Book Review: ‘Reap Not the Dragon’ by Debra Kristi

Title: Reap Not the Dragon (The Age of the Hybrid Book 2)

Published: 3rd February 2015

Publisher: Ghost Girl Publishing

Author: Debra Kristi


Twitter: @DebraKristi



A Reaper with a mission.

Sebastian is finished following commands. Higher powers be damned. He has his own agenda – find Kyra and help restore her memory.

At first his plan goes better than expected. But as life starts looking up for the would-be Reaper, his metaphorical sickle becomes caught in a web of complications.

Things are never smooth for Sebastian and Kyra.

Best-laid plans sometimes rest in peace.

A detour…unexpected and unwelcome…delivers Sebastian into the depths of a grave situation. Misfortune and misunderstanding are the cards dealt to him. And events fail to flip in his favor.

Creatures from hell all want a piece of the young Reaper. If Sebastian ends up dead, that’s okay. For he has a more grievous beast to worry about. To save the woman he loves, Sebastian will venture into the heart of an all-powerful fire demon.

Sebastian must find a missing dragon and the key to Kyra’s memory without being devoured by sinister beasts or…even worse…consumed by his own inner demons.



So we finally now know that Marcus is a nasty piece of work who clearly had a plan in motion before Kyra even met him. Her ‘by chance’ moment of being a saviour might not have been by chance at all. He might not want to hurt her per say but that doesn’t cover her dragon. After she bound herself to him with Higgins spell she was tied to his life or death. Seems the spell worked to keep him alive but pulled her dragon out in the process. Seems Marcus is not who he seems. A man on a mission with his band of demon misfits and dragons are the key. Let’s just hope he gets what’s coming to him.

Kyra wakes from her fall with no memory of who or what she really is. When she sees Marcus she feels a connection to him, so when he says they are together she has no reason to question. Even though he and his friends seem to go out of their way to prevent her from remembering her past. Its not until she gets a visit from Sebastian that things start to change. She might not know him straight away but her subconscious is working its way to the surface. She knows he is a key to her past but danger may follow the path she’s on.

Well Sebastian it seems got himself in a bit of trouble by helping Kyra when she was in purgatory. Saving her meant he had to earn some brownie points so to speak with his father. Paid by doing the job he was born to do. Well half of him anyway as he is a mix of two worlds just like Kyra. He is part reaper and it was only at the end of book one Kyra finally understood his tattoo. A list of names waiting to die but whose outcome of those lives can change from outside sources. After helping his father he knows he needs to get back to Kyra. He has been away too long and it seems Marcus’ hold might be too strong to break. Good job he knows a few carnie people who might be able to help then. Though getting Kyra safe and her memories back take a back seat when danger starts to follow him around instead. Who to trust is a question most will ask but not many will have an answer. You have a battle brewing and it’s not just with dragons. Seems Kyra and Sebastian our in the centre of it whether they want to be or not. Lets see if they get out of it in one piece.

Liked that we got to learn a bit more about Sebastian this time and can see why he held himself back from Kyra to begin with. Interesting journey he is on with his quest to get Kyra back. As soon as he gets her back though lets hope they can really spark that fire that’s been simmering away between them. Romance needs to bloom even in the face of a battle. The carnival will always be there in your time of need and I have a feeling that Zeke is connected to it more than he appears. On to the final installment I say to see how the journey will end.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book via Book Funnel.


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