Book Review: ‘The Harlot’ by Saskia Walker


Title: The Harlot (Taskill Witches Book 1)

Published: 1st February 2013

Publisher: Mills & Boon, Harlequin UK

Author: Saskia Walker

Twitter: @saskiawalker



The dark art of desire…

At a time when the cry of ‘witchcraft’ leads to certain death, Jessie’s future looks bleak. Until one man offers her a way out of the gutter. Gregor plans to mould Jessie into the perfect weapon: she will seduce – and destroy – his bitterest enemy. But in a society where innocence is for fools, Gregor fails to predict the shattering impact of his own sudden, forbidden craving…


Goes down as another off my 2016 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A Harlequin novel. Well this was a very passionate story with lusty characters throughout. Something must have been in the air for all the interactions that take place. Some seemingly for no real reason, other than to bring some heat, until the end of the story plays out.

Gregor Ramsay longs for revenge against the man he sees as responsible for his father taking his own life. Ivor Wallace took everything from them and now Gregor has returned, with a lot of coin, he intends to take it back. Hopefully without him knowing by who until the last moment where he can do his big reveal. On route he stops upon an Inn where he comes face to face, or should I say rear, with someone who could be of great use with his revenge towards Ivor – the Harlot of Dundee. He just needs to get this particular woman alone to discuss his plan. Shouldn’t be too hard as she’s soon to be thrown in a cell.

Jessie and fellow whore Eliza are fighting for the attention of a patron within the Inn – one who later might bring danger to her door. Things get very heated very fast and just when she thinks she’s won Eliza goes and calls her a witch in front of everyone. Fear spreads throughout quicker than wildfire and she soon finds herself in a cell. Not that she intends to stay there for long. Regardless that the people are right that she is a witch she knows she needs to escape if she doesn’t want to face the same fate as her mother. An unlocking spell on the door should work but she ends up getting help from an unlikely visitor, a minister. Well not really as she quickly figures out, not that the guard notices. Gregor has come to rescue her, for a price. She agrees to his terms before really knowing what they are. Her only thought being he must want her body in return for getting her out. After some risky fun in the cell he does get her free but she is shocked when he tells her that she wasn’t the payment. He needs her for a job and he doesn’t really seem like the person to let her go, which annoys her as she longs to go back to the Inn to get her purse before leaving town. She needs it to go north where people won’t live in fear of her kind and also so she can try and find her siblings. When Gregor insists that he will pay her handsomely for her time in his endeavour she reluctantly agrees. His plan is simple; he will dress her appropriately for a house workers position where she will infiltrate to find information out about Ivor. Mainly by seducing him, though not in her usual way. She needs to come across as innocent so he can feel superior and wicked. To get her to this stage though Gregor must train her. He thought it would be simple but the more time in her presence the more he longs for her. His plan might succeed if he can take his hands and body off hers long enough for it to play out. Once was not enough to sate either of them and neither is twice.

At the Inn near the manor the training begins but this is really where the fun starts. She really doesn’t like being told what to do and he is used to people following his orders – a clash was bound to happen with tempers and passion rising. The other characters that pop up at the Inn are there to create a little more spice to an already hot party. Everything has a purpose when all the cards fall into place. Starting with the server girl Morag’s little interlude with Jessie and Gregor and then by meeting Mister Grant, and his fine looking male companion – whom Jessie sees a lot more of than most – the foundation is set to help them out, in different ways of course, near the end of the book. When Jessie is ready she will go in but how long can she hide her true nature from Gregor? He laughs off her being a witch but may soon eat his words. It seems passion between someone you care for is the key to unlocking her true gifts and Gregor is giving her that in spades. Once she’s learned this trick she will have one more reason for wanting to stay with Gregor – well if he will have her that is.

The story focuses more of them at the Inn than getting to her at the estate but I liked that it drew out their relationship more. If she had gone in too soon he may not have felt so strongly about protecting her. Which he does in spades too, especially when danger closes in around them. She may be a harlot but she soon becomes his and once he gets that thought rushing round his head he has no intention of letting another touch her again. She’s his little witch to keep safe and that’s what he’s going to do from now on.


5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.


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