Book Review: ‘Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume Three’ by Eme Strife


Title: Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume Three

Published: 5th December 2014

Publisher: (Eme)nded Publishing

Author: Eme Strife


Twitter: @emestrife


Two very different people.
One scandalous proposition.
Endless possibilities…


My feet are immediately frozen in place, almost as if they’ve been physically cemented to the floor. My legs feel foreign, like a pair of oversized ice blocks, their weight suddenly too heavy for the rest of my body.

A surge of ice shoots through them and flares throughout the rest of my body, making an especially notable impact as it slithers through my spine, and I know it’s not because of the onslaught of cold wind now blowing over me.

Icy blue eyes keep me paralyzed and mute for several moments, and I swear my voice just left with the last gust of wind that came my way.

I feel my eyelids stretching themselves to the point of discomfort in an effort to accommodate the quickly-widening eyeballs within them. I’m even unable to blink as I behold the tall, imposing man standing at my grandmother’s doorstep.


This is the third book in this series.

Rated 17+
This series contains mature and adult content (nudity, graphic sex, and strong language). Because of its explicit nature, it is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.


Now things have started to get a bit more interesting. You start with Ramona being somewhat shocked by Dr Frosts appearance at her grandfathers memorial, even more so when its clear her grandmother doesn’t know him. What’s more interesting is that Liam and him seem to know each other and not in a friendly way. There has to be an interesting story between them. I can just tell that Liam is going to be some kind of snake with the vibe that’s coming off him but will have to wait and see.

So after the emotional day Ramona has had all she wants is to sleep but when she comes across some letters her grandmother has been hiding that’s the last thing she can do. Seems she needs money more than ever and not just for her medical expenses. This reason alone leads her to make a decision that will lead her down a road she never thought she’d go. While going down this road she bumps into another side character and this helps create a good sub plot within the main story. Nicole a work colleague might have just the answer she’s looking for with the money front and Rainbow is the key. Love the interaction between them with how she is trying to get her so far out of her comfort zone to even be able to consider this. So far out that she has to talk herself round at one point to see it through. Its at this point where we bump into a certain someone with blue eyes and I have a feeling I know she’s going to catch his eye from then on. She may get the job but I have a feeling it will come with only one client. One that might want to keep her but we will have to wait and see. Angry eyes or smouldering eyes, I can’t decide what she’ll see. What ones do you think he will show first?

Much more interaction between characters this time around, which I liked more as you are starting to see it evolve into something interesting, especially with the sub plots. Cliff hanger ending again but that’s the style of the series and if you didn’t think he was going to appear while she was at a certain type of party then you must be blind. This may be a recurring theme though that she always bumps into him at the end. Hope it changes up a little or it may be a bit repetitive.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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