Book Review: ‘Bear for Christmas’ by Amy Lamont

Title: Bear for Christmas: Kodiak Den #4 (Alaskan Den Men Book 15)

Published: 13th December 2016

Publisher: Productive Ink Media

Author: Amy Lamont


Twitter: @Amy_Lamont


Shy and introverted Ivy Quinn has psychic abilities she’s only beginning to understand. Sheltered by her father most of her life, she never questioned his use of her skills to further his business interests. But when she finally realizes exactly how he wants to exploit her abilities, she has no choice but to run.

Out from under her father’s thumb, Ivy’s self-confidence grows along with her psychic gifts. She uses them to stay one step ahead of everyone her father sends to hunt her—everyone except the sexy bear shifter who is relentless in his pursuit. But now that she knows the truth about her father’s plans, the last thing she wants to do is go home for the holidays. No matter how hot the werebear tracking her might be, she’s determined to evade him. Even if the rugged shifter is making her wish for something she can never have.

Bounty hunter Cole Jackson is a legendary predator, even among werebears. His talents make him the perfect choice to head up the bond enforcement division of Ursus Security Solutions. But when Ivy’s file lands on his desk, he takes one look at her and thinks Christmas just came early. She might just be the fugitive he wants to capture and keep for himself. Can Cole keep Ivy safe and help all her Christmas wishes come true?

SURPRISE! During the holiday season only, when you download Bear for Christmas, you get Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1) included as my gift to you!


Goes down as the first off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a bear on the cover. Though really it’s the man behind the bear that you really want to be looking at.

Ivy has been on the run from her father – and the men he’s sent after her – for a month. Since a child she has had premonitions and thought her father only kept her sheltered out of love and to protect her from harm. When a new gift started to appear she got a wake up call to what her life was really like and what her father’s plans for her really were. She now has the ability to go into someone’s mind and read the thoughts and emotions within. Taking a look into her fathers didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped. It appears that from the moment he found put she had the gift of premonition he has been using her as a science experiment he could make money from. The government would see her as a highly sort after commodity, one that would create a lot of money for her father. Not wanting to be there a moment longer she ran. She may be able to outsmart the men he sent after her with her gifts but when the man from her dreams appears within a premonition she has to wonder if she really wants to outrun him.

Cole is a bear shifter, one hired to track her down for her father. His company has been used as a last resort due to the lack of results from the others searching for her. At first he can’t see a reason to take the case on himself and plans to pass it along to a colleague. That all changes after he takes a look at the picture of the woman who is missing. One look and his bear charges right to the surface, to the point of causing a shift. Seems his bear and him are agreement that she’s their mate. He knows that he’s the only person who will find her – tracking is his thing. Something about the file on her doesn’t quite fit for him though. After she gives him a bit of a run around he comes home to regroup. Seems fate likes to play a hand in this little cat and mouse game as who just happens to be sitting at his local dinner, none other than Ivy. Perhaps if he figures out what is really going on he can keep her, something his bear is dying to do.

Ivy senses him before she sees him and for but a moment wants to believe in knights and fairytales and live in the moment with her dream man. At a loss as to where to stay, no hotels close by, he offers his place due to the snow coming in fast. With heavy snow they will be blocked in but it also means the others after her can’t get close either. Seems she likes that he is giving her a few firsts. First date, first bear shifter she’s met and if she plays her cards right first kiss. It just takes one to kick start a fun lot of firsts (then first seconds, thirds and so on) but when a premonition kicks in and shows her a future she wishes were false her romantic bubble might just burst. She must never forget that danger from her father is just a step away. Well that is unless Cole can get is furry butt in order and get her out of it.

Two books in one which was cool but I would have liked it to be a bit longer and for Cole to ‘bear out’ protecting Ivy in some way or another. Didn’t feel too much like a shifter read more just a heated snowed in romance. They sure found some fun ways to warm up while it was cold outside.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.

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