Book Review: ‘Code Name: Forever & Ever’ by Natasza Waters

Title: Code Name: Forever & Ever (A Warrior’s Challenge Series Book 5)

Published: 11th November 2016

Publisher: Waterfall Press

Author: Natasza Waters


Twitter: @NataszaWaters


When an Ivy League girl falls for a guy from the wrong side of the tracks, all the cards are stacked against them except one. Love refuses to die in Code Name: Forever & Ever.

Harvard graduate Margaret Stines rejects the job offered on a silver platter by her father. With a modeling contract in one hand and her possessions in the other, she leaves the neon lights of Glittertown for San Diego. She’d rather enlist in the Navy than marry the Hollywood wannabe executives her father brings home for dinner. A rebel at heart, Marg is seduced into the arms of a sailor. Only he’s the wrong one and when she meets his best friend Patrick Cobbs, she realizes her impetuous act will crucify her in his eyes.

Patrick is given one chance to leave the slums of San Diego to become a Navy SEAL. Recently graduated from BUD/S training, he and his swim buddy Thane Austen are infallible and cocky, certain they’ll earn their Tridents. While celebrating their success at St. George’s, Patrick meets Marg, but there’s no time to start a slow burn between them when the club goes up in flames. Worlds apart, Pat is the last guy Marg’s anti-military parents want for their daughter. With her grandfather’s name etched on the Wall of the Fallen, Marg’s father will do anything to keep them apart. Pat’s father’s a drunk; his family is poor. He has nothing to offer Marg except the man he wants to become. Only one person believes in them, and he’s dead.



Goes down as another off my 2017 Bookworm Bingo Challenge – A book with an outstanding hero or heroine. Well this one had three of them – Marg, Patrick and Thane – so get ready for a great emotional read. This story can be read as a stand alone.

A bittersweet read where I almost want to pretend the very beginning and ending didn’t happen. Get ready for a few tears because this one will definitely pull at the heartstrings when you get back to the ‘present’ day. Lets live in the past for now though.

So this is where we find out how it all began with Marg and Patrick, though she does bump into Thane first. New in town after breaking away from her parents and wanting to make it on her own modeling in a new town – one that happens to be filled with Seals mined you, hello hotness – Marg feels the need to let off some steam. Enter Thane, one sexy Seal who will hook you with a smile. A one-time thing that she has no intention of repeating but that doesn’t stop her from going back to the same bar again. See its not him she’s looking for but the silver eyed dream man she saw earlier while out with her grandmother. One look and she was hooked, now she just has to find him.

She doesn’t have to look too far though as it turns out he is none other than Thane’s best friend and diving buddy Patrick. Now if Thane had any hope of getting her for a girl that went right out the window the moment she was in front of Patrick again. It’s like the rest of the world vanished and he was her centre. Glad it goes both ways but nothing is ever that simple. How will he cope if (or rather when) he finds out he was second? Not second choice though lets make that very clear, even if it takes him a little while longer to see that. From the moment they meet its like they can see their future but he is in the training stage of becoming a Seal and knows the danger that it entails. Something Marg is only too familiar with after hearing more of her grandmothers’ stories. Her first love and Marg’s biological grandfather was a Seal too it seems. She knows how quick a connection can come and the risks of being with one. She can also see her granddaughter is going to follow the same path she did. Well if Patrick can get his head out of his arse and realize that she is not going anywhere no matter what he or her family says. She seems to be a bit of a danger magnet herself anyway with fires popping up and trouble at sea. But she shouldn’t worry too much as it seems she has a guardian angel looking out for her and those she loves – that includes you Patrick. Love the theme of that throughout as it helped link with something that happens at the end – even if I’m pretending it didn’t happen. To me we are living in the past not the present so there.

Loved Thane and all the other Seals and their partners as it helped create a realistic world that Marg would become a part of. Secrets never stay secret for long but sometimes you can come out the other side of them for the better. Great bit of storytelling that will pull at the heartstrings and will keep you hooked until the end. A true love story about soul mates that once found will never truly be parted.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED this book. Probably my favorite of the series so far. Wonderful review.

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