Book Review: ‘Mr Right-Now’ by Lila Monroe

Title: Mr Right-Now

Published: 28th July 2017

Author: Lila Monroe


Twitter: @lilawrites


Amazon page:



“I’m face-down in forty glorious inches of well-endowed cake, seriously reassessing my life choices, when suddenly I hear it. The voice that launched a thousand teenage boy-band dreams. My #1 crush, Drew Delaney himself.”

Ten years ago, Drew was boy-band royalty: the subject of a million teenage fantasies – and the guy next door. He was so far out of my league, I couldn’t see him for stars, but now I’m back in town for our high-school reunion, guess who I run into but Mr. Right-Now himself…

Older. Hotter. And still sexy enough to make me forget about the glittery white frosting currently smeared across my chest.

Sparks are flying, and so are my panties, and soon, our trip down memory lane has taken a detour to ‘oh my god, don’t stop!’ Population: me.

But can I turn Mr. Right-Now into Mr. Forever? Or will crazed fans, vicious yoga moms, and three dozen flesh-toned popsicles (don’t ask) doom our romance to the ‘Where are they now?’ section of MTV’s greatest hits?

You’ll be begging for a taste of Lila Monroe’s new sexy, laugh-out-loud summer romance!


So who’s up for a deliciously naughty sweet flavored read? Then check this out, it doesn’t disappoint. A comedy romance read at its best, trust me on this. Like many others I’m guessing I love the beginning. Cake creation disaster when a bit of a miscommunication turns one idea for a cake into something very naughty. A 40inch cock cake makes quite a statement but more so when you land face first into it after running down a corridor. Could it get anymore embarrassing for our girl Maggie? “I sit up, wondering how this moment could get any worse. Apparently, the answer is a metric fuck-ton.” The answer to that being a big fat yes when the one person who sees her is the one that still makes her heart, among other places, pulse.

Maggie Hayes is a creator of all sorts of naughty sweet baked goods. Seriously it will make you hungry just thinking about them, all I wanted was a cupcake. After her dream bakery in Manhattan shuts down from competition down the road she finds herself heading back home to her teenage room with her parents to regroup. She has no long term plans to stick around, just long enough to get a plan together. She soon finds being home has a very big perk though when her mother tells her Drew – her high school crush and old boy-next-door – is back in Philly too. Things might soon be looking up or I guess when you get to it down, as that’s the direction she falls into something sweet.

Drew Delaney was the boy-next-door turned boy band star that still manages to get her pulse racing with just the mention of his name. The first crush is usually the hardest to get over but when you see that said boy crush has turned into one hell of a hot man you can see why it might heat up again. Seems the cake disaster soon turns into something a whole lot sweeter. The moment Drew sees Maggie all grown up he wants a taste and not just one. He seems happy to be home in Philly building a new life behind the scenes with music, more so than he ever did when he was in the lime light but that call is never too far away. Coming home was what felt right to him with his career but it seems meeting that someone special might be what he was looking for all along.

Seems the cock-cake miscommunication turns into something good when Maggie’s certain skills are sort after. The naughtier the better they say and she can certainly think up some creative ideas. That’s not all she is creative with as her and Drew soon start reliving some high school pastimes – making out in the back seat of a car, under the bleachers, a school classroom. They might start out innocent enough but the pull and heat coming from those two you know it’s not long before the clothes started flying. Embarrassing moments do seem to follow them both but that just makes for a great funny read, wondering what they are going to get caught doing next. Chemistry and banter is off the charts for these two but is this just a bit of fun to pass the time or could it be for keeps? Mr. Right-Now or Mr. Forever?

Can’t have a funny comedy romance read without some drama too and it comes along for the ride trying to cause trouble. Lets hope this sugary sweet couple can stick together. Great side characters too with each of their sisters, his old band mate and her mother. She certainly tried to get her daughter to revert back to teenager mode when she came back to stay. Loved the bachelorette party and a certain favour she ropes Drew into helping with. She definitely returned the favour in kind. Couldn’t think of a better ending either, as cracking as the start. Another great read by Lila and I would definitely recommend her books.

5 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC from the author for my honest review.


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