Book Review: ‘All the Frogs in Manhattan’ by Carrie Aarons


Title: All the Frogs in Manhattan

Published: 3rd March 2017

Author: Carrie Aarons


Twitter: @authorcarriea



You know how Cinderella had the whole glass slipper, pumpkin carriage, fairy godmother thing?

Yeah…with foot-destroying stilettos, Uber, and a Twitter horoscope, my life is far from a happily ever after.

In fact, instead of Prince Charming, I end up dating every slimy, scaly, brainless frog in the kingdom of Manhattan. And by frog, I mean all of the stereotypical bad guys that Mom and Lifetime movies warned you about.

The meathead player.
The mommy’s boy.
The namedropper.
The cheapskate.

If they suck at relationships, I’ve probably kissed those cold, clammy lips in the hopes of finding love. Until one day, when one man with commitment issues offers to help me find the Romeo to my Juliet.

But what happens when the frog, who was never supposed to turn into a prince, kisses you at midnight? Ok fine, he propositioned me for some afternoon delight after brunch, but not everything can be straight out of a fairytale.


Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with a place in the title. I loved the Sex and the City vibe throughout with Gemma and her friends. They even do the whole girls brunch gossip thing, sex talk and all. Gemma and Oliver were quick-witted sassy characters that worked brilliantly together as, at first, they weren’t really trying too hard. Seriously how many frogs does a girl need to kiss before her prince comes along? In this case a few rotten ones and when a prince comes along he may not be the one you were looking for but turns out to be the one you need.

The dating game is hard and Gemma’s slim pickings from a dating site are just making it harder. So when she’s on yet another bad date that she wants to get out of she needs to use her ace card. One sure way to get the guy to leave after he asks you back to his place is to say you’re on your period. Works a charm but it happens to get witnessed by a handsome stranger. A small bit of banter nothing more and then she’s on her way not thinking anything of it. That is until he walks over to her while she’s having brunch with her friends a few days later. Seems he remembered her and they just click. She can tell he is putting out the “I’m not looking for commitment vibe” loud and clear but with how easy the banter is going she knows what she wants. Him back at her place, simply because she’s horny and can clearly see they both fancy each other. A one time hook-up to start with and so neither has the ball in their court they both take each other’s numbers. A fun afternoon of delight that she didn’t really think she’d repeat but a week later after running from another disaster date she folds.

Seems Oliver is more than happy to oblige. A ‘friends with benefits’ idea is soon very much on the table but things never stay simple for long. With her not wanting anything from him romantically she is acting like herself for once. Also means that neither are afraid to ask for exactly what they want in the bedroom department, or frankly anywhere that might take their fancy as not having a bed isn’t a deal breaker. The longer she is in his life the more he wants to lets her in. Which is a bit of a foreign concept for him with being such a recluse and a non-commitment kind of guy. He never thought he acted like a jerk before with other women because he was always so upfront about what they would have. Or not have in this case, as all he’s looking for is stringless fun. But the longer he spends with her the more he starts to want, which ends up freaking him out so you just know he will push her away. Gemma can never really get a hold on what he’s thinking no matter what crazy moment they are in next. She still longs for a romance but keeps getting frogs and is only just starting to notice that her prince might be under her nose. Well if he doesn’t run scared that is. The saying ‘wanting what you can’t have the moment it’s not yours’ comes to mind with certain people.

Loved the back and forth banter between them right from the start and only got better the more they got to know each other. Playful fun read to devour in a couple of hours.


4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Give Me Books for my honest review.


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