Book Review: ‘To Trust a Wolf’ by Danielle Hardgrave

Title: To Trust a Wolf (Unnatural Alliances Book 1)

Published: 3rd June 2016

Publisher:Caldwell Publishing

Author: Danielle Hardgrave

Twitter: @dhardgrav3




A list of things Helen Jurist never expected to see in her museum:

1. Viking relics

2. A dangerously seductive Dane with a suspicious interest in Viking relics


With the discovery of the Cutler Hoard, Helen may be forced to strike the word “never” from her vocabulary.



Fun short read that has all things hot wolf shifter to get the pulses racing.

Love the line: “I was left alone, shoeless, with a pile of dust that used to be a world-renowned archaeologist.” Well that was after Helen had been saved and then kissed senseless by a very handsome wolf.

Helen is a curator and archivist of sorts who – between planning the annual donor gala – is helping with the recently discovered Cutler Hoard. Seems this discovery is a bit of a find with mystery surrounding it at every turn. How it could have wound its way to a shore not known to Vikings is top of the list. It is about to get a bit more attention than she, or her boss Don, first thought though and soon it’s not just the ‘press wolves’ she has to worry about. Her boss Don seems to just fumble a bit through his day-to-day job and relies on her a lot. Really with all the work she does for him she could run the museum herself. For a woman so regimented it’s going to be fun when Rune knocks her off kilter in the best way. She’s going to love it too, even at first if she tries to hide her true feelings from him as well as herself.

Rune – aka Mr Red Hot Moneybags and Viking wolf shifter – is a man who seems to be able to get whatever he wants when he wants it. Case in point when he is able to get a sneak preview to the Cutler Hoard before it has officially been finished catalogued and ready for its exhibition. Seems a bit of a donation to the museum gets him into see what others have been dying for a peek of with Helen roped in to giving the private tour. But what are his true motives for needing a look?

Doctor Bershaw is a bit of a funny fellow who is responsible for cataloguing all the pieces found at the Cutler Hoard. Cataloguing the hoard or is he searching for something specific himself? Nothing is quite what it seems.

When you get a bad feeling about someone you should probably follow it. Take note Helen because next time you might not get a heroes rescue. The same goes for if you get a very bit spark of chemistry when you meet a certain Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome. Yum when Rune comes on the scene, just yum. Great banter and chemistry between Rune and Helen from the moment they meet. Sparing from the start but are each playing a different game? A private tour could be the start of something good. Well if vampires, werewolf shifters and ‘other’ beings don’t start to cause trouble. A war seems to be brewing but for what end is uncertain. Love how she is more irked that Rune might have lied to her and stolen something than the fact he turned into a wolf. For him to bring it up is just to distract her. Well that’s what she thinks anyway which he finds amusing, as she doesn’t seem to be too scared of what he can turn into. She needs to trust him for them to move forward. As soon as she does things are going to get a lot more fun for her.

Great flow to story that keeps you on your toes trying to figure out how all the pieces fit together. Seems it’s just the start as the journey for the war brewing has only just begun. Great fun short read to devour on a sunny afternoon. On to the next I say.

4 out of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Caldwell Publishers for my honest review.

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