Book Review: ‘Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance’ edited by Torrance Sené


Title: Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance

Published: 16th January 2017

Publisher: A Sexy Little Pages Production

Authors: Sonni de Soto  / Piper Denna  / Torrance Sené  / Charlotte French  / Bronwyn Green  / Leandra Vane  / Mira Stanley  / Jordan Monroe  / H K Carlton  / Jillian Boyd


Ten stories of temptation, romance, and blasphemy featuring Sonni de Soto, Piper Denna, Torrance Sené, Charlotte French, Bronwyn Green, Leandra Vane, Mira Stanley, Jordan Monroe, H K Carlton, and Jillian Boyd.

Not even men of the cloth are exempt from God’s greatest gift: Love. In Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance, you’ll find stories of clergymen stepping outside their vows, pastors weaving divinity into their seductions, nuns and parishioners confessing to their body’s every earthly desire, and more.

Are you aroused by the blasphemous dance of sex and religion? The dangerous edge of eroticism contained within submission to something beyond oneself? The taboo juxtaposition of holy and sensual? Then Sacred and Profane welcomes you.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A collection of anthologies. Well this is a bit of a naughty, taboo collection of some rather hot priests who are tempted by love as well as lust.


Father Nicholas Bailey has been feeling lost. One day got too much for him and instead of just going for a walk, like his brothers would expect him to, he found himself somewhere he wouldn’t have thought. A secret door that leads into the club Donovan’s, a club that caters to a select few with certain needs. His need and want to return is something he can’t quite understand – well not right away. A room like a chapel that should grieve him with its inaccuracies but instead brings him peace. As does the female priest Solomon. As he enters, first as always, he knees to pray. Waiting for the rest of the congregation and Solomon to enter. Just the click of her heels is enough to make his pulse race. She gets her followers to confess their sins out loud to the rest of the congregation but it’s her penance she gives them that might give pause. Three Hail Mary’s aren’t just words for her, they involve the sting of her hand. The fear of being found out is ever present in his mind but the need to come back is stronger. He needs it and it looks like Solomon can see it too. People go there to be saved, to feel connected to others and he might soon realise that it’s the reason he goes there too.


Junior Pastor Luke in training hasn’t quite got his urges in order when it comes to a certain member of his parish. One look at her body and its all he can do to keep his hard on hidden. So having her bend over in front of him while helping with the women’s group isn’t good for him at all. He thinks a work out to keep out of their way will be best but when he gets up all sweaty he finds the person of his fantasies staring back. Seems Shasta is having a crisis and needs his help to talk things through. Her husband is in prison again, this time for longer, and she feels she can’t cope with being alone again. Though mainly she doesn’t want to have to continue taking care of things herself in the bedroom department. She also drops the bombshell that her husband issued divorce papers so she wants to know the best course of action – to well – get some action without feeling like she’s condemning herself. Seems she has her eye set on him and its a temptation he might not be able to deny when a brush of a hand leads to a kiss and then her really finding out how much he wants her. He asks her to think on her decision, as will he but whose resolve will crack first. Seems she’s more than willing to take his v-card and turns out he’s just a little bit filthy with that mouth of his (picked up a few things from porn it seems!). She is definitely his undoing but I think he’s hers too. A little bit of spice is always fun.


Abby is Father Gavin’s greatest temptation. Her red hair draws him close but her emerald eyes draw him in. While at an event to raise money for the youth group he can see she is troubled so he takes her somewhere quieter to talk. Seems what she has to confess needs to be somewhere they can be alone and not overheard. She has sins she needs to confess but not in the usual way. She feels most connected to the Lord and others, especially Father Gavin, when she is on her knees. Seems with her being there its bringing up all sorts of wicked thoughts for him. Some he’s used to help relieve himself in private. When she explains how she wishes to submit to feel cleansed you can almost feel both their needs bubble to the surface until she gets spooked away. Gavin on the other hand can’t leave it there so goes to her days later. He may not know exactly what she wants but he is willing to learn. She needs cleansing from the Lord and he is more than willing to be the human vessel to see it done. Ultimate Dom reference is interesting and you can see quite quickly how Gavin falls into the role with ease. Made for it really. Abby needs punishment to be cleansed but she knows she will always get a reward if she handles it well.


After the funeral of Father Brennan, Seamus has had the role passed along to him. The last peace of advice Father Brennan gave him was something he didn’t quite understand. A simple letter with: ‘Even priests need absolution’ written on it along with a rusty key. To say he was a bit confused would be putting it mildly. He has little time to mourn the Father though when his congregation needs him. He can cope with the christenings, prayers and sermons fine but it’s the confessions that are starting to burden him. Months after months of them and he almost feels like he’s lost in them and aged years. Its not till he gets a visit from Father Milton that he gets some help and answers – well to a point. See he knows all about the key and where he might find his absolution. Down in the crypt Seamus goes and when he unlocks the door he gets quite the shock by what or rather who he finds – Eve. She is there to help absolve him of all the sins of others. One kiss and he feels lighter, so light he can’t hold back from her calming embrace, things soon get a little spicy. Its not until he leaves that he starts to question who and what she really is. How can he go forward with his job if he has thoughts of her? He can stay away but you know the burden of others will soon bring him down again. She will always be waiting though ready to absolve him.


When Pru goes to confession due to Busia – her grandmother – asking her to she gets more than she bargained for. Seems she knows the new priest very well, not that she realises straight away, unlike him. While she’s trying to figure out how many sins she may or may not have broken she can’t seem to focus due to the deep voice behind the screen. When he calls her Prudie she almost turns tail and runs. The only person who ever called her that was her old boyfriend Thomas when she was a teenager. The one who took her virginity and broke her heart. Seems distance has made the heart want what it had before. Well maybe more lust from the heated looks they give each other at first. She knows she should give him an out but when she says ‘Does this mean I can expect you to bust out the wooden paddle?’ To which he answers ‘Only if you ask me nicely’ she almost loses all reason and can think of nothing but to say he should. You can actually see his resolve snap. Shame he doesn’t have a paddle but she’s more than happy with his belt. He sure finds a way to make her atonement for her sin but its what happens afterwards that’s fun. Talk about sinfully sexy behaviour in a holy place! Heated wicked fun but where does it leave them. Fifteen years have passed since they were together and you can see they don’t want to let the other go now. Chemistry is there in spades and I loved their connection. Lets see if they can keep it going for more fun to continue.


Morgan, who likes to look and act a bit like a dominatrix, comes to church once in a blue moon to appease her mother. With Pastor Buchanan being new she knows her appearance will draw him to her. When he asks if she wants to talk he gets a bit more than he bargained for when he asks what she does for a living. She certainly knows how to shock by coming out with that she sells fetish videos of herself online. John doesn’t quite know where to look after this but you can see a connection has been formed. The sinner and the saint it would seem. He wants her close so asks her to return to church again. She knows he likes her or she wouldn’t be able to get away with the chaos she brings with her personality in the weeks that follow. Which is good when she confronts him on it, as she likes him too. Seems they are both willing to try things her way and in the most unlikely place too. Along with a choice selection of toys to play with they learn that after punishment pleasure always follows. Seems they need each other to give themselves some balance. John might be nervous at first but when it comes to pleasure for her he is certainly a quick learner. Liked his line ‘Can you believe we might be really good for each other?’


Assistant Pastor is not your average one. He might have lived the life for fourteen years but for a different reason than you would think. He never thought his path would change again but the moment he heard a story off a convict who insisted he was innocent he knew it would. The man in question was tried for killing a woman but he knows it was her husband and that the daughter saw it happen. To make sure she never told the truth he through her in a ditch full of garter snakes saying next time it would be rattle. The trauma of it kept her quite from then on. A chance meeting at a town away from his parish and he is face to face with Mary Beth. One look and he knows he is going to save her, make her his and make her father pay. From the look on her face she wouldn’t say no. He doesn’t look like the average pastor in leathers with a motorbike. Aleksei aka the Assistant Pastor needs a few days to put his plan into action but once done he wastes no time in getting his girl. He’s the kind of man that once he plans something he sees it through and gets what he wants. He plans to get her somewhere safe away from her father and give her everything she could ever want. He’s going to give her lots of firsts, firsts that she’s more than willing to give him too. When they are safe though they might want to turn their attention to the innocent man in jail.


Father Michael gets a bit of a shock – or that might be a treat – when one of his younger parishioners takes confession. He knows who it is the moment she speaks which just intrigues him more. Claire starts off with a couple small confessions before leading up to the big one – that she’s been having lustful thoughts of the new younger priest, him. Not that she knows for sure it’s him she is confessing to at first. From his reaction he knows he’s tempted but wants to try to hold strong. Thoughts of her are hard to ignore when she is at the church a lot due to being in the choir. His past way of life is starting to tempt him again and a toy he kept from it may come in handy. He thinks to keep it in his desk knowing it’s close to see if his strength of will to not use it is good enough. Yeah well not that strong it would seem. When he has her alone the tension between them is too much and things soon get heated. They definitely succumb to each other and if I’m thinking correctly it won’t be a one-time thing.


Daunte being a priest now lives off the memory of his first and only time he had sex before he went in seminary to become a priest. He has a lascivious imagination when it comes to that night and Camillah has never been far from his mind since. Years’ later he is called to take up the role of priest in his old hometown meaning the chance of bumping into her is high. Well it’s her mother first and when she asks for his help he’s not sure what he should do. Camillah is dancing at a club called Sin Bin and she thinks the only one to be able to get through to her is him. At first he says no but the temptation of seeing her again, if only on the stage at a distance, pulls him in. Always going in disguise he returns week after week getting ever closer to the stage as her teasing dances draw to him. Seems her latest one makes him snap as he asks for a private room with her. Something she doesn’t do but there’s something about him that makes her want to. He could make her forget about the man who stole her heart years before. This man never wants her to look too closely though, always in the dark. What starts out subtle soon turns into something hot in the weeks that follow. Seems something is going to give her side when she figures out whom he really is. A secret could either bring them closer together or tear them further apart. Seems she was falling for him again long before she knew whom he really was. I have a sneaky suspicion that her subconscious always knew. Hot bit of fun in the club that will lead to some heated nights in the bedroom. Seems there was a reason he was brought back home.


Seems trying to hide half of yourself doesn’t work. Even if others may have made you feel like that half was wrong. Sister Josephine is feeling troubled and lost ever since Campbell Morgan left. Tensions run high at a church picnic between him and the Mother Superior but that may have something to do with the fact he was the priest of their parish up until a few months ago. She knows something is going on between them and that there must be a reason why he left but is feeling angry with him so won’t really come out and ask either of them. Tensions and chemistry can be seen to spark between Josephine and Campbell but with watchful eyes it gets too much so she hides. It’s when she is trying to find solace that Sister Anna comes to lend an ear. Seems she is a good person to talk too as she gets Josephine to explain what went on. She may be a bit shocked by the answer but she can see how desperate both her and Campbell are to talk to each other so insists she wait in the confession booth. Seems Campbell wants to confess to Josephine how much he has missed her, along with his own lustful thoughts. One night together being true to their natures wasn’t enough. They need to learn to stop running from them. He is a Dom and she longs to kneel and submit, both wanting it to be at his feet. He may have hurt her but it was consensual and something they both long to do again. A connection formed in an unlikely place but they are soon learning how to move forward with it and each other. Lets just say that they find a very interesting way to have some fun in that confessions booth.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the editor for my honest review.

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