Book Review: ‘Better With Three’ by Ava Sterling


Title: Better With Three

Published: 30th October 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


There’s no third wheel in this threesome.

Arya finds it hard to stay awake during the late shift at the steakhouse she works at, so Janette, the hostess, keeps her company. The idea of a threesome with one of the male customers starts as a joke, but ends as a reality.

This is Arya’s first threesome, and she’s nervous about how it’ll go. Thankfully, she has Janette’s guiding hand to end the night with a bang.

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


Another saucy read with multiple players taking part. With so many hands at play it’s a wonder they knew where to put them or whose where whose.

Arya is clearly in a mind-numbing job where the closer it gets to closing time the more her mind switches off. Being a waitress she has to be perky when customers are around so when alone she tends to clear her head and switch off. The same can’t be said for the hostess Janette who seems to take perky to another level and has no problem staying there throughout the whole of her shift. More so when she brings three men into Arya’s station, three young very hot men if Arya is honest with herself. Seems the evening has started to look up, especially when the birthday boy Bryan takes an interest in her.

You can tell that Arya likes that she caught the attention of Bryan so you understand why she would seem a bit annoyed that moments later he then started to flirt with Janette. If she thought she would simplify the situation by stating that if he wanted to get to know Janette better he should just wait till the end of her shift she was in for a shock. It seems that yes he did want to get to know Janette a bit better but her also. After at first seeming flustered she soon lets her flirty side out by saying she’d have to come back to that.

She is more than up for a bit of fun but her shyness comes through loud and clear with not knowing how to broach it so she lets Janette take the lead. Seems she has been interested in her for a while and this is just a fun way to do something together. You can see that the tension is building through the rest of the shift, anticipation for what’s to come. The plan is to go back to his place for a birthday treat Bryan won’t forget in a hurry but the fun starts on the way there. I’m surprised he didn’t crash the car with the amount of times he would have wanted to look in the back seat to see what the women where up to. Back at his place though, soon it’s all hands everywhere at once. You can tell that they are all just moving on instinct and pleasure and are intending to cash in on quite a few orgasms along the way. I found it interesting that Arya was the shy one at the restaurant and to a point is ‘taken’ by both Janette and Bryan to start with. But as soon as the main event happens she comes into her own with giving and taking pleasure, as much as they can handle, until they ultimately collapse on the bed.

You can see that this is a birthday surprise that Bryan would not have been expecting when he walked into the restaurant that night but you can be sure he is glad that’s the place he decided to go. I have a feeling that this would be the start of some more three-way fun with how comfortable they were with each other after such a short time. If not, Arya still has an option with one of Bryan’s other friends, though after tonight I’m not sure he would want to share.


4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.


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