Release Blitz: ‘’ by Ian Wingrove

Title: (Tom Barlow Detective Series Book 2)

Release Date: 24th March 2017

Author: Ian Wingrove

Genre: Thriller




Roxanne Payne is the star of The Tournament, a game show that allows its audience of millions to feel what the contestants feel. Only Roxanne doesn’t feel much since the teenage trauma of her mother’s suicide, which is what makes her the Queen of Pain. Retired Met police detective, Tom Barlow, is hired to keep her alive when death threats turn real, and in the process Roxanne becomes his deadly obsession. But is he really willing to risk everything to keep her alive? Set in a dystopian near future, Tom Barlow’s life is split apart as he tracks killers, protects the woman he loves and re-discovers the man he used to be. Across eighteen days – in a parallel story to the one depicted in Dead Poor – Tom’s life becomes entwined with that of Alexandria (Lex) de Montford, in a world of deceit, double-cross and death. Is she angel or demon? Is Tom all that he pretends to be? ‘And will Roxanne find freedom or death as she approaches the final show?


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Private detective Tom Barlow has been tasked with making a documentary about the Met Police’s investigation of a serial killer; a deadly sniper intent on murdering the poor. As Barlow races to identify the killer before they can strike again, he comes to realise that he’s involved in something far more dangerous than he’d imagined. Forced to dodge bullets, fight robotic spider assassins and make deals with killers, Barlow goes up against the Met’s top brass in his determination to expose the truth. But one year later, split loyalties have enabled a cover up, and when the investigation leads to a gruesome torture shed with two corpses, it’s Tom Barlow who finds himself the prime suspect.

Set in a dystopian England in the near future, Tom Barlow’s life is shattered as he tracks killers, protects a woman he’s in love with and re-discovers the man he used to be. Two books cover the same 18 hectic days. In Dead Poor Barlow is forced to revisit those frenetic days from a year before as his suppressed report into the serial killings finally surfaces, and in, he risks everything to get close to mega-star, Roxanne Payne, a woman he’s obsessed with. In both books, Barlow finds his future unexpectedly entwined with that of Alexandria (Lex) de Montford, who is having her own problems with deceit, double-cross and death. Tom discovers that she is both angel and demon. She discovers what a psychotic, blackmailing bastard he really is.

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About the Author:

I was born in 1961 (Battersea, London) and had a wonderful childhood growing up on a very nice council estate. For fifteen years, I worked for the greens on the London Assembly as senior press officer, researcher and (for 1 year) business manager for the deputy Mayor. I have now moved to Norwich and do freelance communications work for Baroness Jones and the Clean Air Campaign. I self-published my first novel, called Dead Poor, in 2016 and this year. My father was a sheet-metal worker, trade unionist, and amateur boxer. My mother was an office administrator who is now at the pinnacle of a large family tree consisting of 3 children, 14 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren. My extended family is one of the things I love, but here are some more. I love writing fiction, playing football, my kids (aged 3, 4 and 20), my gorgeous wife, our wonderful planet, festivals, music while I work, the NHS. Things I’m not keen on drive-by shootings, cuts to services and privatisation, lawless roads, Thatcher, powerful people and corporations who abuse the world. Things that make me cry None of the above; however, I‘m a sucker for tragic romances. Things I enjoy discovering new things, cycling, great films and TV series, remembering good stuff, hanging out with the kids, all that amazing live culture that goes on in theatres, clubs and small venues, being on the side of the underdog, good food, drink and friends. Things I’ve done to earn money delivering laundry, cleaning, decorating, running a clothes stall, owner driver/courier, local trade union official, factory work, library assistant. Things that excite me the prospect of editing and publishing the next novel


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Twitter: @Iwin1961



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