Book Review: ‘Minding Amy’ by Saskia Walker

Title: Mindy Amy

Published: 10th May 2011

Author: Saskia Walker

Twitter: @saskiawalker




Amy Norton is on a mission to prove herself as an Investigative Journalist, but her over-protective father hires a bodyguard to accompany her during her investigative work, and she’s furious. Things only get worse when she realizes the bodyguard is the guy she mistakenly approached on a blind date the night before. She was all over the man and embarrassed herself, big time. The last thing she wants is to have him obstructing her investigation, gorgeous though he is.Undercover Investigator, Sebastian Armitage, is amused and fascinated by the situation and sets out to charm the pants off the hot-headed Ms Norton. She is one sexy lady, and he wants her. Before long they embark on a red-hot affair, but how is Sebastian going to point out that she’s going about investigative work the wrong way, while keeping her sweet?



Seems Amy is the master at finding herself in funny and embarrassing situations. The first one being after she agrees to go on a blind date with a contact of hers, Roger. Seems fate had other plans and most definitely wanted her to be put into the path of Sebastian instead. Not that he minded one bit.

It all starts with Amy wanting to do an investigation piece – a way to prove herself as a real journalist – on a missing Ghost Hunter show presenter. Gossip puts possible occult reasons at play but Amy wants to find the truth for a scoop of her own. Working at her fathers company has its drawbacks as she feels she has to work twice as hard to be seen as competent. She doesn’t want any favoritism, just wants to prove herself a good journalist. Hopefully this big break will give her that, well if she cracks it that is. Seems her father has a few stipulations for her though. The first one being whom she has to answer to she can deal with but the second one not so much. Seems he thinks she needs a minder/bodyguard on this case. She doesn’t want a minder or to be slowed down because of one but reluctantly agrees figuring it can’ be too bad. Well that’s what she was thinking until he walked through the door and she realized she’d meet him the night before in a bit of an embarrassing way. Seems she was getting flirty with a contact of hers over the phone and when he asked to meet her for some no-strings fun she (along with her boss giving big thumbs up) agrees to go along for her first blind date. I think you can imagine what might happen next. Starts with a comical fall into a lap, goes straight into the whole banter as if she’s known him a while and finishes off by saying she can’t wait for some no strings fun. When realizes she’s with the wrong guy though, mainly because she spots the correct one further down the bar, she just makes a run for it. New shoes got her into trouble and she’s hoping they won’t stop her escape. Seems Sebastian isn’t so keen to let her disappear without a trace though and goes up to the guy in question to subtly ask about whom he’s waiting for. Gets a pleasant surprise the next day when he finds out she’s the daughter of the guy who hired his firm for a bodyguard duty. Not something he usually does anymore as he tends to stick to the investigation side of his firm but fate again seems to have put them in each other’s paths so he’s not going to knock it.

Embarrassment aside its soon a fun road trip ahead with possible ghostly tales along the way. Seems Amy is a bit of a scaredy-cat and drama queen rolled into one. When she feels betrayed she just goes full speed ahead into attack mode but soon starts to realize that’s not the best way to act. The mystery of Quentin takes more of a back seat throughout as the story revolves more on the connection slowly building between Amy and Sebastian and the situations they find themselves in. The sexual tension is seen a mile off and its not long before the no strings deal is back on the table. Fan me down how hot were they together! More of a steamy romance read than mystery solving. Even though that’s still in play its really just a means to an end to get the pair of them somewhere alone together. Comical and spicy read throughout so all good fun though. One thing you learn straight off is that she doesn’t like being lied to or feeling like she’s been played. Something Sebastian should really take note of since he hides the fact he’s not really just a bodyguard. Can their ‘no strings fun’ turn into something more? Only time will tell but its looking good for now.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this copy from the author for my honest review.


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