Book Review: ‘Loose Ends’ by Taylor Dawn

Published: 4th February 2016

Publisher: Princess Press

Author: Taylor Dawn





***Can be read as a stand alone novel***

Ava Greenwood never dreamed she’d be standing at the bus station in Chicago running away from the counterfeit life she’d thought was perfect. On a whim backed by fear, Ava chooses Biloxi Mississippi. Now, the sweet hairstylist must assume a new identity and hope her old life doesn’t catch up with her.

Luke Daughtry has been sent to track Ava down. He has one mission…find the petite blonde and make sure she doesn’t leave the Magnolia State…alive. Everything changes when sparks fly between the two and Luke has doubts about the job he’s been paid to do.

Follow Ava and Luke as they scorch the south and tie up loose ends, in this sweltering romantic suspense from International Bestselling Author, Taylor Dawn.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A contemporary romance. Well a bit more like a contemporary suspense romance but good all the same.

So we know that Ava is on the run from Chicago but we don’t really know why. Just that she’s scared and is trying to disappear. Grabbing a bag and high tailing it to a bus station to get a ticket to anywhere it seems. Anywhere turning out to be Biloxi, Mississippi where she has stayed hidden for two years working as a hairdresser. Hidden but never feeling completely safe. Always looking over her shoulder waiting for the moment she will have to run again. Seems her past is catching up with her though with Luke somehow being front and centre in the game that’s just started. Is he playing both sides? Are either of those sides going to keep her safe?

So Luke has been tasked to find Ava but by whom we do not know. It seems that their might be two ‘who’s’ as well so you can never get a feel on him right away. He comes across as a bit of confident jerk to begin with. Ava certainly puts him in his place. He should have been weary as she was holding shears at the time. When he walks into her hairdressing salon she wastes no time checking him out. It goes for him as well as I don’t think he was really expecting someone so stunning. Seems he has caught her attention from the get go, like she has caught his, more than he would care to admit. He is meant to keep an eye on her, she is a target, and to do that he needs to get close. Seems his lines are about to be blurred as after a bit of banter back and forth at a bar later that night Ava clearly wants the last word. Namely by jumping in his truck and kissing him senseless, then hoping back out. If he thought this job was going to be easy that just went right out the window. He can’t deny his attraction to her and decides to go down the date route to stay close. He just didn’t except the chemistry to be so strong so fast. She’s bold, sassy and brave and draws to him like no other. A weekend date at his and all bets are off. Love the sound of his old two-story plantation house, mental picture very good. They sure have fun on that porch don’t they? Good job the railings are strong enough to hold on to. But danger and trouble are never too far behind. He has a job to do and you can clearly see how torn he is about it. Do what he has to or what he wants to? Is she safe in the arms of the one who holds/controls her passion or is he the one putting her in harms way?

Great chemistry and back and forth banter between not only Ava and Luke but also her friend Brandi and his ‘cousin’ Cole. Love how at the BBQ she just goes right up to him to ask a certain question. She more than likes the answer she gets. Great start to the series that will keep you hooked to see what might happen next.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this copy of this book from Nell’s PR and Marketing for my honest review.

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