Book Review: ‘Winters Rising’ by Shannyn Leah


Title: Winters Rising (Spicy Edition) (Lexcon Tim Travel, The Winters Book 1)

Published: 25th October 2016

Publisher: Carlex Ruby Press

Author: Shannyn Leah


Twitter: @ShannynLeah


Brea was born a Second, a lowly class of people in the Lexcon society. But she also bore the birthmark that destined her to marry a Gatekeeper, the “superheroes” of their world. Some called her destiny a great privilege. She called it doomed to a cage with no key.

Gatekeepers were born and raised to ensure time remained untainted and unchanged, but Brea saw them as overlords who looked down on her kind… on Seconds.

Forced to marry Gatekeeper Jax Winters, Brea vows not to complete the ritual bonding with him until she can talk with council about how Seconds are treated. She plans to use her newfound status to help the plight of those born like her.

But she never dreams of the twist her life will take, moving her into a higher position than she’d ever dreamed. Will she and Jax always be at odds, or will their hearts bond together as their souls already have? Will Brea change the future of Lexcon, or will she be forever doomed to live life in the dark?

Winters Rising
Winters Rebellion (2017)
Winter Resplendence (2017)


Loved this story right from the start. Has such an intricate storyline, with multiple players pulling the story along. You know change is coming right from the start and are just waiting to see how everything plays out. You are also waiting to see if your theories about who Brea really is are correct.

Lexcon is a world of classes and those that would wish to control everything, including time itself. You have the Elders and those in charge on the Council who you really don’t want calling on you as they can bring trouble. You have the Gatekeepers who are in control of all timeline disruptions. Each prominent family has three children who will become the families Gatekeepers. The firstborn is always the Key Keeper and their future children will be the next Gatekeepers. Unless of course something happens to them and then the role would go to the second born and then so on if something happens to them. In the Winters families case the first-born is Jax, the second born is Declan who has the ability to heal others and the last-born is Gabrielle who has the visions. She sees when a timeline has been changed. This could be done by one of two people. A Rouge, someone who deliberately tries to change something, or a Drifter who falls through a time rip without meaning too. These changes in timelines are what the Gatekeepers need to fix. When they time rip they go into someone else’s body, completely embracing them, and only they can see each other as they really are. The Seconds are looked down upon by the Gatekeepers, thought of as a lower class. Which is ironic, as Gatekeepers children will bond with one if they show the matching tattoo mark. You also have the Unborns. These are the babies born, or in this case unborn, of Gatekeepers who conceive without being bonded and married yet. It is told that these women who conceive will not survive the birth and neither will the baby but nothing is ever quite as it seems.

When your future has been planned for you from the moment of birth you can’t run from it, no matter how much you wish you could. Brea finds herself in a life she wouldn’t have chosen but one she can’t change, all due to a damn tattoo on her neck. Not just any mark but a matching tattoo that means she is the other half of the Winters Key Keeper Jax. Now married she finds she still holds some power over her future. It seems that once married the pair need to bond with each other by simultaneously touching each other’s tattoos. Once done they will then be connected on a much deeper level, right down to their souls. No matter how tempting Jax might be – morning sunshine hitting his naked chest in bed aside – she will not fold until she gets what she wants. She was a Second before she married and she knows the troubles they face and how they are looked down upon. She plans to change things somehow but her first task is more of a personal one, one to a tattoo parlour so hers can be tweaked. Would have worked out fine if Jax hadn’t shown up just in the nick of time. Love the underlying passion that comes off her and Jax when he gets there. One touch on her mark, the slightest graze of his finger, and she almost folds but a bond can’t happen unless both touch. He may be tempting but she knows nothing of him and until he starts sharing the wall between them will only grow higher.

Jax seems to be under the impression that Brea should be pleased she’s married to him and is getting just as frustrated as his family are that they haven’t bonded. Well that and he’s finding it harder everyday to keep his hands off her, the pull is just too strong. The only way he can get Brea to see what he does as something worthwhile is to take her with him. Going by themselves the first few times leads to some very hot passion in the sun and under a waterfall. Seems a little alone time is just what they needed to connect but calm waters aren’t what follows for them or time itself. His personal problems are one thing but it appears that they soon have bigger fish to fry when someone messes with a timeline trying to kill a baby. Jax and his two siblings must time rip to stop it. This is what kick starts an adventure none of them saw coming. Seems there are bigger players at work trying to manipulate the past so it can change the future of Lexcon and the world as they see it. Secrets and lies get revealed and its up to Jax, Gabrielle, Declan, and Brea to set things right. Only together can they fight what’s coming, whether they really want to or not.

There are moments when I wanted to smack Jax over the head for how thoughtless he could be, also a bit with his siblings and parents. You can clearly see with their upbringing they have no clue what Seconds really think or how they are viewed. Love the pirate scene when Jax and Brea time rip though and I’m sure she did too, but not as much as when they are under that waterfall. Talk about needing to cool down after getting so hot. Steamy connection with Jax and Brea once they both let their walls down but the battle for time has only just begun. Can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. Time is of the essence it seems and for some it might be running out if the Rouges have their way.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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