Book Blitz: ‘Having the Quarterback’s Baby’ by Amy Kyle


Title: Having the Quarterback’s Baby

A Secret Baby Sports Romance

Author: Amy Kyle

Publisher: Blue Light Publishing

Genre: Sports Romance

Release Date: 29th November 2016


Chase Richards had it all: money, fame, a big house, fast cars, and women standing in line to have sex with him. But most of all, he had a promising career as an NFL quarterback, that is until his world comes crashing down the night he gets drunk and slams his Porsche into a tree.

Mollie Carter had loved Chase Richards from the moment they high school. He was the budding football star and she was the head of the yearbook committee. They couldn’t have been more different. Maybe that’s what made their attraction so strong. No one would have imagined they would ever part; least of all Mollie.

Now, two years later, Mollie hears that Chase is coming home, a broken man with no money or prospects.

What will Chase do when he learns that he has a son by the only girl he’s ever loved?

And will Mollie be willing to help Chase put the pieces of his broken life back together again after he broke her heart all those months ago?

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.


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“Hey, nice job,” he said, coming to stand next to me with his helmet cupped under his right arm. I was packing the camera gear into a bag that was sitting on the sideline bleachers and not really paying attention. When I turned at the sound of his voice I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen smiling back at me.

“Uh, thanks,” I managed to say. I tried to return the smile, but honestly, I was so shocked that he was talking to me that I could barely remember my name. I just swallowed hard and went back to packing up the gear.

“Hey, so, are you coming to the game tonight?” he asked. There was an air of hope in his voice. He clutched the helmet to his chest and drummed his fingers against it. He kicked at the grass with the toe of his muddy cleat. “I mean, of course you are, you’re always there, taking pictures.”

I frowned at him for a second, then the smile I’d been too nervous to offer came to my lips. I was the one who took pictures during the home games because the aforementioned staff photographer with mono, a chubby boy named Arnold, was too out of shape to run up and down the sidelines.

I gave him a look of disbelief and said, “You’ve seen me taking pictures from the sidelines?”

He held up a dirty finger, then set the helmet on the ground. With his hands at his face, he mocked taking pictures and stumbling around, doing a pretty accurate impression of me running along the sidelines trying to get good action shots for the yearbook.

He stopped after a minute and bent over with his hands on his knees, pretending to be out of breath. We smiled at each other and I could almost feel the electricity dancing on my skin, like being outside before a thunderstorm.

He poked my arm with a stiff finger and said, “Of course I’ve seen you. You run almost as fast as some of our running backs. I keep telling the coach he should put you on the team.”

I heard myself laugh. God, I sounded like a little kid. I put my hands behind me and bounced on the balls of my feet. I tried to think of something clever to say. I tried to remember how to flirt. Heck, who was I kidding. I’d never flirted a day in my life. I was doing good not to wet myself!

Finally, after a moment of awkward silence, I said, “Well, I need to get this camera gear back to the yearbook office. Mrs. Wiggins will kill me if it gets broken.”

“So you’ll be at the game tonight?” he asked again.

“I will be there,” I said, hefting the heavy camera bag over my shoulder. I found myself grinning at him now. “I assume you’ll be at the game, too?”

“Wouldn’t miss it,” he said. When he smiled his entire face lit up. I suddenly felt dizzy, like his eyes had shot their arrows into my heart. He stuck out a hand and wiggled his fingers at me. “By the way, I’m Chase.”

I put my hand in his and felt his fingers close around it. A tingle went up my arm and spread throughout my body. It was the first time the word “horny” had ever entered my mind.

“I’m Mollie,” I said after clearing my throat.

“I know.” He gave my hand a squeeze and leaned in toward me until the scent of him filled my nostrils. He smelled of grass and sweat and dirt. It was a wonderful scent.


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About the Author

Amy Kyle writes sports romance. She lives in San Jose with her husband and children. She loves to write and puts all magical qualities that exist in pure romance. She loves sharing romantic tales with her readers like you!


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