Book Review: ‘Jagged Ends’ by Taylor Dawn

Title: Jagged Ends (Magnolia Series Book 4)

Published: 26th February 2017

Publisher: Princess Press

Author: Taylor Dawn





Agent Ryan Madden always had a tough time fitting in at the Washington D.C. FBI field office. As the daughter of a fallen agent, Ryan had the determination to make her father proud and uphold his legacy. Unfortunately her anger management issues and jagged demeanor caused more problems than she’d expected. Hoping to teach her a lesson, Ryan’s superiors sent her and her tacky pant suits to the Biloxi, Mississippi field office for a change of scenery. FBI agent Remington (Remy) Archer was anxious to meet his new partner…that was until she walked into his office. He’d been expecting a man, not a sexy female with bright hazel eyes and a trendy bobbed haircut. His instant attraction to Ryan was alarming but he was resolute in his decision to make things work. That was, until they were assigned their first case together. How was he supposed to go undercover at a BDSM club with a strong willed woman who refused to submit to anyone? Get covert with Ryan and Remy as they brave the danger of the human trafficking and drug trade in the fourth installment of Taylor Dawn’s best-selling Magnolia Series.



First day on the job got very interesting very fast for Ryan and its full steam ahead from that point onwards. Talk about zero to fifty in the passion-o-metre when Ryan walks in to her new office, shocking Remy in the process with the fact his new partner is female. With the reaction his body is giving her that shock quickly wears off to something else entirely. Sexual tension aside – neither can really explain their reaction to the other – it seems like things are going to take a turn for the naughty with a case that’s dropped into their office. One only a couple can do, as they need to start investigating a possible drug ring at a BDSM sex club run by Alastair Bordeaux.

To be members it seems you have to go through a bit of an induction and then give a showcase performance. But I’m getting ahead of myself, as these guys have no idea about anything that might go on in one of those clubs. A bit of one on one lessons are needed and Dash just happens to be the teacher. Talk about insecurities for Ryan though. After having to strip to her underwear and then make out with Remy – again – she can’t understand why he would want/need to leave the room so quickly saying he can’t do it. Her first thought is that she’s so repulsive he couldn’t even pretend with her. But as Dash so helpfully points out Remy wouldn’t have had such a hard on if that was the case.

To get on with the case they need to work round what the attraction really is with them. His reasoning that things at the club could get physical for real with others around so they might think about getting rid of the mystery beforehand so they can focus on the case. Focus umm yeah-right Remy. The moment they are near each other its like everything else switches off. Well until someone says the wrong thing and then fireworks soon start. Seems Remy has had a painful past that he still is trying to come to terms with. Ryan as well on a professional/personal level with what she had to do to someone she loved. Secrets from their pasts haunt them but to move forward they have to come to terms with them.

Tensions and passions run high and that’s before the case officially starts, as soon as it does things get a little crazy. Seems being at the club she may not be pretending as much as Remy and that scares her a little. She doesn’t need to let feelings get in the way of the case and she has to ask herself what she is really prepared to do to get the bad guy. As the case unfolds though who the real bad guy is may come into question. Bad vibes coming from certain people but its not till the end that all the cards start falling into place. A drug ring might soon become the least of their problems. Danger is coming and you may not know from what side. Love the ending though, you clearly know who is the better one at surveillance is.

Cameo performances throughout with the men this time. Luke and Cole do make an interesting duo love their banter. Kat the hacker informant from book two making an appearance was interesting. She may be a good hacker but not as good as Caden. With the clubs security system the team need the best and that just happens to be Ryan’s brother Caden. Let’s see how helpful he is going to be. Thought he was cool though and loved how he came through for his sister in the end, family through and through. Had a feeling Kat’s might be the next story and love that it’s with Liam. Should be a very interesting ride.

4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from Nell’s PR and Marketing for my honest review.

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