Book Review: ‘Meant For You’ by Lili Valente


Title: Meant for You: A Sexy Flirty Dirty Standalone Romance

Published: 14th February 2017

Publisher: Self Taught Ninja

Author: Lili Valente



What if there was one man—one gorgeous, brilliant, sexy as hell man—who was meant for you?

Yeah, well, there isn’t. Love is a hard slog up a snowy mountain infested with rabid cougars, and meant-to-be love is just a lie. I learned that the hard way when all my romantic dreams went up in smoke, and the boy I loved walked away without looking back.

Or so I thought…


Seven years ago Fate ripped me away from the only girl I’ve ever loved. Now Addie and I are snowed in at a romantic mountain lodge, drinking cocoa around the Valentine’s Day tree, and there’s no way I’m going to let her slip away from me again.

One way or another, I’ll prove to Adeline that we belong together.

She might not believe in love, but I do, and I’m going to use every sexy, wicked weapon at my disposal to convince my girl we’re meant to be.

The best part of trying to win the one who got away? I know exactly what makes her laugh, what makes her melt, and what makes her squirm…

MEANT FOR YOU is a sexy, swoony, true love conquers all Standalone romantic comedy.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – The forth book in a series. The amazing series called ‘A Sexy Dirty Flirty’ Magnificent Bastard one. They are standalones that link together to create a great series with each book as great as the last. This Valentine’s Day weekend is going to be one that none of them are going to forget.

Nate (aka P.D pretty devil) and Adeline (aka Einstein) both read a book ‘The Devil You Need’ as teens and fate brought them together because of that fact. It seems fate always has a way of bringing things and people full circle, back to where they are meant to be. I love the cross over from the past and present and how everything had a purpose even back when they were younger with linking back to present day.

So we found out in ‘Incredible You’ that Nate is the new guy with MBC as the gentleman. His current job is to play the part of Eduardo’s younger boyfriend at a Valentine’s weekend event due to his ex husband trying to screw him over. Eduardo explains that they don’t need to be overly affectionate in public as long as they look lovingly into each others eyes all the time. It should do the trick to make his ex jealous enough to have him grovelling. He has every intention of making it believable as Eduardo is a really nice man but when the girl he loved from his past turns up he doesn’t quite know what to do. All he knows is that he needs a chance to explain about what really happen.

Snowed in for a Valentine’s weekend event with the boy who broke your heart that happens to have turned into a heartthrob man doesn’t seem too appealing. Especially when he is there with another man he’s meant to be madly in love with. With his heated looks and the need to be close to her though she would think she was seeing things. When he finally has her trapped alone with him – well lying on top of her in a bed of snow after being thrown – he tries to explain what happen all those years before and what’s going on now. He may be talking but all she can think about is his lips. Good thing too really as it’s not long before they are on her. One kiss and everything from the past comes rushing to the surface. A need like no other is front and centre but now she feels horrible for him cheating. Well until she takes some time to think things through about what he might actually be doing. She may feel a bit stupid at first but its not long before he distracts her in some very hot ways. The moment he wants her naked though she panics and runs. Seems she has been holding onto a secret and the fear of him finding out makes her run. Really though its that she just doesn’t want to have to face it again. However running away leads her straight into danger – which if I’m being honest seems to follow them around a bit. Especially with when, or more specially where, he finds her and how it links to something that happened years before. Your mind will be like ‘what the hell!’ when you get to it but its very cleverly done.

There are ghostly presents throughout that seem to follow Nate and Adeline wherever they go. They can’t be too freaked out as their love for all things paranormal and strange are what got them together in the first place. Chemistry is undeniable between them even after seven years. Heartache and hurt on both sides but more for Adeline. When you find out everything she went through you just want to give her a hug. Note to self though never go into the woods with these two, just saying you never know what might happen lol.

There are no coincidences in this book, everything happens for a reason. So when Adeline starts talking to the ‘Pervert in Paris’ if it takes you more than a few minutes to figure out who he really is then you are not paying enough attention. I love that you got to check in with Shane throughout the book even if it was only by her texts. Brilliantly funny in places, love her. Eduardo was just lovely and clearly happy to see a happy ending for others after he gets one himself. Think this turned out to be the best Valentines Day weekend any of them had ever had.


5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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