Book Review: ‘One Magic Kiss’ by Holly Cortelyou


Title: One Magic Kiss: A Timber Falls Valentine’s Tale

Published: 24th January 2017

Author: Holly Cortelyou


Twitter: @hollycortelyou

Pinterest: /hollycortelyou


What happens when a matchmaking witch sets her sights on pairing up a love-burned bartender and the adorable new librarian in town? Can she get them to share one perfect kiss before midnight strikes on Valentine’s? Welcome to Timber Falls…where small town romance is sweet with a kiss of heat and a little twist of magic!

One kiss by midnight…

With a hopping downtown bar and launching a whole new career adventure, Jake Sterling is much too busy for romance. Besides, he’s already had his heart broken by a cheating ex, so why would he take a chance on love now? But one spilled drink, a perfect lemon cake, and Cara Winslet’s sparkling eyes, might be the very things to change his mind.

Cara Winslet should’ve been on top of the world with a dream job in a lovely Oregon hamlet…but she’s in a love slump. Between getting stood up at a bar and some crazy texts from an ex, why would she even look twice at the sexy, soulful bar owner, Jake?

Can a sprinkling of faerie love dust bring these Valentine hearts together?


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by an author new to you.

Violet Greenlow is a witch who owns the bakery and she just loves being a bit of a matchmaker. A sprinkle of magic here and there to make people a bit kinder and more loving over Valentine’s weekend is her plan. She never takes away free will but gives people a little push in the right direction when needed. Something she has been trying to do with town bachelor Jake Sterling ever since his ex ran off with his best friend. He has always been a hard one to get through to but the new librarian seems like the perfect person. Especially with the small spark she sees between them when they almost bump into each other in her bakery. A slice of her ‘special’ lemon cake is all it takes but for the magic to take hold they will need to kiss by end of day Valentine’s Day. One magic kiss indeed but from the looks they give each other you know it won’t be long if the fates have anything to do with it.

Cara is new to town, down on her luck in the romance department and feeling a bit lonely. Having made plans with new friend to meet at the Crazy Pepper Bar to have a Valentine’s Day sucks kind of cocktail evening the night before the big day things change when she doesn’t turn up. The nights not a complete disaster though as the barman who serves her happens to be the sexy guy from the bakery she saw earlier. Her night might be looking up with the flirty banter that, for once, seems to come easily with how carefree they talk all night.

Jake seems to be intrigued with Cara from the moment they met, something he’s not been used to for a while. He keeps getting drawn back to her and wants to make sure she is ok. For once he’s not thinking about the past and is starting to look forward. It seems Cara is in his sights from then on. The pull from each other when close is seen a mile off and the need to kiss gets stronger the longer they are in each other’s presence. If everyone would stop messing with their ‘almost’ moments it would be great. One magic kiss indeed is needed and sharpish I say as the clock is ticking on this magic. With music playing only they can hear magic is definitely in the air and it seems this time Violet might have got it right for Jake. Cara might finally get a man for keeps on this magical Valentines if Violet has anything to do with it.

Fun characters that you warmed to quickly. It would be fun to see them further down the line to see what they get up to next. Good bit of writing that was easy to chill out reading to on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Did make me want a piece of lemon cake though, yum my favourite.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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