Book Review: ‘Mistress Comes First’ by Ava Sterling

Title: Mistress Comes First: A BDSM Story

Published: 28th April 2017

Publisher: Red Lace Publishing

Author: Ava Sterling

Twitter: @ava_sterling



When Levi wears his collar, the rest of the world gets a little fuzzy around the edges.

For their six month anniversary, Levi gives his girlfriend, Raleigh, a key to his apartment. Since then, she’s left her soap in his shower and some extra clothes in the back of his dresser. She also added one more item, but it’s one Levi wears…his collar.

Ever since their BDSM lifestyle started, Levi has found a new purpose: pleasing his Mistress. She always took care of him, but most importantly, she always showed him exactly how to please her.

One night, Raleigh gives her submissive a task before coming home with a treat.

(This explicit, 4,600 word story is intended for adult readers only)



I liked the flow of this one, had a good steady pace to it with the growing anticipation of what’s to come being drawn out. Definitely a story about delayed gratification for Levi. Though I don’t think he minds in the slightest, he clearly loves giving up control to Raleigh. He just wants her to move in so that they will be in a constant state of it I think. He knows that his – like the title suggests – mistress comes first in all things and only if she is satisfied with him will she let him get any kind of release. Once that collar goes around his neck he knows who is in charge and he loves it. He longs to be her ‘Good Boy’ and is willing to do whatever she asks just for the slightest chance of getting a release, whether it is for her, him, or both of them.

Raleigh seems to handle the role of a mistress very well and from Levi’s thoughts you know she has had fun teaching him how to behave just the way she likes it. It’s interesting to see the roles reversed with the woman being in control. You can clearly see that she loves to take care of him but also put him in his place. I’m not sure the ‘punishment’ she gave him was really one he would turn down after his slip up with what to call her. She obviously knows what kind of magic his tongue is capable of.

Fun dynamic between the two of them and it would be interesting to see what would happen or change if he does finally get her to move in with him. Is he ready to wear that cover full time I wonder? If that’s what he longs for than I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to say no for much longer.

4 out of 5 stars

I am a Beta reader for the author and received this ARC for my honest review.

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