Book Review: ‘Making the Cut’ by Anne Malcom

Title: Making the Cut (The Sons of Templar MC Book 1)

Published: 26th April 2015

Author: Anne Malcom




Gwen Alexandra does not need a man in her life. Especially not a man who looks like Chris Hemsworth and Joe Manganiello’s love child. One wearing leather, riding a Harley, and covered in tattoos.

Gwen can bet every pair of her Manolo’s that Cade Fletcher is trouble. From the moment she meets him, the attraction sizzles between them. Gwen has a problem when it comes to attractive men in motorcycle clubs. The last one she got involved with almost killed her.

After healing physically, Gwen decides to get a new start in a small town, half a country away from the man who nearly cost her her life. She isn’t in town five minutes when she runs into Cade, a man that is too sexy and dangerous for his own good.

She tries to keep away from him, to ignore the attraction between them. But the biker has other ideas, soon she is in way over her head, and her heart, and her life are in danger once again.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with action and adventure in it. It has both in spades and you are just enjoying the ride it takes you on.

OMG with what Gwen had been through you can completely understand why she would be weary of men, especially those wearing Cuts. You start right in the middle of her brutal attack and know she gets away to heal physically but mentally is something else entirely. Seems those she should be afraid of might just be the ones to heal her most. Cade most definitely being the one out front in that respect.

So Gwen is in Amber at her new house for all of five minutes before she is confronted with Cade. You would think that a deep sexy voice asking if she needs any help would have her head spin. It does just not the way Cade was hoping for. He can see her fear straight away so backs off, but not before saying he will see her around. The way he says it is like a promise. One meeting and her heart is going ten to the dozen, and not just from fear, something a little further south is waking up. When her best friend Amy arrives they start with setting up her new clothes store and Amy can’t help but notice all the good looking men that appear to be around town. (Seriously though are only hot people allowed to live here? Umm… holiday location perhaps?) She is more than pleased when she notices some while they are out at dinner. Not so much when she sees Gwen almost have a panic attack at the sight of them, only after noticing that they are wearing cuts. You really would want her in your corner because she more than handles it when they come over to say hi. They might be acting polite but Gwen still can’t get away quick enough. If she thought that was the last she would see of Cade she was severely mistaken. Out on her porch in the middle of the night – while getting a little handsy at the thought of Cade I might add – she gets a shock when he appears. Dropping her wine glass has her stepping right on it. Cade to the rescue it seems as he soon sweeps her off her feet. Seems even she can’t deny the chemistry when he has her that close. I mean seriously you are just waiting for a match to spark it – though that doesn’t happen until a few days later at a friendly BBQ. It’s pretty clear that he has claimed her, whether she is ready to except it is something else entirely.

Cade is clearly a man who knows what he wants and goes for it. One look and he decided that Gwen was going to be his but to get her he needs to understand why she all but faints at the sight of him and his boys. Yes he can be a bit crass at times (is it wrong that I kind of liked it?) and pretty much likes to tell her he wants to fuck her any chance he can get, but she does manage to put him in his place when he does. She can also be a bit whiney at times herself, frustrating him right back, mainly after she has had a couple of drinks. (Side note – they do like to have a few drinks in this one. Must be the heat.) Being involved with someone from a MC has its drawbacks though. Something Gwen knows only too well and the longer she is with him the more those drawbacks show their ugly heads, namely in the shape of spiders. Danger is never too far away and its not just from the past. Its what she was running from and it seems to be following her in a different way. Can Cade keep her safe and help her heal or will she burn all over again?

Loved the other characters that come into the action. Lucky was hilarious and my heart just broke for Bull. Poor Luke, the cop vying for Gwen’s attention, he never really stood a chance. I’m afraid that ship sailed after one look from Cade. Amy was a bit of a comical value and she seems to like putting herself in a mess in the relationship department. I really want to know whom she would have chosen though, Ian or Brock. Heartache at the end, but I did kind of see it coming.

Out of this world chemistry. Seriously how hot do they burn? Supernova I think! If you were looking for a good MC romance to get started with then I would definitely recommend this one. Can’t wait to check out the rest of the series now. Who’s up for moving to Amber? I know I am.

5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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