Book Review: ‘Sentient’ by Kenechi Udogu

Title: Sentient (The Mentalist Series Book 2)

Published: 27th October 2013

Author: Kenechi Udogu


Twitter: @KenechiUdogu



Mastering her Progressive Empath abilities isn’t going as well as Gemma hoped. In fact, months after finding out what she really is, she still has no clue what this truly means. All she can do is wait to see if any new abilities will eventually manifest. Things aren’t going great with Russ either. Unsure of how to handle her Sentient Link with him, she tries to integrate herself in his busy social life but struggles to adjust to her new circumstances.

When she is plagued by recurring nightmares, Gemma realizes things are changing and knows she has to do something, fast. The arrival of two sets of strangers in town, both offering the much-needed assistance she needs to unearth her powers, escalates the situation even further. Gemma attempts to decipher whose intentions are genuine, but does she have enough time to figure out who has her best interest at heart?



So with Gemma coming back at the end of Aversion it looked liked she was ready to get closer to Russ. Well she would if she could understand whether her feelings, and his, are real or if they are just part of being a Sentient Twin. They are connected now, more than most, but don’t know how to handle it. Well Russ knows what he wants so he just has to get Gemma to see that her no touching rule is stupid. He seems to be able to figure things out in relation to helping her a lot quicker than most. He is her calming balm so to speak and it looks like they are going to need each other for what’s to come.

Gemma knows that she is meant to be developing her skills but seems a bit stuck. People think she is ‘special’ but she just can’t see anything different. That all changes when Laura, a fellow Empath, shows up at her door, seemingly sent by her father, to help her with her gifts. Now Laura was a fun addition and seemed to balance out any high tension with her humour and her abilities to suppress emotions. The only thing is that with her arrival Gemma can’t seem to fully let her guard down, trust issues with other Mentalists is high. Is she there to help or hinder her?

Now Peter, a fellow Mentalist and Averter from school, is starting to intrigue me a bit. He can clearly see trouble is brewing and he knows that somehow Gemma is at the centre of it. I’m thinking he will be playing a bigger role in the games that follow and will soon join our group. So watch this space.

Strangers in town are causing trouble. Anthony and his army of Progressive Empaths are just the tip of the iceberg for what’s coming. Seriously they are like ten moves ahead and you will never know it. Well they do have an advantage with one of the Empaths extra gifts but still very cleverly played. They know a war is coming, that a new cull is on the cards and they are slowly pushing all their pieces into place for when it goes down. Are they on the side for good or evil? Something Gemma has no clue about but at this point is starting to realize she may not have much of a choice in the matter.

The subtle romance between Gemma and Russ is getting stronger no matter how much it scares them both. They are stronger together and are definitely going to need each other with what’s to come. Their connection is growing with what they share. Seems touching isn’t the only way and dreams start to hold a clue to what might come to pass. Sometimes you need to take them at face value to get an answer you have been searching for. Cliff hanger ending for the final which just makes you more intrigued to see how everything will play out. Who is going to land on top? What does the future really hold for our band of misfits? Only time will tell. On to the next I say.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.

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