Book Review: The Everlast by Jack Kavanagh

Title: The Everlast (The Everlast Series Book One)

Published: 29th January 2017

Author: Jack Kavanugh




“You may act for yourself, do as you please, but listen well; act on behalf of others—attempt this and I shall make you pay dearly for it”.

Karakia hears a voice in her head calling her down to the shore. An eight foot angel is waiting for her by the rocks. The angel tells her that the world is about to be overcome by the Mastery—a group of people who have allied themselves with a dark spirit and wish to bring the world into a permanent state of war. Karakia has a difficult decision to make; stay at home with her family or set out against the very people behind this attack. Karakia knows that by confronting the Mastery she is putting her own life in danger, a risk she is willing to take— but will her family be safe? After the fog lifts on the day of the attack, it becomes clear that nothing has changed in the world, except for the people themselves; they can no longer communicate with their angels, they can no longer fly, and there are others coming forward, speaking of a vengeful God and chastisements from heaven.

A thrilling fantasy adventure, full of mystery and suspense—enter the world of angels and dark spirits, where the smallest choice could bring peace or war, life or death.



Interesting world of angels and evil dark spirits you are thrown into with this one. Throughout the book you have a presence of this overall evil and what the angels want to do about it. They seem to guide everyone but evil has a plan to get more to turn away from the light into the darkness. A plan that was set in motion years before and the journey to stop it has only just begun.

We follow Karakia who has recently been told – though she sort of already knew – that she is to become an Aurora. An Aurora is someone who is blessed to see, and then take, the pain and darkness from those around her. Guided always it seems by angels, specifically her Guardian Angel Jophel. Becoming an Aurora means leaving her family behind and going on a journey to help others. It might just be when her family need her most though as darkness is coming and peoples’ souls are on the line. She may have been able to help a friend before leaving (seriously though how are people so old here?) by pulling the darkness out but can she keep it at bay? Dangers follow her on her path but it is the one she must take.

Its clear that this is setting the ground work for a series to follow on from as a lot of people are mentioned that will take the story on different paths. You will have a focus on Tober with his dark deeds back where Karakia was from. He has a lot of darkness within him – of his choosing – and it seems he is following a Master of sorts but its never quite clear how many there are or whether there is a head Master of sorts. A soul the angels want Karakia to help belongs to Herrodile but his would be a tricky one to get to as he has had darkness fill his soul for years. Healing it would help slow down – but I’m thinking not stop – the Mastery from gaining more darkness.

It’s never really explained though how people can some how fly, live a lot longer or have the abilities to heal others. Who or what is the weasel that is causing trouble in the upstairs of house. A wolf that has darkness all around it could soon be knocking at your door so make sure you don’t open. Felt a bit more back-story could have helped with this but it was still an interesting fantasy read. Lots going on from multiple characters and you just have to hold onto the ride to see where it might take you next. Did think we would be gearing up for a bigger battle of sorts near the end but maybe its just sowing the seeds for what’s to come next. The biggest battle for darkness and light has only just begun.

Side note: Definitely could have done with another proof read as found a few grammar and spelling mistakes that didn’t make sense. Also switched a few times from first person to third.

3 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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