Book Review: ‘She’s the Boss’ by Ava Sterling


Title: She’s the Boss

Published: 16th November 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


Kylie discovers that she likes to take charge in the bedroom as well as the board room.

Struggling to keep her magazine company in business and recovering from a recent breakup, she feels high strung. And on top of that, she can’t stop staring at Nick, her magazine’s graphic designer. With the two of them left alone one night at the office, she decides to find out just how well he can take directions.

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


I liked the flow of this one, had a good pace to it. Kylie’s the boss in more ways than one. She’s a strong confident woman getting her stride back after being dumped by her long-term boyfriend. An opportunity arises when alone late at night in the office with her younger employee Nick. Once he gives her the all clear there is no stopping her from getting what she wants – not that he complains one bit.

Kylie has been without sex for a while since she broke up with her boyfriend so you can see early on that she is a bit frustrated. It doesn’t help that she has a very good-looking younger employee who happens to get her motors running. She just needs to try and put him and his good looks out of her mind and focus on her magazine or it will go under. Its because she is focusing so hard at the end of the day that she doesn’t realise that long after everyone else has gone she is left alone with just him. He seems very eager to please, working late to help out, and this seems to awaken a dominant side to her personality that she didn’t really know she had. Good really as soon she starts to see a submissive side to him. She just has to figure out how to play it to get a good release for both of them.

You can feel the sexual tension coming off both of them. It builds the longer they are left in each other’s company so you know what is coming. Nick clearly wants to please Kylie professionally and personally with how he is around her. I like when he is caught looking at her bending over her desk and stammers a bit when she asks, “do you see something you like?” You can see that he isn’t completely sure how he wants to behave but soon hands over control to Kylie very willingly – not that she is complaining. He might want to submit to her but you see that at times when the passion gets high that he wants to top from the bottom with claiming his own pleasure. But hey at this point Kylie has already gotten off a handful of times so its not like he isn’t owed.

Again with this one, like with most of Ava’s other stories, you get a good feel for the characters and their lives quickly. You step into their world once its already been developed and are viewing it for a moment in time while hoping to return later down that line for an update. With this one you can see it would be the start of something. Kylie might want to control Nick but with her thoughts from earlier in the day you get the impression that she would submit if it meant he would bend her over the meeting desk. Think she likes the idea of being a bit naughty in the office place, but hey its her office.


4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.


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