Book Review: ‘The Intervention Series’ by Hilary Dartt

Intervention Series


Title: The Intervention Series (Books 1-3)

Published: 27th November 2015

Publisher: Darttboard Creative Writing

Author: Hilary Dartt


Twitter: @hilarydartt


Would you let your friends take over your life?

Meet Delaney, Josie, and Summer, friends with questionable boundaries and only the best intentions. They demonstrate that sometimes, an intervention is necessary. 

The Dating Intervention

Delaney Collins thought her dating system was fail-proof. She was wrong. When all 3 guys on Delaney’s roster dump her within the span of 2 days, she’s forced to reexamine what she thought she knew about romance. Forced, as in her 2 best friends take control of her dating life.

Enter Jake Rhoades, a sexy Greek god of a man who seems to have it all. The problem: Delaney has relinquished control of her romantic adventures. Or has she?

The Marriage Intervention

If Josie Garcia’s marriage were on the rocks, at least she could drink it like a vodka cranberry. Lately, Josie and her husband Paul clash like peanut butter and pickles. When her best friends see her marriage falling apart, they stage The Marriage Intervention to reignite the flame between Josie and Paul.

Josie tries to follow The Rules, but her current boss, Scott—who also happens to be her former lover—is making things really hot in the principal’s office. Scott is sweet and charming, and most importantly, he gives Josie the affection she’s been craving. Can Josie resist Scott’s attention, follow The Rules, and repair her marriage?

The Motherhood Intervention

Summer Gray is approaching her breaking point.

She’s due to give birth to her fifth child within a couple of weeks, and her son’s heart surgery is just around the corner.

When Summer admits to her best friends that she daydreams of suffering nearly-life-threatening injuries so she can get a hospital stay-cation, they stage The Motherhood Intervention. Can Delaney and Josie help Summer rediscover the life she loves?


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – read a trilogy. Loved this trilogy from start to finish, didn’t want it to end. You’ve got great characters, great stories and great writing. Highly recommend this trilogy.

The Dating Intervention

It’s a giggle a minute with this one right from the start. Delaney seems to be in a bit of a relationship crisis. All three of her boyfriends have broken up with her within two days of each other. Yes that’s right she had three and none of them knew about the others. Its not that they found out and broke up with her its just it wasn’t really working for them anymore. Mark the sexy one wanted to get more serious and from the look on her face when he says it he knows that is not going to happen. Zachary the philosophical one felt she was almost too much work to be around. All they did was talk and argue about anything, they hadn’t have sex in months. Well she was getting her needs met by Mark so didn’t really think about the others needs. Xander the adventurous one who she just tried anything athletic with (rock climbing, canoeing, etc) just ended it over the phone. By this point with him ignoring her calls she knew what was going to happen. Her fail-proof three man dating system has failed completely. This is where we meet Delaney’s best friends Summer and Josie. They have some hard truths they need to tell her and a deal they want her to make. They want to see her happy in a real relationship so decide to take over her dating life for the next seven weeks. Creating a dating profile they will look after everything and plan who, what and when in regards to her dating life. They also tell her she needs to get a new job. A barmaid is no longer the right choice for her, she has a vets degree so should be using it. They might be pushing a lot on her all at once but her best friends know what’s best for her. She just needs to suck it up and get on with it.

Its funny how even though her friends are now in control of her dating life that fate can still play a part. As there is a certain hottie who came to her aid that she can’t stop thinking about – Jake. She really wishes she had asked for his number but that’s something she doesn’t do. Lucky then that she keeps bumping into him and that one of those times just happens to be on one of the dates her friends set her up on – blind date at that as his profile didn’t have a picture. But it’s her other dates that will have you giggling, well them along with the speed dating. Hidden listening device so the girls can give her clues on what to talk about. A bit of a distraction but ends up being a right funny laugh. Close friends that you can clearly see will be best friends for life.

New friend who might snag a spot too would be cooking pal Beth. Here’s hoping she pops up again as she added an extra bit of flavour. But if you want to talk about spice then look no further than Jake. From the look he gives Delaney through the window while at her cooking class you would think it was her on the menu! But with her friends in control she has to give others a chance, even if she doesn’t want to and wants to tell them what she really thinks of them. Probably not a good idea but you can imagine what happens when she gets home drunk from a night out with the girls (they really shouldn’t have given her the login details) drunk emailing instead of dialling anyone! To say her friends aren’t impressed would be putting it mildly but I think with their reactions it gives her a kick-start to really think about what she wants out of life. She works in a bar when she has a vet’s degree and she is drawn to loser men who need fixing instead of going for someone normal. Looks like normal is starting to look good with Jake though but with a misunderstanding all but thrown in her face will she give up to go back to her old ways or face things head on.

Loved when Summer went full on mum mode with telling Delaney off, she definitely went into kid mode. Also when Josie gets cross you may want to hide and cover, even if you know she will come out fine the other side. Great characters and can’t wait to get stuck in with the rest.

The Marriage Intervention

Love this collection, its addictive reading from the first page to the last. Got our girls Josie, Summer and Delaney back again but this time its Josie’s turn for an intervention – a marriage one. She has always viewed relationships under two categories – romance vs. practicality. She might soon learn that sometimes its best with a little of both.

Josie has been keeping a secret for years, one that’s been eating her up inside for a while. A relationship from her past just won’t go away. Though it’s more that she isn’t ready to let it go but not really for the reasons you might think. This past relationship was hidden when it happened and now it’s been too long to come clean. She had a summer fling with Scott, a man who later turned out to be her principle. Have to say I didn’t like him to start with and the more I found out the more I disliked. He knew exactly who she was so played her from the start for his own gain. This isn’t really the only reason she needs help though. At the weekly girls meet up she confesses that she thinks her marriage is over. This just prompts Summer and Delaney to decide to step in with a marriage intervention.

With how well the dating one went Josie knows she needs to give it a try. It’s just that she’s not sure how it’s really going to go. Doesn’t get off to a great start when she broaches the fact they have issues to her husband Paul, he seems a bit blindsided with her thoughts. Some of the girls “rules” Paul is going to like (hug, kiss more and have more sex) some others not so much (go to a marriage councillor). It’s at the first meeting that Josie realises that it’s not just her that is feeling down but Paul also. Fault on both sides but when feelings are aired they soon to start see the other more clearly. It’s just the ticking time bomb of her secret coming to light that is going to stir the pot. Josie might think that because she isn’t getting the attention she wants from Paul that its ok to crave it from Scott but her friends are there to put her back on course. Even after she causes a bit of a balls up and starts to think she might be the reason her marriage could be over. They need to both get back to what they really want and really be there for the other. A few “thinking clearly” moments after accidents are starting points to moving forward; only a couple make me worry for Josie.

Loved how Summer and Delaney take the lead with the intervention this time and how Josie gets surprised when they just show up when she may be breaking a rule. She really should have learned from what they put Delaney through. Can’t wait to see what they get up to with helping Summer out. You get an inkling that something is wrong in this book so hope the girls manage to get her back to a good place. Another great book let’s get onto the next.

The Motherhood Intervention

This one is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. First book was laugh a minute, next one made you think but this one definitely makes you feel. You still have an intervention style but it starts by being broached by Summer instead of the others. She wants her friends point of view, even if I feel they are a bit wrong to start with. Mainly in regards to Summer’s estranged mother Willow coming back on the scene. Straw that broke the camels back comes to mind when it comes to how this story plays out. You get a much deeper understanding of Summer and what she has been through in her life with the flash backs to her childhood. I got the impression that she might not have told her husband or best friends everything that had gone on in the past because if she had I don’t think they would have forced and then guilt tripped her into letting her mother stay. At moments I did want to have a moan at her husband Derek to man up and take some responsibility. You might do things for your wife when asked but sometimes she shouldn’t have to. He could have had her back a bit more to start with. Which he then does see at the end, so everything came full circle.

I think Summer was moments away from crashing even before her mother came back on the scene. I mean she already has four children, another one on the way, her husband lost his job when they found out and then got replacement one meaning he’d be working longer hours, she is a full time member of a band along with running her own business and then finds out that her youngest son needs heart surgery. Ok breath – how she didn’t crack before then I do not know but it was definitely her mother coming back on the scene bringing all her baggage with her that pushed Summer over the edge letting her alter ego Winter take front stage.

How anyone else couldn’t see the effect she was having on Summer to begin with is beyond me. Come on girls you seemed to think you knew everything but it’s not till the end when you realise that Willow was actually causing her more stress than less. I mean they totally guilt her into letting her stay so she could supposedly help around the house and with the kids – that didn’t really work out now did it! Derek doesn’t really see it until the end when Summer and him go back to their marriage councillor to talk things through. Did want to smack him upside the head then. I know your trying man but see things from her side. I think it is difficult for people who had very happy upbringings to understand where those who didn’t are coming from. Summer has some very bad memories of her childhood and her mother but only when she starts to let go does she remember that there were a few ones too. Both Summer and Willow needed to face the past head on to be able to have a future in each other’s lives.

Delaney and Josie might have been right that she needed to reconcile with her they just didn’t really help her go about it the right way to begin with. Even with all the chaos around them, tension and all, you know they are going to be there no matter what. Its what best friends are for and I think these three are a set that will never be broken. Interventions seem to work for them with getting them back on the right path for a better future. Lets just hope they don’t need any more future down the line.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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