Book Review: ‘Snowy Knights Anthology’ by Romance Rebels Publishing



Title: Snowy Knights Anthology: 10 Suspenseful Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Rescue Stories

Published: 13th December 2016

Publisher: Romance Rebels Publishing

Authors: Lori King / Michel Prince / Amy J Hawthorn / Kayleigh Malcolm / Nicole Morgan / April Zyon / Gracie Meadows / Rose Nickol / Lizabeth Scott / TL Reeve


When the cold hits, only he can warm her…

This December, snuggle up with 10 BRAND NEW romantic rescue stories! From literal heroes in the snow, to the bad boy whose soul is saved by love. These sexy stories will burn up your e-reader while melting your heart.





KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm



WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows

SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol

SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott



What a great selection of hot little stories. Something for everyone here to get the pulses racing and blood pumping when reading about snowy weather. When caught out in bad snowy weather I know I’d call on these men to come to my rescue.


Aubrey, a tiger shifter, is on the run from her psycho ex Alex, a lion shifter, who has held her captive ever since he found out she was pregnant. At the first glimpse of freedom, she was taking it. Even if it meant heading out into a storm with no direction in mind other than to get as far away as possible. She may have gotten further but a car accident causes her to go off road and end up in hospital. But everything has a silver lining it seems as fate put her into the path of a rather dishy doctor.

Quinn, a polar bear shifter, always seemed to prefer to stay in his research lab to being on call. That is until a patient falls into his care that he feels compelled to help and protect. Well the protecting part comes easily to handle, what he can’t seem to get his head around is how he can also be so turned on in her presence. Especially with her being very pregnant – almost ready to pop. With danger on their tails though he needs to get her some place safe. Once she is he can address the pull of attraction they both feel. Being a shifter helps with sensing when another is turned on but they do need to keep their heads in the game as it looks like Alex isn’t going to give her up without a fight. Good job he’s a kick-ass polar bear then isn’t it!


Kelsi kind of lives the life of a hermit out in a cabin near the forest. Being a writer she prefers solitude to all the attention she has been receiving of late – especially from an unwanted fan turned stalker, who may be closer than she thinks. After being dropped off home by her brother she knows a snowstorm is coming in so plans to just hunker down for the next few days. What she doesn’t expect is a total stranger to crash into her electricity pole at the end of her drive. Then end up having to carry said unconscious man back up to her house. If she thought that was the strangest thing to happen that week she was in for a shock when he wakes up.

Jace has no memory as to how he got to Kelsi’s house let alone state, as it appears he crossed it. After finding out that his truck is totalled he knows he is isolated with Kelsi. It’s funny how they both seemed to want to confirm that the other wasn’t going to be a danger to the other. The only danger first off is the sexual tension slowly building. With the power going out you know they will have to think up some other ways to stay warm – fun ways that is. But the little matter of how he got there is still front and centre as a problem for both of them and with Kelsi being a writer she needs to know the story. When strangers turn up though she may be wishing otherwise.


Kelly finds herself in a bit of a pickle when turning on the news after she gets home from work. It seems that some diamonds were taken from the store. She knows she didn’t do anything wrong but an uneasy feeling comes over her when she looks into her bag. Her feeling was right as it seems the diamonds are inside, put there by another member of staff. Thinking she can just return them quickly and that the whole mess can be dealt with swiftly she doesn’t expect the real person who took them to blame her before she has the chance to explain. Panicking she leaves to head straight home. Only trouble with this is that the storm has come on quicker than she thought and a bit of ice is all it takes to get her car to nose dive into the stream by her place. Go job a nosey dog called Jasper finds her and brings along someone to pull her to safety – a past love it seems.

With the storm brewing all Jake wants to do is stay inside to keep warm but with having two dogs he knows they will need to go out at some point. Good job too really as Jasper is the one that finds Kelly’s car upside down in the stream. Jake’s heart is in his mouth when he sees that someone is trapped inside. More so after he gets her out and realises that he knows her. Getting her out of the car was one thing but when she insists he return for her bag he knows something’s not right. His childhood romance is in front of him again but he can tell she is hiding something. He knows she’s in trouble and is willing her to trust him to help. Being so close together after so much time apart the chemistry soon comes crashing back around them. When the power goes out a bed by the fire seems the only way to warm up, well among other ways they soon start to discover. She needs to open up soon though as the little matter of him being a cop could get her in deeper trouble if he finds out by himself.

KISS OF ICE by Kayleigh Malcolm

Alice’s day doesn’t start well with falling down an ice sheet into a seemingly never-ending black hole. Seems her luck is in though – or maybe someone was looking out for her – as she lands on a shelf. Never one to panic, well not straight away, she knows she needs to come up with a plan of how to escape. Going back up doesn’t seem much of an option with how bad her side and arm hurt from the fall so she decides to walk around to see if there is another way out. While looking she stumbles across something – or rather someone – she didn’t expect. A man frozen in a wall of ice, one who doesn’t stay frozen for long it seems. It may seem by chance that she fell there but I think fate had a bigger hand in it, that or the gods.

Erik is immortal and one of Odin’s warriors, though after so much war he grew tired of the fighting and decided to pursue a more baser male instinct, one that got him in trouble. He had a curse put onto him by a witch, one where if he touches someone they will turn to ice and freeze to death. His hope was that he could keep himself frozen until the witch that cast the spell died, thinking that would break it. Things don’t quite go to plan though as it seems he has woken up early by the last person he thought would come – his forever mate. Seems fate has a twisted sense of humour with them not being able to touch. Well that is until Alice finds a loophole when they stumble upon a hot pool within the cavern walls. It may be a hot pool but they seem to be able to make it scorching. But they can’t stay in there forever, no matter how much they want too, and with the witch still lurking there is no telling when she might return and what danger she might bring. Thor the god of thunder might approve of their romance but the witch who cursed him not so much.


Some women will do anything to get the attention of their ex’s. Even going out in the middle of a blizzard so they would be forced to rescue them. Lori just can’t accept that her relationship with Kevin is over. She knows she hasn’t taken it well and decides that she will do one last-ditch attempt to get him back. She wanted to show him how much she had grown up but after getting stuck on the road to her families cabin and having to walk the rest of the way I think she may want to rethink that.

When a bad storm hits Kevin and his crew are all too aware of the dangers that the snow can bring, so when a call comes in that a car was spotted going out in it they know trouble is close. His heart is in his mouth though when he finds out that its Lori’s. Knowing where she is heading he can’t get there fast enough and it seems in just the nick of time as she hadn’t made it to the door. Getting her inside and warm is the only thing on his mind. He knows he can wait to give her hell for putting herself in danger when she wakes. The cabin may get warm but body heat is so much better, something that neither seems to mind much. Seems miscommunication is the main cause of trouble for these two but as the storm blows outside you’re hoping that they will help each other melt inside. Hauled up for days with the one you love, its all either really wanted.


Alaska is going on holiday to her namesake place with her family. After her divorce she feels the need for a break from everything, especially men. On route though her car swerves off the road and nosedives down the side of a cliff. At this moment you might think she would have her life flash before he eyes but the only thing she was thinking about before, and then during, was Drake. Her man-crush from afar, an Olympic Skier and head of a Search and Rescue crew. Good thing too really as it’s his crew that comes to her rescue after her hire car alerts them. Though there is one final thing from his list she doesn’t know straight away and that’s that he is also a polar bear shifter. So you can see why he would like winter sports.

Drake is not only the head of the Search and Rescue team but also their alpha. When a call comes in he gets them to work straight away. They may seem like a bit of a rowdy bunch that seem to think humans are a bit stupid for travelling in bad weather but when he reminds them that they came there for a reason. Also that the woman they need to rescue could be a mate for one of them. Seems Drake was right about the whole mate part but he just didn’t expect her to be his. This would be great news if she weren’t in a car on the side of a cliff with her chances of falling getting ever closer. Seems his bear is getting closer to the surface with her being in danger and the man needs to pull him back if he is going to get her out alive. Though that is only the start of their problems. Aside from the fact he has to try to explain to her what he really is, who she is to him and get her to stay with him because I really don’t think his bear could take it if she left. It seems foul play is afoot and when you find out by whom by you just want to step into the book and slap/punch them silly for it. Good job her mate can keep her safe from now on. Side note I think a name swap happened a couple of times with one of the other crew/bear members.

WINTER’S STORM by Gracie Meadows

When a smarmy guy Travis starts to hit on Winter her only hope to get him to go away is to use the line “I’m waiting for my boyfriend” and hope someone new comes in the bar. So it’s a good job Jay does. When she goes up and begs him to kiss her to help her out he reluctantly agrees if she buys him beer and food. Though deep down you know he wanted too really because holy hell what a hot kiss it was, one that leads to some ever hotter loving later that night. Almost to the point she can’t see straight let alone walk straight. She knows a connection was formed even if they started rushed and has every intention of meeting up with him again. Skip to next day though and they both get a bit of a shock when they find themselves in the same meeting. Seems Jay thinks she played him for her fathers deal on his land. Nope you moron she’s not like that and if you stayed around long enough you would have found out. But no he can’t get away from her fast enough, turning himself into a bit of a recluse in the process.

Skip forward two years and you find out her family disowned her and she’s living in his aunts cabin – not that she knows it straight away. Can you guess the surprise he gets when he comes to help her with firewood? It’s not just her face that’s the shocker. Years have passed but their passion for each other remains front and centre bubbling just below the surface. They just need to talk about how they got to where they are if they ever want to go forward.

SNOW ANGEL by Rose Nickol

Bryce and his brother Hugh have a tricky job when the snow starts to fall; they are the ones called if its feared someone is stuck out in it. An abandoned car is found and they need to act quickly to be able to get to the person, wherever they may be. Good job they came when they did as Kasey wouldn’t have lasted much longer. As soon as they have her safely back at their place they have to slowly warm her up and figure out who she is with her being unconscious. Bryce seems to take an interest in her straight away. The need to protect her from then on out is front and centre. Which is good as his brother knows he needs a little happiness after the death of his wife Lucy three years before. But before he lets his brother get too attached they need to figure out what drove her to set out in such bad weather in the first place and whether trouble is following her.

Kasey is running from her stepfather who has turned into a mean drunk and starting to expect a bit too much from her in exchange for paying for her mothers care. She feared for her life so ran but knows he won’t be far behind. After only a few short days of recovery she grows to care for Bryce and longs to trust that he can keep her safe from her stepfather. When he says he would also take care of her mother she can hardly believe it. Especially when it looks like her stepfather is not going to go away quietly. Is she changing one set of chains for another though or can she trust Bryce enough to take care of them all? Well he does take care of her in the bedroom but how about the heart? 

SNOW-KISSED by Lizabeth Scott

Reed is an only daughter with four brothers who all work for their fathers renovation company. Being an only daughter growing up with four brothers meant she really didn’t get to do many girly things – her brothers seemed determined to make her one of them. I don’t think she regrets it at first but after a handsome stranger starts to point a few things out its gets her thinking. She gets sent out on a new job by her father to meet with Mason about working on his parents cabin out in the woods a plane ride away. Shame they get snow in though – or maybe not as they sure find some fun ways to warm up.

Mason can’t believe his luck when he gets snowed in with Reed as being in her presence is driving him insane with want. Its everything about her that seems to draw him in but he doesn’t do relationships and isn’t completely sure she would be ok with just hooking up while they are stuck. Seems the longer in his presence though the more she does grow to want him. They go in eyes open about having a start and end date as neither really do relationships. It’s a shame emotions get in the way though. They both fall all in but aren’t strong enough to take what’s in front of them when the end date comes round. Well more Mason really but he just needs a few cold lonely nights to kick his ass into gear to go get his girl. Oh the fun you can have in the snow! 


Amity is on the run from her abusive ex Javier. When a moment of freedom presented itself she took it thinking she could get away clean. When on route to a town a few states over she knows she needs to get off the road with the storm and snow coming in. Shame a car comes in close from behind and ends up pushing her off the road – seems Javier is never that far behind.

Lance, the sheriff and alpha wolf, gets a call about a car going off the road so goes to investigate. Good thing too really as Javier has a gun to her head at the time. Making a final threat he vanishes without a trace leaving Amity on the ground. One sniff and he can tell she’s his mate but with her injuries and psycho ex on the loose romance may have to take a back seat. Found it a bit strange that a pack of wolves, some good trackers, not being able to find Javier before it was almost too late. There has to be something about him though to be so shifty. When Amity gets put in harms way again a bite to save her may have to come to play when all other options are taken away. Lets hope she likes things a bit furry.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Romance Rebels Publishing for my honest review

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