intense from the start that it was no wonder she would freak at times. Niko can be held to blame at moments too so its not just all on her. They both need to learn to talk to each other more to stop the misunderstandings from happening. Something tells me that they will be learning from their mistakes, as neither has any intention of letting the other go. Tempestuous is a fun whirlwind romance that dives head first into the world of a BDSM Dom/Sub relationship. Bet Evie is glad she went to that convention now because it ended up being the start of something deviously hot.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Words Turn Me On for my honest review.


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2 responses to “Book Review: ‘Tempestuous’ by Nicole Austin

  1. Thanks so much for posting Tempestuous on your blog!


  2. Thanks for hosting Tempestuous. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Niko & Evie’s story 😀


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