Book Review: ‘The Moorigad Dragon’ by Debra Kristi

Title: The Moorigad Dragon (The Age of the Hybrid Book 1)

Published: 23rd October 2014

Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing

Author: Debra Kristi


Twitter: @DebraKristi



To be a dragon-shifter in a world that has written your existence off as a legend is hard enough. To be a hybrid dragon-shifter is everything fire and ice wrapped up in dragonet angst….

While hiding from her family and struggling with a life changing decision, runaway and hybrid dragon-shifter, Kyra the Moorigad finds herself falling for her all-too-secretive best friend, Sebastian. A man for which her dragon lineage would never approve.

Delving deeper into Sebastian’s mysteries, Kyra’s goodwill sabotages their future when she saves the wrong man, forcing herself into a protective bond with a dangerous and provocative stranger. Before long Kyra is locked in a battle for her mind, body, and soul. Can the power of the Moorigad dragon-shifter keep the provocative stranger alive and salvage her relationship with Sebastian without losing herself or worse?

This is the FIRST BOOK in the Upper Young Adult Paranormal Romance: (Moorigad) Age of the Hybrid Series.
Some violence, language, and sexual content. Not suitable for all young carnies.



Mystic’s Carnival is a bit of a magical place where misfits come together to create a carnie family. Is it alive or does magic just flow through it. For only those who are lucky will the carnival appear. It chooses you not the other way around. It also chooses the place it stays as well; you can never tell where it will be. Portals exist to those who live there and if you are lucky to enter be ready for some make believe.

Kyra is a hybrid sea dragon born of two worlds and not feeling like she belongs to either. Her mother is dragon of water and her father is fire, the two fighting within her. Not just a water serpent or strong fire beast but a mixture of them both called Kalrapura. She is a fire-breather at the carnival, which comes in handy with one part of her soul. Orange and gold dragon scales and golden eyes seem to intrigue those around her. She feels a connection to her best friend Sebastian but only starts to see him as more when jealousy rears its ugly head. Her new feelings for Sebastian are one-thing that’s confusing her but having a strong urge to help a stranger called Marcus who seems to have death at his heals is another. Her need to protect him is something she can’t explain but there is a pull she must follow for now no matter where it leads her.

Sebastian is a master of tarot cards but very secretive of his past and what he is. You can tell he wants to share it all with Kyra but is holding back. He knows something is coming and that Kyra and Marcus are in the middle of it. He is trying to keep her safe but by keeping her in the dark he might just be losing her to danger.

Now with Marcus there is just something clearly not right with him. Also it looks like death might be following him. Sometimes you need to let things play their course and not intervene. Kyra really should have paid attention to that fact before saving him. Beaten up, thrown from a bridge, fire at his heals and bullets flying seem to be sending a clear message, one she’s not listening too. Lets hope it’s not too late to change how the cards fall or she may lose more than she bargained for.

There’s more to Higgins and Zeke than meets the eye I feel and it just draws you in more to figure out what is going to happen next. Interesting twist at the end though that will get you thinking. On to the next one I think.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book via Book Funnel.

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