Book Review: ‘A Dream of Lilies: A Novella’ by Petra March


Title: A Dream of Lilies: A Novella (A Touch of Cinnamon Book3)

Published: 21st June 2016

Author: Petra March



Nicholas Baudin lives in Toulouse, France, where he owns a small coffee place, Le Petit Café. His life is apparently tranquil, and made of small joys and simple habits. In truth, though, this young man’s soul is troubled with memories of a painful event.

Then, on a bright spring day, Nicholas meets a strange, enchanting young woman with white hair, and pale blue eyes. Her name is Lily Brightwell. She is an actress who captivates crowds with her talent and her stories.

As Nicholas begins to fall for the young artist, his life turns into something unexpected and lovely.

(Ages 17+)


Another emotionally driven read, beautifully written. Makes more sense if you have read the stories that come before, gives you a bit more context. Descriptive writing throughout but that is the authors style so if you have read the others you will be used to it. Shorter read this time aswell but just as good.

This story follows the lives of Lily and Nicholas. They have both been going on with their lives but hiding their feelings from traumatic events of their pasts. The deaths of people they loved. Both events link them together, not that they know it at the start.

Lily is part of a travelling theatre group with her friends Zachary and Nancy that happens to travel to Nicolas’ town. The first moment he sees her on stage he is drawn to her – much like most men watching. Her ghostly white hair draws the eye along with her pale blue eyes. But the smell of smoke triggers a memory he would prefer to stay in the past making him rush away. If he feared he wouldn’t see her again he shouldn’t have as she soon arrives in his cafe along with her friends. Its like he feels a pull towards her, something his friend Willa can clearly see and enjoys pushing him towards. Bringing her a cinnamon drink and cookies does the trick of drawing her in. The smell draws to her while she feels the presence of Nicolas behind her. One smile and it seems they are hooked – well if they can keep their memories at bay and not run from them that is. It’s not until the day after that they meet by chance, to a point, both being drawn towards someone playing a violin in a park. You can see how comfortable they are with each other and soon are in each other’s arms. It would seem to be the start of something if Lily hadn’t taken a call that takes her away before the theatre group leaves. Though her leaving does kick start Nicolas into wanting to chase after her. It’s when he catches up to her that they come together for real but it’s also the moment where they find out how they are linked. Whether they can finally make peace with their pasts will determine whether they will have a future.

Interesting side characters that fill out the story well, coming together to give Lily a good ending from the heartbreak she held after her first love was lost. Eagan makes an appearance but I think it’s more to help create a link for Ari to reappear. Her former best friend who David, her first love, fell in love with while they were dating before he died. Someone who she needs to forgive for hurting her as they both lost the boy they loved. It’s not just them needs to come to terms with past pain, as Nicholas too needs to let go. Coming together will help them to come to terms and make peace with the past, which in turn will help them move forward.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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    Thank you so much!


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