Book Review: ‘Split Ends’ by Taylor Dawn

Title: Split Ends (Magnolia Series Book 2)

Published: 4th May 2016

Publisher: Princess Press

Author: Taylor Dawn





Biloxi Mississippi wasn’t where Cole Matthews expected to end up, but duty called and he answered. Life seemed to be going at a normal pace until a letter fell into his hands. One that would send him into a frenzied spiral, causing him to doubt the decisions he’d made years ago. Now Cole must choose between what he wants and what he needs. Gracie Callahan made a choice at the age of 19. She told herself what she was doing was for the best. But now, twelve years later, she’s trapped in a decision that can only be undone by the signature of the man she pushed away years ago. Upon arrival in Mississippi, Gracie must decide between protecting someone she loves, taking back the life she once had, while still holding out hope that she might attain both. Follow Cole and Gracie in Split Ends, the second installment of the Magnolia Series. International Bestselling Author Taylor Dawn steams up the south once more as Cole and Gracie take you on a journey of romantic entanglement, passion and suspense.



So when Cole finds out he’s still technically marriage his first impression is pretty much ‘fuck’. Even more so when she informs him she’s coming to town to get him to sign the divorce papers. This girl now a woman is the definition of the one that got away. Crazy in love at 19 they could have had a future but one lie changed all that. Now she’s back and she has a daughter – three guesses for who the father is people? She makes up a one-night stand being the dad and it’s amazing how he doesn’t see through it. This is the woman you haven’t seen for 13 years and she has a 12-year-old daughter. Do the math Cole! I think he didn’t see it because he couldn’t believe she’d do something like that. But that’s the least of their problems. Seems she’s in trouble and thinks she only has one way out of it by getting a divorce. Cole has other plans, from the moment he sees her again he is thrown straight back to the past and he’s going to make it his mission to get her to fall in love with him again. Shouldn’t be too hard for either of them, as it never really went away to begin with.

The chemistry and passion is so high between Cole and Gracie you may need to fan yourself down in places but I think the suspense was lacking in places. Not as much intrigue with it as the first but more like a subtle note running along at the same time they are reconnecting. No matter how many times she tries to tell herself what she needs to do for those she loves (get a divorce to somehow keep Dash safe) it just happens to contradict with her emotions when confronted with Cole again. Secrets aren’t kept for long with Cole’s inquisitive nature – he’s FBI so he will figure things out, just might take him a little time. She kept a rather big secret from him in the past but even finding out about that won’t make him hate her. It has always been her for him and nothing and no one is getting in his way of getting her back. He wants his family – Gracie and Cora – so he will do anything to keep it and them safe. He is definitely her missing puzzle piece and she’s only just now trying to figure out how she managed without him for so long. Good job he plans on keeping her and Cora around for a while to come. Well if he can sort out her little issue she’s got herself caught up in. Danger for her family drove her to Cole to try and sort it out one way but really I think she knew deep down that he’d sort it out his way to keep all of them safe.

Great that you get to catch up with Ava and Luke. They play quite a big part throughout in helping Gracie and Cole reconnect while keeping Cora, her daughter, occupied at their house. Not a hardship as she loves the house and thinks Ava’s great.

Loved Brandi in the first and was wondering where she was for a while. Her cameo does kind of help Cole see what’s been right in front of him the whole time. Had to do a quick check with book 3 and I’m pleased to say it’s her book next. She was such a character in the first can’t wait for her to get centre stage.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this copy of the book from Nell’s PR and Marketing for my honest review.


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