Book Review: ‘The Virgin and the Firefighter’ by Ava Sterling


Title: The Virgin and the Firefighter

Published: 9th December 2016

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling


After all these years, Liam better be worth the wait.

Being the artsy band nerd in high school, Abby could only watch as her crush, Liam, barely noticed her. The football star hardly looked in her direction. Now in her 20s, the lust didn’t fade. If anything, it’s stronger. Maybe that’s why she’s still a virgin. Maybe that’s why she’s still waiting.

One night, fate thrusts her into Liam’s arms, and she’ll have to see if she has the guts to go for her first time.

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


Another fun hot short read to get stuck into. Good pace throughout and mixed things up a bit in that the main characters didn’t just get down to it straight away, drew the story out a little more. Interesting main characters that worked well together but I also liked Abby’s friend Barrett, seems like a bit of a laugh and might be fun to have a story for him.

So Abby is feeling like she has the biggest sign on her head that just screams, “I’m still a virgin”. She does long to get rid of the dreaded card – or punch a hole in it like her friend Barrett says – but she needs to feel something for the guy first. She is not interested in one-night stands but really (like Barrett correctly guesses) it’s that on some subconscious level she was still waiting for her high school crush Liam. Good job he turns up at their local pub then. I did love Barrett’s not so subtle shove to get her over to talk to him. Landing in his chest is one sure way to make an impression, not that Liam seems to mind one bit from the smile on his face when he sees it’s her.

Liam went from schoolgirl crush to town Adonis with the muscles he has put on from being a firefighter. All Abby can do is stare, try not to drool and control her need to blush. Liam clearly wants to make a connection with her, possibly to start something or have some fun as he knows all about her crush. But when she drops her bombshell “I want you to take my virginity” on him he all but chokes. Note to self-Abby next time don’t ask that when a guy is taking a sip of his drink. Feeling somewhat embarrassed she just wants to turn and run but Liam has other ideas. He comes across as a bit alpha male and domineering which is something Abby is loving to the point of almost saying ‘Yes, Sir’, especially when its directed at her. She might not get her man that night but after the kiss goodnight he gives her you can be sure he is coming round soon.

I liked that the chemistry was domesticated closeness while they eat at her place but soon turns into electric heat when he gets her to her bedroom. Its like they both have an urge to protect and care for the other in every area of life. She may have wanted him in high school but from the wild night he gives her you can be sure she’s glad she waited until they were older, you know he’s got a few more tricks up his sleeve for her. Fun times ahead and that’s just the first night, first of many if my vibe is correct.


5 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.

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