Book Review: ‘Shifters Hallows Eve’ by Romance Rebels Publishing


Title: Shifters Hallows Eve

Published: 25th October 2016

Publisher: Romance Rebels Publishing / Shifters Hallows Eve

Authors: Audra Hart Bethany Shaw / Bryce Evans / Candace Blevins / Elle Boon / Julia Mills / KD Jones / Lori King / Melissa Bell / Melissa Snark / R.E. Butler Sydney Lea


Tricks and Treats…Chills and thrills… Become Enchanted, Haunted, and Hunted this Halloween.

12 NYT, USA Today, and International Best Selling Authors, bring you brand-new, paranormal shifter romances that are sure to make this a Shifters Hallows Eve you’ll never forget!

Featuring stories by: Audra Hart, Bethany Shaw, Bryce Evans, Candace Blevins, Elle Boon, Julia Mills, KD Jones, Lori King, Melissa Bell, Melissa Snark, R.E. Butler, and Sydney Lea



I love it when the heroine of a shifter story likes reading shifter books and longs for them to be real. Its like their future inner beasts are giving them an insight into what their future might hold. Good job with this one as a spell is going to call Valerie to her mate whether she is ready to believe yet or not.

Charisma is almost to the point where he fears he will go feral from living without his mate. Being the last of his kind he is at the point where he will do anything to get her to appear, even go to the local coven for a seeking spell. The spell will be cast on his mothers medallion and once cast, after his mate has been drawn to him, he will have 24 hours to complete the mating or she will disappear from his life for good and have no memory of him. The first meeting doesn’t go too well for him though – not to self Charisma next time don’t shift right in front of her when she has no idea your kind even exists.

After going to a flea market with her mother Valerie is drawn to a medallion with a tiger on it. Once in her hand she feels it belongs to her and that she is needed somewhere. Then after the woman selling it comes over all funny telling her she needs to put it on before sundown she swears she hears a tigers roar. Thinking her imagination is running away from her, especially after the books she’s been reading, she takes it anyway longing to put it on. When she blacks out and is transported to another place and sees a tiger turn into a man she starts to think it may have been a mistake. Well that is until she gets a closer look of the mouth-watering man that is. His explanations sound unreal but after reading so many shifter books she had always thought she would jump at the chance if one was real and thought she was his mate.

Passions collide, to be expected with mates, but danger lingers with some of the coven. Dark magic is closing in and Valerie is soon to be in danger. Lets hope Charisma can get her through so they can have a future.


Eva is back in her hometown after being away at college. One person she isn’t sure whether she wants to see or not still has the ability to make her heart race. The man from her past that she fell for hard, not that she thought he’d noticed. Though to be fare he may have stayed away for a reason – 1 he is 8 years older than her and 2 he was the deputy sheriff for her father. She always felt a pull towards him and after her college roommate filled in a few blanks on shifters she got the impression she might be his mate with how he acted. Well he did make sure to mark her with his scent when she went away, enough that it would stick around for a while. This theory did have its drawbacks when she visited and bumped into him with another woman though. Feeling crushed she stayed away longer but now she’s back face-to-face with him and doesn’t know what to do – especially with the heated look he gives her.

Jackson knew Eva was his mate from the moment he saw her but her being younger, not having lived yet, he let her go ever hoping she would come back. Now she has he has to pull out all the stops to woe his mate. Shame a rouge wolf is in the area causing trouble. With him being alpha he needs to take control of the situation but it comes at a cost of ignoring Eva on their date. This in turn makes her run back to Cassidy’s place, his beta that was amusing to say the least. When he comes banning on the door she doesn’t want to let him in but its not because Eva’s upset its because she knows they’re going to have sex. Well with being mates they won’t be able to help themselves. Eva might be mad to start with he soon changes her mind. Temperatures are soon rising high with these two but with dangers looming they need to keep their eyes open for what’s coming their way.


This was a funny mix of ghostly pasts and present day/night naughty fun. Eden’s sisters have given her a birthday dare to spend 12 hours in Black Castle. She may seem confident when in the car and telling her sister to drive away but when she starts to head out in the dark her natural fears start to rise. Everything is amplified when the sun goes down. When she makes it to the castle after hearing weird noises on the ground level you might think she would turn back but it doesn’t stop her from making her way up to a balcony to set herself up for the night. Her only friend being a nosey raven who seems to like to listen to her talk but maybe not sing. Though the real reason is a bit simpler, he couldn’t hold his shift without turning back into his human ghostly form.

Gideon has been living a cursed life for over a century. Trapped in his crumbling home living half a life as a ghost/raven shifter. The first time he saw Eden she was a child but he was drawn to her, ever waiting for her to return. Now she is close enough to touch, if only he could. For years the only time he felt anything was when he was in his raven form. Now he is close as Eden enters his home, staying until he fears he might shift in front of her. While trying to catch his breath he rests outside the room only to shock himself with the fact he can feel the coldness of the wall. His senses seem to be returning and his ability to touch come forefront. Feeling elated he gets pulled back to Eden, his need too strong to deny, where she is currently trying to do yoga on her head. The moment she sees him she screams. Shock lasts for a moment but fear doesn’t really enter her mind the longer she is near him. Seems fate has pulled them together for a reason and they should just go where it takes them. Shame they aren’t the only ones alive in the castle. Dark forces are at work to cause Gideon and those he cares for pain. They need to stay together to battle what’s coming but what happens next is uncertain. Is Gideon in his true body for just a short time or can they break the curse. Will love prevail?


Zeke has a yearly ritual, one of self-pity for the love he’s lost. A century has past but he can’t let her go, she was the one, his mate. Being a shifter makes it that much harder to let go. So every time Halloween comes around he drinks himself into a stupor. Holding off on giving into his need for blood, something a bit dangerous for his kind. His friend Tara, a vampire witch, knows he needs to be sated to tells him to pick someone and be done with it. Blood and sex go hand in hand but it’s different this time. When a female party girl offers herself to please him his thoughts are twisted with a scent he thought he’d never smell again, Jenniene his mate. Past and present collide until its over and he sees it was all in his head. Well maybe not, as when he looks up he stares straight into the eyes of his mate, his very pissed off mate mind you. Though she doesn’t really have a leg to stand on as she lied to him back when they were together about what she really is and has let him think she has been dead this whole time.

Jenniene knew it was going to be difficult facing Zeke again and ask for his and the Twin Raven MCs teams help. She just didn’t expect to see so much of him enjoying another women’s mouth. Anger aside she knows she needs their help with the little girl she carries. A rare shifter breed, a sabretooth just like Zeke’s leader Blood – don’t mess with him! She needs them to understand the danger coming not just for the child but mortals alike. A ghoul army thinks the child is the key to opening the veil between worlds and ending the human race. As the danger mounts so does her need to explain the past. She knows she can’t take the hurt back and doesn’t expect to be forgiven but he needs to know everything, even if he doesn’t like it. Seriously girl you think he doesn’t want you! He has spent a century mourning your so-called death and not been able to let go. Deep down I think he might have felt she’d come back somehow. Together again but is this going to be a trick or treat with them this time round? I’m going with treat. Liked that all the other paranormals gave the story a bit more of a twist as you never really know who someone is, what they can do or what is going to happen next.


To say Blooms day goes from bad to worse would be putting it mildly. First she gets evicted from her house and then gets news from a solicitor that her long lost grandmother has died and she is needed in Tennessee for the will reading. You might think this could be a silver lining thing going on but when her car catches fire with her in it after she arrives you start thinking maybe not. It appears that when her grandmother Rose died she left her house and a fifty percent share in the land and business for Scott Butler Farm to Bloom. She will get a million dollars but only if she stays and works for a year, if she leaves she gets nothing.

The one person in the room who is not so happy about a stranger coming in is the person who got the other fifty percent share in the business, Freeman. It seems Scott Butler Farm has always been linked to their families and Roses wishes were for it to continue, with a little help from another lawyer RJ. Seems this town is a little different than most with a shifter pack in tow at the farm and a vampire helping Bloom out – not that she knows what they really are yet. Freeman doesn’t want Bloom there, well he doesn’t want to want her there but as she is he tries to man up and deal with it. Doesn’t work so well with him, hot and cold and then hot again with this wolfs feelings but the moment his sees things a little clearer, that Bloom is his mate, his views soon change.

Hot and heavy when they both let go and give in to their desires but with a mysterious ghost causing trouble if he won’t believe her she will leave and he’ll lose her for good.


Loved the chemistry between Victoria and Daniel. They might have been on a case together but it didn’t stop the sparks from flying, well after a few misunderstandings get sorted out first. Mainly why he didn’t call her after the one and only date they had.

Victoria is a wolf shifter, priestess spirit-speaker and Daniel is a hunter. Their kinds have had a treaty for past 30 years mainly due their fathers and only work together when the need arises. The need this time being that Macan Guffin has gone missing, possibly due to a ghost as similar disappearances have happened all within the same area with the same family generations back.

This is almost a story of two parts as along the way to finding Macan they try to help a resident ghost at their hotel, Charity. A ghost who won’t move on without her husband Joseph who she knows was murdered too. Seems dark forces are within the hotel keeping them apart, created due to the demise of a truly wicked person – a murderer perhaps? Helping them might give them clues for Macan’s whereabouts. While searching his room they come across some notes explaining a bit more about the man who was lost years before. Talks of a monster might be a clue, as it seems Old Skelly protects the gold mines he was looking for. He might be only bones but he packs a punch. Now all they need to do is find Macan, help Charity and her husband Joseph move on, banish the dark forces from the hotel and take on Old Skelly. All in a days work with these too. Here’s hoping the next time they set off it won’t be so chaotic.


Kyran has been drawn to Caitlin for days with no real clue as to why. He just knows that his dragon feels very protective of her so needs to watch to keep her safe. At first he thought he was unseen but she soon opens the door and says he might aswell come in – well if her guard dog Duke will let him.

Caitlin has felt his presence from the moment he was outside; aside from sensing with her gifts as a banshee/gypsy witch hybrid, she could also tell that he’s her mate. She just needs him to stay around long enough for her to tell him. He does spook easily, with good reason though as he has only recently escaped the clutches of the evil Eve O’Baoille and doesn’t want to go back – well other than to kill her that is. He’s in luck really as Caitlin has as much, if not more, reason to want her dead for what she has done. Kyran soon learns that Caitlin is someone who won’t give up easily on what’s hers – case in point climbing a mountain to convince his stubborn ass that they are meant to be together and together can take down Eve. Well if outside forces and friends turned enemies don’t get in the way first.

His brethren were a fun mix at the end that lightened the mood after a bit of a messy scene with another witch. Hope I’m not the only one a little confused with the epilogue, though I really want to know who is in that box. The old dragon language and his Scottish terms slowed me down a bit with trying to figure out what he was saying but after a while I got the gist.


Well this one was a hot read that took you to the depths of hell, quite literally. Raina doesn’t have a good start with being kidnapped by a vial creature and when she figures she’s in hell things look worse. Seems she has been chosen to be Satan’s new toy to play with. When she fears she’s going to be attacked by the creature a saviour appears. She can’t see him at first but his voice and presence make her inner wolf sit up and take notice. Figures she’d get dragged to hell to find her mate, let’s hope he can get her out.

Creed could sense his mate the moment she was brought to his father’s realm and knew he needed to think fast to get her out. Good job his angel mother is on his side to lend a hand. Well at first he thinks he’s safe when they leave hell but when the Fey Queen pops up saying they got sent to her realm he’s a bit wary. Raina too until she senses her brothers on her and realises she must be their mate. Chemistry is seen from the start and its not long before they have the need to mark each other. They just have to find a way to outsmart the devil to keep each other safe. How hard can that be?

Interesting mix of side characters. Thought Raina’s brothers were a bit crazy in a fun way which is good as they are mated to a bit of a bonkers Fey Queen. Kellen the Iron Wolf alpha was fun and had a good bit of banter with Creed – though I think that’s more to do with Creed as its how he acts with most other characters.


With shifter killings happening in the area the only link alpha Luke can see is that all of the dead brought something from the same Halloween specialist gift shop in town. To figure out whether they are behind it Luke decides to take over his fathers’ furniture shop opposite for a while to check out the owner. First impressions count a lot and he doesn’t make a good one with her.

Rita and her friend Mindy, being neighbourly and wanting a closer look at the shirtless hunk across the street, go to make introductions. Mindy gets a welcome hello but as soon as Rita says she’s the owner of the specialist gift shop his personality changes. One sniff and he all but turns into an asshole in front of her. Wanting to just forget the whole thing she tries to brush it off but with past rejections rearing their ugly heads it gets harder. Deep down she knows she wants to give him a second chance but doesn’t really think he will. She shouldn’t worry too long though as he can’t seem to make himself stay away.

Luke can’t believe she could really have anything to do with the killings. He also has can’t understand at first what his wolf is trying to tell him when she is close. When he gets his beta Riker to look into her he realises she is being targeted too for some reason and more importantly that she is his mate. Now he just needs to figure out who the killer is, stop them and then try and win over his mate. He has some bridges to build with his manners but his charm and need to protect her soon win out. Passions are building between them but danger is on the way.


Jace went to broker a deal with the mountain pack but things soon turned sideways. With his pack mates’ dead, him injured and on the run, there’s not much he can do before help arrives. Logic would have him run to his packs territory but a pull towards a disserted house soon has him changing direction. For some reason he knows if he gets there he will be safe, he just needs to get there before being caught.

When something crashes through Eva’s front window she is not impressed. Especially when she sees the mess. She can’t believe a wolf shifter would dare enter her home knowing what she could do to them but something about him makes her pause. She can tell he was running from the pack outside not with it and the saying enemy of my enemy is my friend pops into her head. She can see he’s injured so levitates him upstairs not before noticing his very naked body in the process making her blush. Once awake she soon finds herself explaining whom or rather what she is – a ghost. Once a year though on All Hallows Eve she gets her powers and form back. For 95 years she has wanted revenge against the alpha – Atticus – of the mountain pack for killing her and her family. Seems Jace wants revenge too but not as much as he wants her when he realises she is his mate. But how can a ghost trapped within the house she died in be mated to a wolf? Can the mate bone bring them together? Lets hope they find out before trouble comes crashing through to destroy them both.


Being the only child and daughter of the grand alpha of the Colorado’s Central Custodians Division tradition dictates that they have a tournament of sorts with the eldest unmated sons of the alphas of the north, south, east and west on All Hallows Eve to decide who will become the new grand alpha and her mate. They must enter the valley of shadows, pick a gift and present it to her. Whichever she picks the man will be her mate and she does have four fine men to chose from. Boon from the east who is all about honour, Eos from the West who is a bit of a playboy, Hunter from the South who is a protector and Ronin from the north who is a doctor.

Seems Rainah is not so impressed with being sold off to the highest bidder as she sees it. Well if she’s pissed to start with then she soon goes nuclear when she realises her parents drugged her to take to a cave and chain her up so she wouldn’t run before the tournament started. She shouldn’t fear too much though as four wolves are soon on the way to help her out. You get to see all four starts for Boon, Eos, Hunter and Ronin that then end at same moment with them going for a run to follow her scent. Seems danger is on the way but they will stop at nothing to figure out what is going on.

When Rainah awakes more she’s shocked to see Axel her fathers beta near her. She has always known he watched her a little too much and knows he wants her. She’s in luck when a strange wolf comes to her aid; well right up to her father puts a tranquillizer dart in him. Seems he could tell she was his true mate from the start but with the chains on her, her own wolf can’t. Seems Axel wants a part of the tournament and is willing to do anything to get the best prize for her. Good job her true mate has three wolves willing to watch his back so he can get his girl – well they are looking out for their new alpha. Strange land they are thrown into and its not just Axel they need to worry about with zombies on the attack. An hour is all they’ve got or they’d be stuck forever so they better get a move on to get what they really want.


Destiny wants to return to the scene of her attack a year before on All Hallows Eve because she wants answers. Her strange dreams don’t match up with how she remembers her attack or her savours. Thinking if she can go there it might jump start things. What she doesn’t expect to see is a lion keeping guard. It seems her dreams of shifters, witches and vampires might not be just that but whether she will be aloud to have her memories back is something else entirely. Seems they were taken to protect her and if removed she could be danger once more.

Zeke was there the night Destiny was attacked and stayed with her after to keep her safe. Soon though he knew he needed to leave her to the safety of her parents as he knew she was his mate and only 17. Knowing she was chosen and attacked due to being a virgin its something she wanted to get rid of for a year and that temptation was just too much with him being older. Now legal though it’s not just that that would hold him back. She went through a traumatic experience with being stripped naked, tied down and cut into for a virgin sacrifice. She wasn’t raped but the damage is there so they need to take things slow, something he knows only too well. They also need to see whether her memories can come back to her. If she can handle them she can handle anything. Which is good as when her father finds out about what her and Zeke have been up too – hot and heavy fun times – it might not go down too well. Could be danger from her family and from the Celrau vampires. They took her once so they need to be on guard in case they try again. With a lion shifter at her side though things might be looking up.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Romance Rebels Publishing for my honest review.


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