Book Review: ‘A Perfect Murder and Other Stories’ by S. R. Nair

Title: A Perfect Murder and Other Stories

Published: 17th August 2016

Author: S. R. Nair




A naïve man and a divorcee, a wronged woman’s fight for justice, a poor woman’s desire for an iPad, a charming young man’s plan to seduce a beautiful tourist, a staunchly orthodox immigrant’s struggle to assimilate in the U.S. … These are some of the captivating stories in this book which has been hailed as a “seriously good read”.


An interesting collection of short stories that are perfect to read on the lunchtime break. Some I liked more than others but overall enjoyable read. Stories range from cultural differences and identities, marriage, abuse, family, honour, murder mystery, humour and loss.

A Perfect Murder – Be wary of people with an ulterior motive and something to gain. Who is playing whom you may ask?

Salma’s Fate – Marry an honorable man but get stuck with his less than honorable father. Her fate is in their hands until she steps up and speaks out. She will be silent no longer and with the help of a stranger she will get where she needs to go.

iPad – Technology can only go so far but you never know its power if you believe in it. This one made me a bit sad at the end. So sweet, definitely an oh moment.

Koya’s Story – Work hard all your life to get the dream ending you have been waiting for relaxing with your family. Is it all for nothing though when you finally slow down to a stop?

Seema – The power of Facebook can take you down but also build you back up. Be careful what you post as it can be shared quicker than you think. Funny how those with a vendetta against you can end up causing themselves more harm. Kind of like its an instant karma thing here.

The Grandson – The pressure to have a son for her third child is hanging over her like a ticking time bomb. Mother-in-law/monster-in-law it seems is only turning nice once its known a boy is on the way. She can only be respected with a son, as that was how it was for her mother-in-law. Its like a pass it down nastiness for every female until they bare a son. Things aren’t quite what they seem though with how the son came along.

The Missing Wife – Coming home from a business trip to find your new wife missing would be a cause for concern, enough to file a report the next morning. But when a knock at the door in the middle of the night sees him in trouble things take an unexpected turn. Seems Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code is there to punish those that would harass relatives seeking a dowry from their wives and their families. Any seen or reported doing so would see them in prison. Lets hope they can find her to stop things getting worse.

The Stolen Child – A child being swapped at birth but no-one believing you would be hard to swallow. Being raised the same within the household you would feel no different. That is until fate finds a way to intervene and let its secret out. Would you stay quiet or want to find where you came from?

Seduced – For a man finding a beauty on a plane sitting next to you could be the start of some fun but who is really being seduced here? Could go both ways or maybe one is a lot smarter than the other. A game is being played, let’s see who comes out on top.

Total Eclipse – The love a man has for his wife and dog are tested. When one betrays him how will he react to the other? Not really sure about this one as found the ending completely unnecessary and cruel.

Visa for America – Internet surfing for daily news soon leads to something else entirely when he clicks on Will he find love or is a green card all she’s after. Fate could have pulled them together for a reason, lets see if it keeps them there.

The Soothsayer – Horoscopes are meant to be a bit of fun but some take them to heart. They can’t really mean the same thing for everyone can they? When you read something you fear to come true it could hold you back from life. Almost leading you down the path you have been trying to stay away from.

The Lost Son – Best friends for 60 years you would think nothing would tear them apart. A failed business deal puts strange on them but when one goes it alone jealously calls. Friends and family ties starting to break are one thing but being estranged from your son is hard to bear. The connection there one moment and gone the next. Only when a death occurs can the shock cause what was once thought lost to be found again. No matter what comes their way family comes first, religion and beliefs following.

Zubair – He thought he had an obedient wife who would continue to be the quiet and shy figure she had been back in India. He allowed her to continue her studies so she knows her own mind. When he brings her to America everything changes. Not for the better of him but her. She has found herself but he is stuck with how he always was. Amusing at the end when he starts thinking of ways to handle his situation. Last line quite funny.

An interesting view into another culture and showing how it mixes with the way others live, mainly USA.

3.5 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author for my honest review.


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