Book Review: ‘Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume Four’ by Eme Strife

Title: Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume Four

Published: 21st December 2014

Publisher: (Eme)nded Publishing

Author: Eme Strife


Twitter: @emestrife


Two very different people.
One scandalous proposition.
Endless possibilities…


My eyes burn.

Really badly.

They’ve been burning since yesterday morning, ever since my eyes landed on what was inside that damn folder. And they continued to burn through today’s morning practice and all my classes.

And they’re still burning now, probably even more than they were before as I stomp through the main hallway of the surgical center.

“Excuse me, Miss, you can’t go through there,” I hear a female voice call after me, but I don’t stop.

“Miss, office hours are over. You cannot go in there!” she repeats.

Her words still don’t stop me. I can’t stop. Not when I’m cranky and pissed off and the very cause of my crankiness and anger is right here in this building. I hear her shuffle behind me, presumably to chase after me. But I still keep going.

I didn’t sleep last night. I couldn’t. At all. Not even for a little bit. And now my feet won’t stop moving. My fingers won’t stop twitching. And my fucking eyes won’t stop burning behind my glasses.

I ride up the elevator and bend into a familiar corridor, practically stomping the entire way there, and I push the door open without a second thought. My eyes immediately land on my target.

Dexter fucking Frost.


This is the fourth book in this series.

Rated 18+
This series contains mature and adult content (nudity, graphic sex, and strong language). Because of its explicit nature, it is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.


Well we left off with Ramona in Doctor Frost’s arms after she stumbles into him. It’s at this point she pretty much has an out of body experience as she has no idea how to react with the situation she’s suddenly found herself in. He is clearly there as a guest and with one look at her outfit he knows exactly why she’s there. And putting it mildly, he’s not happy about it. I’m getting a bit of a jealously vibe coming off him from then on when other males are around or it may be a bit of a alpha male pissing contest as to who can claim her. With Doctor Frost definitely wanting to be that male. She likes his hand on her at one point and then wants it gone the next. The mix of emotions running through her mind is high enough without his condescending attitude that comes her way. He goes right for the kill with saying people wouldn’t want to find out about why she’s there. Its funny how he first says that her brother Danny wouldn’t like it. Its like he’s under the impression that they are close and he gets a bit confused when she pretty much laughs this off, definitely a story there. Well that’s before he mentions her grandmother. Its here we see her anger full force – hello slap! Hope it hurt his face as much as her hand. Doesn’t stop him from pursuing her and wanting to be her ticket home though. One she is favour of to escape the likes of creepy Mitch, but when Mindy shows up she’s not sure what to do. From the look on Mindy’s face only one option is correct. Seems her and Dex go way back, something that annoys Ramona and then she’s annoyed that she’s annoyed because she shouldn’t be thinking about him that way anyway. Like I said, very mixed emotions whenever she is within a few feet of this man.

Well I was right with my theory about how she would be hired to work with Rainbow escort agency. Now the ball has most definitely started rolling. Much more interaction between both Ramona and Doctor Frost this time around which was great. His condition for keeping quiet about why she was at that party is the start of where the fun is going to begin. Can’t wait to see when she will crack. He temps her like no other and the more dominating he acts around her the more she just wants to jump him. Well submit and have him take her anyway he wants her. Which if he’s hoping is going to be very soon. Oh the chemistry is there and I loved that we finally got to see more of a back and forth relationship starting with them. He can get on her nerves very quickly and she’s not afraid to tell him where he can stick his words. Well the afraid/turned on feeling does come rushing back but not until Monday rolls around when she storms into see him. Sexual tension rising to boiling point the longer they talk/argue. I so wanted him to back her up against the wall to kiss her – she would not have complained. Though I’m pretty sure he wants her to come to him. All about her submitting to what is going to happen. Well from book one we know where they are headed and now we are one step closer to seeing how it all unfolds. So lets get ready to see the delectable sexy doctor in action with the woman he’s clearly wanted from the moment he met her. Looking for a new secret sub perhaps? Lets see if she fits into the roll for him. Let the countdown begin.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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