Release Blitz and Book Review: ‘The Nature of Gods’ by DJ Torres

 Published: 4th April 2017
 Author: DJ Torres
 Twitter: @NaturesNunitz
Instagram: @naturesnunitz


When gods and goddesses abruptly overthrow Earth, humans are given two choices – worship or die. Desperate to survive, Olivia and her family devote their days to fulfilling the will of the gods. But the wrath of the gods is insatiable and unpredictable. With her hope crushed, Olivia is resigned to her bleak fate . . . until she meets Nature.

Immediately, Olivia knows this charismatic girl with color-changing eyes isn’t normal. Nature looks like a teenager yet she has the power to control the weather and converse with animals. Nature opens Olivia’s eyes to a hidden world that had always existed in harmony with her own. However, know-it-all butterflies and mystical creatures aren’t the only secrets revealed as Olivia discovers the dark plan of the gods.

When Nature decides to confront the gods, Olivia is catapulted to the forefront of humanity’s battle for survival. Olivia must rely on her courage, strength, and newfound gifts as she faces monster-infested pathways and ever-looming traps. But does she have enough courage or skill to battle brutal gods eager to rule the world and dole out punishment to anyone who defies them? Nature and the world depend on it.

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Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book by an author who uses initials in their pen name. Starts with a bang and just goes full steam ahead from then on. Talk about none stop action and drama.

So we are like one day into the story and suddenly all hell breaks loose with Greek Gods showing up to cause chaos. Seems they are under the impression that the world has forgotten about them. They aren’t happy that they are no longer being worshipped so plan on doing something about it. Their demands are quite simple, you either worship them or you die.

The story focuses on Olivia and her family while they come to terms with their, and everyone else’s, new way of life. You do have a couple clichés with this in that you have the guy Jace she’s crushed on for ages who she didn’t think knew her name suddenly noticing her and a classic high school bully. Did find that the high school bully wasn’t really necessary, as we don’t stay in the ‘normal everyday’ world for long before the powerful deities decide to make an appearance.

A budding romance soon starts to bloom between Olivia and Jace, even in the mists of a crazy Greek gods power trip. She thought she was invisible, more so with hiding behind glasses, but he saw her before she really noticed. So life goes on even in the crazy times they have found themselves in but soon things start to take a darker turn. Worship all you want but that doesn’t mean the gods are going to be content. It seems they have an ulterior motive and want their actions noticed. To do this they need to cause more harm. It’s after an attack that Olivia and Jace’s families decide to get them out of their town onto her dads boat. If they can escape without being noticed they might make it to safety. Wishful thinking really as danger is never too far behind and soon Olivia finds herself all alone.

Well she’s not alone for long it seems as a strange girl called Nature saves her and wants her help. Seems Nature has been asleep for far too long and can’t understand what has happened to the world she left behind. She seems to have an affinity with the weather and animals, which confuses Olivia to no end. She has a plan to confront the so-called gods and demand to know why they are causing so much harm to the world. To do this she needs Olivia’s help but to bring her along would put her in harms way so she needs to be protected. A flower head band might just be decorative to start with but soon helps her to evolve into something more. Its not long before Olivia is using some of her own tricks to save the day. Her creative imagination definitely comes in handy at times. They do have other help along the way to the battle that is coming. Namely in the way of a talking Nunitz – a butterfly to you and me just don’t tell Goldzy that or you might get an earful!

But is Nature falling into the gods trap? They do seem to be causing trouble to get her attention for a reason. Seems they want a fight and powers might be up for grabs. One thing these so-called gods should remember, you don’t piss off Mother Nature. She really does pack a quite a punch when pissed off.

Even though Olivia is meant to be sixteen I did feel at times she acted a bit younger. Up until finding out her age I was thinking she was a fourteen/fifteen year old tops. Mainly because I had recently read another book where the leading female was sixteen and acted very mature for her age. This book is definitely aimed at a younger audience like the author suggests but still an interesting read overall.

3 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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