Book Review: ‘Once Upon a Tablecloth’ by Leslie Hachtel

Title: Once Upon a Tablecloth

Published: 15th January 2017

Author: Leslie Hachtel


Twitter: @LeslieHachtel



Nick Jordan acquires failing restaurants, then makes them prosperous. But when Lily Mercer calls him for help, he didn’t count on falling in love. Or that someone wants to kill her. And with so many obstacles and threats, can she survive? Can their love?



Lily’s restaurant Daisy’s is failing and she needs help before it goes under. If the dismal excuse for edible food and failing sales weren’t bad enough the dead guy on the doorstep would be sure to put people off. Step in Nick the knight to save the day. Well he may not be a knight at the start with his tactics (hello 51% share!) but he does get there in the end. She inherited the restaurant after her brother Dennis and father died in a car accident. It was meant to be an accident but murder it seems was the real cause. Seems someone is out to get Lily’s family and Daisy’s is a target too. Through it all you have a great close nit family atmosphere with her staff and friends at the restaurant. Her best friend Cece was a great sounding board for Lily and clearly knows what’s best. Right from the start you can see there is great chemistry between Lily and Nick, even if at the start she doesn’t want to like him. It might be the start of something great but they need to watch their backs as danger is just around the corner.

Nick seems to think at the start that if he just has a taste of Lily it will get her out of his system. With everything that happened in his childhood he shut down emotionally. It means he doesn’t really know how to handle them now they have come alive after meeting her. Its like she is bringing him back to life just like he is helping bring Daisy’s back to life. With his emotions coming back he realizes that he doesn’t really like being rejected. When it’s by Lily he can’t help himself from coming back for more to get her to see him in a different light. She makes him see a future when he thought he had none to share. She wants something stable not a one, or two, nightstand. I think when she shows him what he can’t have it just makes him realize how much he wants it. Love is definitely on the cards, or should that be the menu, but with danger and sabotage at every turn will they get a HEA or will it all go up in flames.

With Nick not having a good life growing up and only getting a break into the food business because of Rex he feels like he owes him. Seems the prodigy has overcome the master and he’s not happy about it. Never liked Rex or his vial spoiled brat of a daughter Pamela. Right from the start something was off about them. They are clearly people who are used to getting their own way and not ones to be rejected. I’d say a bit delusional as well in regards to Pamela. A monster of her father’s creation, one he makes no apology for.

First book I’ve read by this author and I would definitely check out others. Good story telling with the romance and intrigue with trying to connect all the dots. This old boyfriend of Pamela’s keeps getting mentioned and it’s clear it’s the key to everything. When it falls into place you are like ‘oh god yeah, now I see it’. A recommended read that has it all – mystery, suspense and a good romantic romance vibe throughout.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Penny Sansevieri Marketing for my honest review.


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